Review: Laneige Clear-C Effector

Sunday 27 July 2014
Assalammualaikum and annyeong, lovely people! Happy Wednesday! Wah~ I can't wait for this weekend cause honestly it's been a while since I last watch a movie at a cinema plus I'm going to need to do some shopping as well. hehe

Today I'm going to review one of my favourite product from Laneige which is this Clear-C Effector! 
I'm going to tell you guys why I really love it but first, let's go over some basics about this product. 

Product Description:

Vitamin C booster for clear skin.

A booster that forms clear and transparent skin by containing 30% Acerola extracts which is the supplier of Vitamin C. 
Applied at the first step after cleansing, it arranges keratin and purifies skin to double the effect of a product used at the next stage.
Orange, lemon extracts rich in Vitamin C and Bilberry extracts containing anthocyanin that prevents skin antioxidation maintain transparency in skin.
It soothes skin texture with soft and light touch.

Use after cleansing every morning and night
Pump 2 to 3 times on a cotton puff or pad and apply from inner face outward. 

100ml | for all skin types.


As for the box, it's the same as other product from Laneige, white box with the same pattern and for the small circle on top of the product's name, it's in coral (or is it red?) colour. The product is in the same Special Care line as the Water Sleeping Pack and Firming Sleeping Pack and according to the leaflet provided inside the box, this product is an international market exclusive. Hmm, no wonder I never actually see this product listed in Official Korean site. 


There's the ingredient list at the back side of the box and I noticed there's propylparaben in it. Sigh. 

The product is to be used up within 12 months after opened. Oh, noticed the small sticker at the bottom? 
I got this from Laneige counter at Suria KLCC. 

As for the bottle, ah~ totally fall in love with its design. Just how the purpose of this product is to achieve that transparent clear skin, the bottle reflected all that in the bottle design. 


There's minimal product description on the bottle to provide quick info. 


The bottle comes with a pump that dispense the same amount of product each time. Throughout the time I'm using this product, I experienced no problem at all. 
The manufacturing date is printed at the bottom of the bottle, good thing as it's printed on the bottle instead of the box as people usually dispose the box.


As you may see from the photos above, the product is clear and transparent like water. but the consistency of the product is actually semi-liquid, and only slightly runny. 

Once applied on skin, the product absorbed within a minute and leave skin with fresh and non-sticky at all. 

Even the scent is quite nice, like lemon plus orange. hahaha that sounds more like it. 

I usually dispense the product on Eco Beauty Tool: Green Tea Stone Therapy Cotton Pads from TheFaceShop and wipe my face from inner to outward. Not only it helps to spread the product, it also help in removing my dead skin cells as well. 

All in all, I really love this product, as indeed it acts as a booster to my White Plus Renew products to work better. I could tell there's a slight difference if I didn't use the product beforehand. 

I sometimes just use this product on its own after cleansing my face in the middle of the day especially on those days I finish my class early in the afternoon, just to let my skin to 'breathe' and didn't apply anything after that. 

Final verdict: 4/5. As you may probably know, I don't prefer products with parabens in it. But as the products is working great  with my skin, I decided to just go with it. 

This product is retailed at RM122 and you can get from Laneige counters at major departmental stores like Parkson, AEON and Isetan KLCC. By the way, last mid June, I saw in the offcial Korean site that there's a new upgraded version called Clear-C Advanced Effector with 90% of Acerola extracts retailed at 40,000KRW and though I haven't found out whether it contains parabens or not, I still hope it'll arrive at Malaysian counter soon. 

UPDATE: Starting on January 8, 2015 the new upgraded version Clear-C Advanced Effector will be available on Laneige counters here in Malaysia. Retailed at RM145 with a box of cotton box. 

I started to use the first bottle in early April and it's about to finish, probably 7-8 pumps left. That's why I grabbed my second bottle during last month haul

So that's all for this review. I hope you enjoy this post! hehe 

What do you think of the product and do you use booster in your skincare routine or are you among those who uses First Treatment Essence as first step in skincare? Do share!

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