Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam: February (Pomegranate & Berry)

Monday 4 August 2014
Lovelies, annyeong! How's your day today? Honestly I'm still exhausted from all the travelling I did yesterday but I guess writing up this review wouldn't be so hard. hehe

Today I'll be reviewing a cleanser that I've been using as my morning cleanser throughout last month which is this cute Every Month Cleansing Foam in February which has Pomegranate and Berry extracts for Firming. 

Product description:
This is a cleansing foam that makes  skin elastic and firm with its pomegranate and berry extracts. When you find exhausted skin in the mirror, cleanse with pomegranate that will give your skin firmness.

Net vol.: 100ml

Basically... it's a cleansing foam that can help to firm up your exhausted skin. 

Wet face and dispense small amount of Cleansing Foam onto hands.
Lather and apply foam to face, gently massage the entire area.
Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. 



As you can see, the product comes in the typical plastic tube but as it contains only 100ml of product, the tube is slightly smaller than my usual cleansers. 
The matte plastic feels so nice in my hands. :)

There's a product description at the back of the tube in English and there's an indicator that the product need to be used up within 6 months only. 

On the oversized sticker pasted at the back of the tube, there's the list of the ingredients of the product. The note that the product contains fragrance so to those who might sensitive towards that, be careful. 
Yep, the sticker at the bottom shows that mine is bought from local Etude House store here in Malaysia. 

Says at the top of the sticker "Different skin concerns for each of the 12 months! Customized, thorough cleansing!" I'm not sure but at least that what it's sounds to me. 

If you take off the sticker, there;s the manufacturing date embossed on the tube. be sure to check!


It has the same tube cap like other cleansers from the brand. Tight, fitted well. It's also sealed before open. Awesome. 



As you see from above photos, the paste is transparent and quite thick. To me the foam is medium thick so it's perfect for my combo skin. 

As it's only 100ml, I used up the whole tube within a month sometimes twice but usually once a day in the morning. 

It's a basic cleanser, and I recommend of using it in the morning after waking up or for double cleansing, after removing your makeup thoroughly. 

I never experiences itchiness or break outs because of it and I don't get the 'tight' feeling after wash as well. 

All in all, I love this cleanser. With its small size, it definitely a travel friendly product. In fact, I brought it with me during my last trip to grandma's hometown and though I usually extra sensitive while travelling, I didn't experienced any changes. :)

Final verdict: 4/5. Though it's perfect in every way that I want, one thing that I don't find it awesome is its price. This product is retailed at RM29.90 in local Malaysian stores though it's only retailed for mere 3500KRW (approximately RM11) in South Korea. Thankfully, I got this along with other two variants during the April Sweeties Club promotion with the price of RM19.90 each. Oh, check out my April haul here!

So yeah, that's all for this review! :D Do tell what do you think of this product and if you have similar (firming) cleanser as well. 

Until next post! Annyeong!

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