Review | Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++

Monday 21 July 2014
Hello, beautiful people! How's your weekend so far? I've been busy with so many stuffs recently so updating is a bit slow but still, today I'm so excited to share with you guys about this product that has become... wait!

Spoiler Alert!! Let me do the product review first then I tell you what I think of it! 

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++

Let's go with the basic first. :)

Product Description:

Your go-to for sweat-free makeup that lasts all day, this face powder is powered by a new Clean Touch Powder System to leave skin feeling fresh all day. The same system also has 5x more absorption than talc, thanks to its Mineral Perlite content, which is why sweat and sebum don’t stand a chance with this powder!


Using the puff application, apply White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ all over face. Skin whitens up and feels fresher with a lasting matte texture.


Personally, I love the packaging! I've been a Maybelline user for more than 10 years and I gotta say, I love this one the most! Probably because white is my favourite colour but still.. I just love how it look so classy and simple! Though I do noticed the ones being advertised in the magazines are a bit different compared the ones sold in the store.

The white puff is like any normal powder puff. Definitely can get replacement from drugstores like Watsons. 

There's a product description at the bottom of the case and did you noticed the small hole circulated by the blue line there? That's where you push pin through it for the refill. 


Want clean and fresh complexion all day long?

That's the question brought upon me by the beauty assistant at the drugstore that I went to get some stuffs before. I was being skeptic when I first heard that question and thought that there's no way that this can last all day long, especially with my oily-combo skin. 

Then, few days later I got an email that I'll be receiving this product for review purpose so after 2 days, I received the product in #02 Nude Beige, a shade that's way too white for me. But still, for review purposes, I decided to try it anyway and see how it performs.


Left: bare face. Right: with the product on. Make me look like a ghost! I only applied thin layer. 
Of course, I stayed in my room for the whole day! 

After some consideration, thinking of how I really like how the product works, I got myself one with the right shade for me which is the #05 Sand Beige!

What do you think? Honestly, I really do like the coverage and the colour. 


On the left is the one I took in the morning with some blusher and on the right is a photo I took in evening after 8 hours. No more blusher but as I could still see the powder is still there except for my T-zone area. But still, 8 hours! I usually need to touch up every hour!

Left: Nude Beige and Right: Sand Beige

Well, I guess thanks to its unique Clean Touch Powder System, this product leaves behind a smooth surface on my skin. Not only it absorbs my sebum, it also helps to speed up sweat drying and evaporation so my skin remains clean even after having lectures all day at the campus.

Why? I found out that (according to the website) the Clean Touch Powder System’s Mineral Perlite content contains 5X the absorbing powder of talc, making it more effective towards sweat and sebum. With one application, this product absorbs and entraps sweat and sebum, as well as speeds up sweat evaporation to prevent build-up.

To sum up!
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Good UV protection
  • Lightweight formula
  • Fairer and even skin tone
  • Lasting matte texture
  • Non-clogging
But unfortunately, like the product's name, it's only available in 5 light to medium shades: #01 Light, #02 Nude Beige, #03 Natural, #04 Honey and #05 Sand Beige. Even the darkest shade available still slightly lighter than my skin tone.

All in all, I really love this product and it has become a staple in my makeup bag!! Well, if you're looking for a product that can cover some imperfections but want a lightweight formula then you should totally give this a try! As this product retails at RM23.90 and RM11.90 for refill at local drugstores like Watsons, a total awesome price tags, I'll definitely will repurchase this in the future!

So that's it, tell me what do you think about this product and if you're willing to try. :)

Until next post!

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review purposes but all my opinions stated here are my own based on my personal experience using the above product.

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