Beauty Haul | December

Tuesday 30 December 2014
For December, I've done my shopping much earlier and I admit some of these items arrived at late November but I couldn't take picture of them so I can't include them in my last haul. This month's haul is probably an aftermath of my previous hauls. You'll get what I mean when you read the rest of this post for sure.

So without further ado, I'll start with Laneige Malaysia.


There's no more suitable time to get a product that can help with my tired skin especially after the past few weeks of craziness plus I'm using makeup like everyday now so after deep consideration, I got myself the products from Brightening Sparkling Water line that I've been wanting to try since its launching in Malaysia. I got that Pop Essence, Peeling Mask, and Whipping Foam. Also comes with the set are White Plus Renew Skin Refiner and Emulsion (15ml) kit-sized and Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (10ml). Yes, this is indeed the Sparkling Water Essentials set and retailed at RM150 with the Whipping Foam retailed at RM85 separately. I wanted to grab the Capsule Mist but apparently it has sold out at my regular counters. 

If you're following my Instagram, you probably already know that I got that Glitzy BB Cushion Whitening Set. But of course, as the set only comes with BB Cushion (Whitening) No. 21 Natural Beige, I was lucky as my roommate wanted a BB Cushion for herself so I just swapped with her to get No. 23 Sand Beige. Included with the set are Brush Pact No. 1 Natural Finishing, Lip Palette - 4 x 0.5g Serum Intense Lipstick, Lip & Eye Remover 25ml, and White Plus Renew Original Essence deluxe sample of 10ml. 

As I finished my deluxe samples for this, I decided to get that Sparkling Party Water Sleeping Pack Limited Edition. The tub is the same as the regular version though. Needless to say, this is a HG product especially among Laneige fans and this definitely can help me in stretching my skincare usage period i.e. I usually use one set of skincare within 3 months but with additional routine of sleeping pack like my HG Firming Sleeping Pack, White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack and now this one, I can stretch my skincare items to about 5 months. You guys know that Laneige products ain't cheap!  

Anyway, let's move on to Etude House Malaysia

Temporary Hiatus

Friday 19 December 2014
Lovelies, anyeong!

I'm so sorry as I couldn't reply Facebook requests and comments here in this blog yet. 

I'm in the middle of preparing for exam so I'll definitely gonna get back to you awesome people out there most probably in mid January. 

Thanks so much for showing your support to my blog and other social platforms! Keep on supporting, okay!! I promise I return all the follows once I'm back. :D

Oh, by the way, a friend of mine is doing a small business, selling Korean beauty samples and full-sized products. Definitely lower prices than local Korean beauty stores here in Malaysia. ALL PRODUCTS ARE ORIGINAL AND ORIGINATED FROM BOTH MALAYSIAN LOCAL STORES AND SOUTH KOREAN STORES. 

You can hop over to her Instagram account @hanna_hime26 and what's more? Mention me using my Instagram account user name @lemieletlavanille and get free postage within West Malaysia with minimum purchase of RM50. ^_____^

To all of you out there who are celebrating Christmas this year, hope you guys are enjoying your time with your loved ones and have a lot of fun during the upcoming New Year Parties!! 

That's all for now. 

I'll see you guys next post, yeah! 

Love, Mira 

Laneige Malaysia Facebook Sharing Corner Apps

Saturday 13 December 2014
Annyeong, lovely people!! How's your December so far? few more weeks before the year ends and I'm definitely feeling nervous with all the upcoming final exams and whatnot... 

Shout out to Laneige fans and users out there! Today, as part of running away from studying and doing revision, taking a break from all the craziness that's going on right now, I wanna share with you guys about one of Laneige Malaysia on-going Facebook Apps right now, which is the Fortnightly Thoughts Sharing app

This is the chance to let out all the happiness, satisfaction or frustrations and disappointments you ever experienced while using Laneige products as the brand needs your honest feedback! 
What's more? Stand a chance to be featured in the Sharing Corner as 2 winners will be chosen every 2 weeks!

The instructions are super easy!

If you're wondering of how it's going down, keep on reading! Do note that all the choices I made on below options are for the purpose of demonstrating on how to use the app only. 

Beauty Talk | Sheet Masks

Friday 12 December 2014

This is gonna be a quick post as I saw this question, one of the few that my readers typed into Google and found my posts (I got this by checking under my Keywords tab in my Nuffnang account).

Q: How many times do I use mask sheets in a week?

My answer would be, it depends on the type of mask sheet that you prefer. I usually use the typical Korean mask sheets from Etude House, Nature Republic, and Skinfood like 2 to 3 times a week as I also love using wash-off masks aside from those. These mask sheets usually offering simple yet important treatments like brightening, moisturizing, purifying, anti-aging, nourishing, etc. 
Range of price is between RM5 to RM12.

Beauty Haul | November

Sunday 30 November 2014
For this month, it is more like a collective haul as I didn't buy all these items at the same time and some of them actually bought in October but were sent to me in November. So, without further ado, let's go to Laneige Malaysia! 

I know that I'm so late when it comes to above items as the LANEIGE X pushButton collection was launched early August but I've managed to get that LeoPuppy Serum Intense Lipstick in Dressy Coral only after 3 months! I bet some of you are wondering how in the world I got myself that pretty It Clutch as in order to get it, I have to spend RM200 above on any items solely from the collection. Actually it was given to me by an acquaintance who bought the LeoPuppy BB Cushion (Whitening) as we combine our purchases. Awesome! 

Next, let's go to TheFaceShop Malaysia


Finally, I got the chance to purchase the rest of the products from my favourite cleansing line which is the Rice Water Bright. I got the (left) Lip and Eye (Makeup) Remover, Light Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Milk, and Cleansing Water. I also repurchased the Cleansing Foam and Rice Bran Cleansing Foam. I honestly can't wait to try them! 

Review: Nature Republic Garden Recipe Kohlrabi Cleansing Foam

Saturday 29 November 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! wah~ few more weeks before final exams going to start and I'm so nervous with all the things going on recently.. hmm~

Today is gonna be a simple review on this product, Garden Recipe Kohlrabi Cleansing Foam from Nature Republic. I reviewed its sister product here so if you like strawberry-based product, make sure to check it out!

Honestly, I never heard of Kohlrabi before.... have you?

Review: Nature Republic Garden Recipe Strawberry Cleansing Foam

Wednesday 19 November 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! How's your week so far? As we're getting near and near to the end of semester, we got a lot of assignments to be submitted and whatnot.. sigh

Hence, today it's gonna be a simple review on this facial cleanser that I've been using for about 2 months now, which is Garden Recipe Strawberry Cleansing Foam from Nature Republic. 


the hashtag is just one of the thing I called whenever I review another product based on Strawberry. ^__^

Review: Etude House Sun Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream SPF50% PA+++

Sunday 16 November 2014
Annyeong, everyone! How's your weekend so far? It's been raining like almost everyday here in Malaysia so I have to admit that the lazy feeling just creeps on me along with my blanket. hmm.. 

Definitely not a good thing. 

I know everyone's working on their either New Year's or Christmas or for me, New Semester's Wishlist right now so make sure to plan your shopping for you and your loved ones!

If you're reading my haul posts, I bet you've noticed that my recent hauls are mostly filled with makeup items as I've been showing more interest on that plus my skincare routine for the past few months is actually quite the same. 

Hence, today I'm going to review a product released by Etude House quite a few years before  (as the whole Sun Prise line has been upgraded for the better I hope) which is this Sun Prise Cotton Touch Powder Cream with SPF50+ PA+++.

One look, you could have mistakenly took it as a hand cream, am I right?

Beauty Talk | Cleaning My Air Puffs

Wednesday 12 November 2014
I still got lots of drawings to be finished for this week's assignment but my room is in a total mess and there's not a cell in my body wanna get up from this bed and do some cleaning but as much as I want to ignore my room right now, I can't ignore my air puffs as I realized this morning it's too dirty to be used. I think I haven't washed them like 2 months! I know. I know. 

So yeah, dreading the fact that I need to wash them for like an hour and I used like 3 different facial cleansers like the last time I did, this time I found another way to wash them easier.

The other day I used my air puffs to apply my liquid foundation (just experimenting on different puffs) and there were some of it on my fingers, which resulted the mess on the white areas. As you can see above right, yes. It's been a while. 

Review | NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Stockholm, Istanbul, Zurich and Athens

Monday 10 November 2014
Hello, lovely people! I'm back with another lipsticks review! :D I know.. I know.. don't judge me!! 

Well, I'm pretty sure you've heard of this lip products line from NYX. These are basically sold out most of the time in Sephora so I'm pretty sure lots of girls are high on these right now. 

As I was really excited to get these babies unwrapped and I just can't wait to try them on lips as I only swatched them on my arms at Sephora, today I'm going to share with you guys out there, whether you too (if you haven't), should get these as well as I did. 

To start with, I got myself 4 Soft Matte Lip Creams which are Stockholm, Istanbul. Zurich and Athens. 

Review | NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Frappucino, Tea Rose and B52

Saturday 1 November 2014
Hello, lovelies! How's your weekend so far? Or, wait! How's last night Halloween party? I did a little shopping yesterday and dear God, staffs at Avenue K was wearing Halloween makeup and I was so surprised when he turned to face me! The makeup artists at Sephora went all out with their Halloween makeups as well! 

Anyway, today I'm going to do my first lipstick review! I never done this before though so I'm just gonna go with what I know, okay! hehe

In the website, these lippies fall in the category under Extra Creamy Round Lipstick but on the case it's labeled as Lip Smacking Fun Colors so my guessing is maybe the brand has different name for other lipsticks under the same category. 

Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Original Cream

Finally Friday is here! It's been a long week and I've been looking forward to this weekend as I'll be watching movies with my girls later today. But before I went on  to turn up the radio to get ready, I'm gonna do a review on this moisturiser that I've been using for the 5 months, White Plus Renew Original Cream from Laneige. 

Beauty Haul | October

Thursday 30 October 2014
October goes by so fast! This weekend is gonna be November! 2 more months and it's the end of 2014! I'm so not ready for 2015 as I only crossed few things on my 2014 to-do list! Oh, well, let's not go further into that. Let me do you a favour and spare you from 2 hours of reading. 

Anyway, today I'm going to share with you guys about some items that I bought throughout this month. I'm really sorry as I haven't done much review lately as I've been occupied with uni, extra Japanese language lessons, practicing my drawing, and of course, keeping up with beauty trends among Korean women. Yes, I mean watching Get It Beauty. 

But first, let's go to Etude House. 

I bet all girls wanna be a princess at some point in life and for me... if I have to be honest, I gotta say... only during the time when I watch Cinderella. That means when I was 11. I know. I grew up with 2 brothers and never had girly BFFs not until I hit my 20s. But then, when I saw the Princess Etoinette Season 2 launched in Korea for Winter 2013, I couldn't bring myself and say to no these babies when they're on Sweeties Club October promotion! So I got myself the Princess Etoinette All Over Powder, Crystal Shine Lips in PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars (wish came true!!) and the lovely Mirror

Still Here.

Friday 17 October 2014
..... Just busier! Hehe hello, guys!!

I'm so sorry for the unannounced temporary hiatus! I got some messages in my Facebook page inbox, asking whether I'm still blogging or not! Haha chill out~ it's just that I went back to my hometown in Sabah for 2 weeks and I just got back in KL last Monday. There was no I should say, proper internet connection at home as it's been about a month since the raining season had started so the connections at home aren't really that stable so I couldn't update my blog even though I had some free time on my hands that time.

Anyway, how's life? Next week is gonna be the 6th week since the new academic year had started so we're getting nearer to mid semester exams.. So I guess I won't be around here that much.

But still! I got some posts lined up to be drafted already but my desktop is at a friend's place, waiting to be formatted so hopefully when I'm done editing some photos, I would be able to do some reviews and hauls posts!

Speaking of haul posts, oh dear! The past and current month is about makeup mostly but as I haven't finished doing some research on some items, and a friend of mine is going to introduce me to the new (to me at least) world of foundation, I haven't done with shopping actually. Hehe.

But of course, speaking about makeup, one question popped into my head this morning that I'm about to venture a journey on the brands of Western Hemisphere so yeah. There might be some change of directions of this blog soon but to those of you who follow this blog solely because of Korean product reviews, fret not as I'm still fully using Korean skincare products so hopefully we can continue sharing awesome tips in the future.

So yeah, I think that's all for now. I'm definitely still not used to blogging on my iPhone even after more than 6 years. LOL

I'll see you guys soon!

XOXO, Mira. 

Beauty Haul | September

Tuesday 30 September 2014
Finally I can sit down and write a post! Been super busy lately with the early-scheduled mid semester break coming next week and I haven't pack a thing!  Also, I finally bought some stuffs from TheFaceShop! I haven't been to the store since the Flagship Store Opening at Pavilion KL last June so I'm actually excited to see new products coming to Malaysian store! The White Seed skincare line which is something that I've been looking forward to has finally arrived and did you guys check out the Aura CC Cream that comes in limited edition case with Kim Soohyun signature on it? Though it's only available for shade No. 2 i.e. Natural Beige. 

Though I'm not really big on eye makeup, I decided to get these pretty babies as I literally have only light and dark brown for eye shadows. As I tried them at the store, I love the pigmentation so I got the colours that matched my drapes... kidding!! My Baju Kurung i.e. traditional Malay 2-piece dress that I would normally wear to lectures. 

     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #03 Peach Kissed
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #08 Chic Black 
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #07 Party Purple
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #06 Authentic Green
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #21 Creamy Peach
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #04 Brownie
     Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes #16 Purple Dance

Well, the above colours matched like 4 of my Baju Kurungs so I most probably gonna hunt for more. 

Review: TheFaceShop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion

Monday 22 September 2014
Annyeong, lovelies!! How was your weekend? Finally got some work done before I can sit down and do some product review! hehe

Today I'll be reviewing another sister product of the toner and the serum that I reviewed before, which is the Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion from none other than TheFaceShop!

The right one! There are indeed only 3 products in this skincare line.

Review: TheFaceShop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum

Monday 15 September 2014
Hello, lovely people! Phew! I just had a long day today as I was trying to sort out things in my room all day. Yeah, let me emphasize on the 'trying' part. 

Anyway, today I decided to do another review, following the one that I posted last weekwhich is this Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum from TheFaceShop.

Beauty Empties 5.0 | September

Sunday 14 September 2014
Annyeong! Wah~ Finally I could do an Empties post! hehe only once in 3 months, that's why. I think this quarter of the year, I finished lots of items which is good I guess. But we all know what that means. Making room for new products! hehe

So yeah, first, let's go to body products. 

Review: TheFaceShop Baby Leaf Green Tea Oil-Free Toner

Monday 8 September 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! :D How's your week so far? Are you excited for the weekend? I am! As I'm going to do some shopping for 'Back to Uni". Yes, new semester gonna start next week and of course I'm really excited to start a new academic year. 

Anyway, today I'm going to review a product from TheFaceShop which is this Oil-Free Toner from the Baby Leaf Green Tea skincare line. 

Of Exam and Holiday Trip to Singapore

Monday 1 September 2014
Hello! It's been awhile since my last post as I've been busy with exam week and preparing for my surprise trip to visit my BFF in Singapore. She graduated for about 2 years now and since that, we kinda separated as she went back to SG while I'm staying here in my beloved country, Malaysia. BTW, to fellow Malaysian readers, Happy 57th Independence Day!

Anyway, to those of you who are like me and on your last week of your semester break, hope you enjoy it to the last minute. 

Be safe, and I'll see you guys on the next post~ annyeong!

Beauty Haul | August

Sunday 31 August 2014
A friend of mine who's a big fan of Western brands has introduced me to the new world (for me) called Sephora and along with that, she also helped me in discovering some items in drugstore that I usually just walked passed by as I was only a fan of Maybelline.

Introducing the Bourjois Paris, a brand originated from France that has recently hit Watsons Malaysia. I read reviews by local beauty bloggers and few of them even admitted that the foundation from this brand is one of the first foundation they actually finished quickly and get the second (even third) bottle right after they finished the first one. I tried this once using my friend's and quickly fall in love with it! For the past year I've been focusing on Korean makeups that usually give me light to medium coverage but now I'm thinking of expanding my interest on foundations as I gotta admit, though my Spot Treatment products are working their way into my skin, there are days I just want to cover up all the things I hate on my skin. For a start, I got myself that Healthy Mix Foundation in #55 Dark Beige, Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in #53 Dark Radiance, Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in #55 Dark Beigeand Blush in #74 Rose Amber. I really hope the first impression of these products gonna last. 

Thanks to her again, I got introduced to Real Techniques makeup brushes

From left, Core Collection, Foundation Brush, Expert Face Brush, Powder Brush, Blush Brush, and Setting Brush.

Review: Etude House Skin Mal:Geum Fresh Toner

Thursday 21 August 2014
Lovelies, annyeong! :D Enjoying your week so far?

After reading +Mieza Everdeen  post today, I remembered that I haven't review three products that are sister products to one of the product she reviewed in that post and hence, I'm going to review this Skin Mal:Geum Fresh toner from Etude House.

Green! looks refreshing isn't it?

Review | Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ in Honey Beige and XOXO, Minnie Any Cushion Case

Monday 18 August 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! How's your weekend? Mine was all about recovering from exam so yeah, I'd spent some time with my girls as it's been a long time since we last hang out. Well, outside campus!

Anyway, today I'm going to do a review on this product that I bet most of you knew about as it isn't a new release from the brand. I boarded the Cushion trend quite late compared to others, but still. Better late than never, I guess. 

Is it me or this is the 5th review on Etude House product this month!! XD

Review: Etude House Milky You Baby Milk Water

Saturday 9 August 2014
Hey, guys! Enjoying your weekend so far? Today I had a How I Met Your Mother marathon, yes! The whole 9 season!! Okay, that's definitely a lie cause I only go through season 5 till 7. haha But still, it was a lot of fun! The ducky tie episodes are definitely awesome. 

Anyway, in continuing with yesterday's review on products that based on Milk which gives benefits like brightening, moisturising and smoothness, and as yesterday I reviewed a cleanser from the Milky You line from Etude House, today I'm going to share with you guys the Baby Milk Water.

Well, this line has the cleansing foam, one step cleansing foam, cleansing milk and this is the cleansing water.

Review: Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam

Friday 8 August 2014
Lovely people, annyeong! :D Wah~ I just spent the whole day doing discussions in the library today and I feel my skin is so dry!! thanks to the extreme air-condition! But still, it was nice as it's been really hot during the day outside... hmm~

Anyway, today I'm going to do another review on a cleanser  that I've been using for the past month and this one is my evening cleanser! You probably would've guessed why already.. hehe By the way, have you read my review on my morning cleanser that I used last month? If not, click here!

Now, introducing Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam from Etude House! 

It all started when I read my beloved actress, Song Hye Kyo mentioned she washes her face with milk, so I guess, this might be an alternative to that? :)

Review | Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact

Thursday 7 August 2014
Hello, people! How's your day been? It's been really hot these days.. ah~ even a Malaysian like me who actually used to this hotness all year around complains so I can't really imagine for those of you in multi-season countries who're experiencing this for about few months in a year. 

Anyway, there's a request for me to review this product that I've been using for awhile. Some of you may use or heard about this product before, it's this Dear Girls Oil Control Pact from none other than Etude House. 

Wah~ I honestly think that this the cutest powder pact I ever seen in my life! :D

Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam: February (Pomegranate & Berry)

Monday 4 August 2014
Lovelies, annyeong! How's your day today? Honestly I'm still exhausted from all the travelling I did yesterday but I guess writing up this review wouldn't be so hard. hehe

Today I'll be reviewing a cleanser that I've been using as my morning cleanser throughout last month which is this cute Every Month Cleansing Foam in February which has Pomegranate and Berry extracts for Firming. 

Beauty Haul | July

Wednesday 30 July 2014
Assalammualaikum and annyeonghaseyo! 'Eid Mubarak to all Muslims in the world! How's your 'Eid by the way? Mine was... unsurprisingly exhausting! I didn't have much time to prepare before the celebration as I only got home like 3 days before so I have to rush everything plus we went back to my grandmas's place a day before so yeah.. it was crazy. 

Okay, moving on with the post, to be perfectly honest, I was so busy throughout this month (I'm sorry as the updates are being slow) and I only went out shopping like once right after Eid. Heck, I don't even shop for Eid. So, this month's haul is focusing on some items that need to be repurchased while some just bought as gifts for myself as I celebrated my birthday on the first day of Eid this  year. :)

As you probably expected, first, let's go to Laneige Malaysia!

From the White Plus Renew line, I decided to repurchased the Skin Refiner, Original Essence and the Original Cream as my current ones are running out. I used up the Trial Set throughout April to mid May and started to use the full sized ones since that. No worries, to those who're waiting for the reviews of the products from this line, I'll be sure to post them soon. :)

Another repurchased item is the Clear-C Effector, a booster filled with 35% of Vitamin C. Totally loving it hence the repurchase. I'm praying hard that the new (I assume more awesome) upgraded version, the Clear-C Advanced Effector with 90% more Vitamin C is going to be brought to Malaysian counters soon as it was launched last June in S. Korea. As I mentioned in my previous Empties Post before, I tried few sample pots and I really had fall my head over heels with the Firming Sleeping Pack in contrary to the bestseller Water Sleeping Pack hence I bought one for me and another for mum. 

Above are some of the freebies that I received upon purchase at the counter while others are sample packets that I gave to mum and some friends. I received another Trial Kit for the White Plus Renew line and one Basic & Water Bank Refreshing Kit along with two Water Bank Mineral Skin Mists (one in older packaging).

Next, let's go to Etude House!


Well... technically, I didn't go to the store this month as these items were bought by my cousin from the Korean stores who brought them back to Malaysia recently. Introducing the new (I assume soon-to-be-launched-in-Malaysia) upgraded version of the Wonder Pore Freshner! This is still listed under new product section in the Etude House Korea official app (go and download them!) With merely 15,000KRW (approximately RM45), it comes with free cotton pads (like the ones from Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum) and that cute Special Kit that contains also new Soap, 25ml miniature and sample of Pore Corrector. To be honest, I'm still at my second 500ml bottle but I couldn't resist the fact that the new one has cooling effect! Yay!

I also asked her to get me one Cleansing Foam from the Every Month cleansing line which is the March: Apple & Tomato (Tone Clarifying) at less than RM10 (retailed at RM29.90) and that Face Conditioning Cream (Light) with SPF25 PA++ at less than RM25 which retailed at RM79.90 here in Malaysian stores. I was lucky as my cousin bought them during sales. :)

Review: Laneige Clear-C Effector

Sunday 27 July 2014
Assalammualaikum and annyeong, lovely people! Happy Wednesday! Wah~ I can't wait for this weekend cause honestly it's been a while since I last watch a movie at a cinema plus I'm going to need to do some shopping as well. hehe

Today I'm going to review one of my favourite product from Laneige which is this Clear-C Effector! 
I'm going to tell you guys why I really love it but first, let's go over some basics about this product. 

Review | Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++

Monday 21 July 2014
Hello, beautiful people! How's your weekend so far? I've been busy with so many stuffs recently so updating is a bit slow but still, today I'm so excited to share with you guys about this product that has become... wait!

Spoiler Alert!! Let me do the product review first then I tell you what I think of it! 

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++

Let's go with the basic first. :)

Review: TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

Thursday 17 July 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! Excited for this upcoming weekend? For me I'm going to be busy preparing for the upcoming individual presentation.. hmm.. typical uni stuffs~

Anyway, today I'll be doing a long-postponed review of this product that I've been using for about at least 5 times I think, which is this Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from TonyMoly. This is the first product that I got from the brand actually. 


The above view of the jar. Looks like real tomato, isn't, it?

Honestly, I do think that this product has been reviewed many times by other bloggers before but I decided to still share my opinions on this very product as I know different people experience different things with the same product. 

Review: TheFaceShop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Oil to Foam

Tuesday 8 July 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! How's your week so far? :) 

It's been awhile (I know!) and finally, today I'm going to do a product review on this Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Oil to Foam which basically is a cleansing oil. 

Beauty Haul | June

Monday 30 June 2014
For the first time after almost a year since I started using South Korean skincare products, I bought stuffs online! Ah~ never knew buying stuffs off the internet could be so much fun, mostly because of the price I think. So what did I get throughout this month? Check these out!

First, let's go to TheFaceShop!

Well, it's always hot here in Malaysia so when an acquaintance offered me to buy a sun care products directly from South Korea and carried them back to Malaysia, I jumped at the opportunity to get the Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun SPF40 PA+++. To my observation, I haven't seen this product in Malaysian stores so probably it'll arrive soon as its sister products already arrived. I think this is a similar product to the bestseller from the same Natural Sun Eco line, which is the Power Long-Lasting sun cream and both these are actually makeup bases with sun care function. 

If you follow my Instagram, I bet you know that I went to the Opening Sale of the first flagship store of TheFaceShop in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur last week and bought that Natural Sun Eco Oil-Cut Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ as well. Hopefully these two products work well with my skin. :)

I also grabbed these two, Daily Perfumed Hand Cream in Apple Pop and Berry Mix. I love the scents while I was trying them in store. So cute, right?

Next is Clean Face Spot Corrector. I've tried some samples for cleansing foam, toner and emulsion before and they helped me with my breakouts so I'm hoping this can help me lightening my acne scars. 

I also bought this Lovely ME:EX Pure My Lips in Juicy Peach. I like its texture and scent. :) 

Next, let's go to Etude House!

Beauty Empties 4.0 | June

Sunday 29 June 2014
Lovelies, annyeong! :D How's your summer so far? Enjoying your holiday? It's been a week since I started my short (supposedly optional) semester and.. things rather fun actually as I'm only taking language lessons.

Anyway, today I'm going to share with you guys my June empties or I think it's more like second quarter of 2014 empties as I noticed I used up most of the products within 3 to 4 months since I opened them. As per usual I'm gonna tell you guys whether the impression lasts and whether I'm gonna repurchase or not. :D

Review: TheFaceShop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Gel Oil

Wednesday 18 June 2014
Annyeonghaseyo! Happy Wednesday, y'all! It's the middle of the week so cheer up as it's gonna be weekend soon! :D hehe 

As it's still holiday for me, I've been up and about trying out products that has been sitting in my IKEA transparent boxes and one of product that I tried few days ago is this one, the Blackhead Gel Oil of the Volcanic Clay line from none other than TheFaceShop.

If you noticed, this is the sister product that I mentioned in my previous post, that I use before applying my nose pack or nose strips. 

Product Description:

Pore Scrub Gel Oil that is easy to use that contain micro scrubs to draw out blackheads inside the pores.

How to use:

After cleansing, dispense an adequate amount. 
Apply gently on the concentrated black head area. 
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after massaging



Like the siser product, this product too, comes in that soft teal tube with the same packaging style. it's really convenient as it's quite small. not that there's expiration date at the top of tube. 


There's also ingredient list at the back of tube. yeah, it has all the parabens in the world. Sigh.

This product is sealed before open so do check before purchase! But unlike the sister product, this comes with a twisting cap but I think it's okay as this one doesn't dried up even if the cap isn't as tight.


As expected, the texture is gel-like, transparent and there are micro-beads in it. I really like it as it's not harsh for my sensitive nose area. 


If you can't see clearly, open the photos above in new tab. The left photo is before, and if you noticed, there are some blackheads and after using the product, some of them are successfully removed. :) I think I massaged quite strongly so my nose turned a bit red there... 

I honestly love this product. It's perfect for minor blackheads or whiteheads removing operations. I usually proceed with the nose pack right after this one for better result though. 

My nose area became slightly smoother thanks to those micro-beads. :)

Final verdict: 4/5. Minus point for parabens. I hope I can find similar products without them. 

This product retails at RM39.90 at local TheFaceShop store here in Malaysia. I bet you can get cheaper online though. 

Anyway, what do you think of the product? Will you try it? have you tried similar product? Please do share! 

So that's about it! until next post, take care!

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