Review: TheFaceShop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion

Monday 22 September 2014
Annyeong, lovelies!! How was your weekend? Finally got some work done before I can sit down and do some product review! hehe

Today I'll be reviewing another sister product of the toner and the serum that I reviewed before, which is the Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion from none other than TheFaceShop!

The right one! There are indeed only 3 products in this skincare line.

Product Description:
An emulsion containing young green Tea leaf extract fully moisturizes skin.

How to use:
After applying toner, dispense an adequate amount and apply evenly to the skin in outward direction.

Well, though it's stated there to apply after toner, if you have the serum, I think this one goes after serum. 

Net vol.: 150ml


As you can see, this emulsion comes in the similar packaging with its sister products, that almost transparent green bottle and brown cap. There's green tea illustration on it giving out the natural feelings to it. 


Again, the stamped on the left photo shown how the product is made from organic sources and on the right there's the label and moisture-bar. 


On the side of the bottle there's the product description, basic things you want to know about the product. 

This product contains 3000 microgram of young Green Tea leaf extracts. 

According to the ingredient list, it contains fragrance and methylparaben so you need to skip this product if you're sensitive towards fragrance-containing products or skincare that contains parabens.

Note that the product usable within 12 months after opened. 


As for the opening, it's just like opened bottle with no stoppers or anything to control the product amount so you might want to be careful as you might spilled or over dispensed it. 

There's also the expiring date printed at the base of the bottle so do check before purchase.



The product is like any other emulsion, slightly lighter compared to moisturiser and the texture is smooth and easily absorbed into skin within few minutes. 

If you have slightly dry skin and planning to use this along with a moisturiser, I suggest to use this before serum and locks up the moisture in your skin with moisturiser at the end of the regime. 

But if you have really dry skin, you want to check out the Olive line, it's like the sister line for this one.

It smells refreshing like Green Tea and a bit minty if I may. 

I highly recommend this product if you're looking for a basic moisturising care for combination oily to normal skin. 

Didn't break out or experiencing any sort of irritant while using this product before so it's great. Helps in balancing the water-oil level in skin and hence producing less unwanted oil. 

Final verdict: 4/5. It's a good product but minus one point as it contains parabens and I intend to avoid that in skincare especially. 

So what do you think? Do share your thoughts on it!

Until next post! Annyeong!

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