Best Blogger Award!!

Wednesday 25 February 2015
Annyeonghase-YO! ... and hello!!! 

Wah~ It has been realllllllllyyyy a long time since I really have some time to sit and really just do this kinda thing!! 

First of all, thanks so much to beautiful Jenny Vi from itsmeeejennyy!! For giving me this 

Best Blog Award!! 
*confetti* woot!! woot!!

Okay, okay! I know I might not be the one who deserve to get this award as I've been a little busy recently and the past month is all about getting my head back, healing from all the craziness in my life so yeah. Let's just have fun and do this!

Basically, Here are the rules:

1. Mention the person (+link) , who nominated you.
2. Reply to the 11 questions!
3. Tag 11 (max) blogs, you think are awesome!
4. Make your own 11 questions, and you are done!

Jenny's 11 Questions:

1. How long have you been blogging? And what was the reason to start your blog?

I've been blogging since.. 2008 I think, and I have several other blogs that I TRIED to maintain as I tend to separate personal, design and university-focusing life that's why I have 4 blogs for that and this blog is actually the most recent blog that I come up with, starting August, 2013 so basically it's been about a year and a half?

The reason I started this blog around that time was because I had a major sunburn especially on my facial area so I decided to start on Korean beauty regime that focusing on having or getting brighter and clearer skin so with that, I was like "I'm gonna document the whole journey and there's no better place to me than just writing about everything in a form of blog." so.. that's pretty much how I begin doing beauty products review and whatnot. 

2. What is your favorite beauty product?

My favourite beauty product is definitely wash-off mask! Well, skincare is MUST so to me there's no choice as I HAVE to use them!! LOL but wash-off mask is a type of product that I have a lot of fun choosing, trying (on me and my friends.. hehe) and most importantly, experiencing the goodness of each and every one of them like 3 out of days a week. I usually  go for masks or packs that based on fruits like Strawberry (yes.. #StrawberryChronicles) and Apple as well.. 

Other than that, I also love trying clay masks as I have normal to oily skin so it's important to regulate my sebum all day.. Also, the kinds of wash-off masks that helps with exfoliating dead skin cells.. Ah~ I really love those. 

3. Do you prefer summer fashion or winter fashion?

I live in Malaysia, a tropical country where it's hot all year around~ but here in KL it's no surprise to see people in Winter fashion at least at shopping malls.. but my preference is indeed Winter fashion. My favourite clothing style is sweater. Especially the knitted ones.. ah~ I easily fall in love with them. I have blacks that I usually wear while in uni and other colours that I pile up at home. A sweater, khakis, and scarf. I'm good to go. 

4. What are you good at and what not so?

I think I'm good at presentations. Wah~ I don't know how I can say that out loud but when it comes to presentation at school and even until now at university, I always either chosen or choose myself to present my or my group works. I always find it's quite interesting to make people see things differently or just a whole new perspectives. I always want to improve myself on that and hopefully I can be really good at that and be able to work at consultant companies in the future.

As an architecture student, I think I'm still lack in terms of drawing. Sigh. I also not good catching hints. There's a guy had a crush on me and been giving hints for like 2 years but I didn't get it not until my friend smacked me in the head when I ask another girl to go out with him. teehee~ But again that was during high school... so~ haha But still, recently I was having a fight with my roommates as I didn't pick up her hints asking me to do things for her.. so yeah. the fight was quite bad but we're okay now. I hope! 

5. If you could have a single super power, what would it be?

That would be time travel. I always find time-traveling stories or movies quite interesting and honestly there are a lot of times I wanna go back to especially those time in England where you have lovely English tea time in the afternoon.. balls or social parties at night.. not forgetting traveling by those pretty trains to rural area in England.. or visiting Kyoto in those lovely time where you can see geisha walking by at the street and maybe to go back during the dinosaur time... Ah~ time travel is definitely awesome. 

6. You meet someone famous that you like. How do you react?

Depends. I once bumped into this famous Malaysian actor at KLCC before and said I'm sorry and just kept walking while my friend who was walking with me stood there, frozen in awe. 

But if we're talking about someone famous that I like... Jay Chou? Damn. I probably just have a heart attack and die. haha sounds unrealistic.. LOL probably just greet the celebrity and if he or she's okay with it, maybe can get a signature or just take a selfie. eyy~ not a selfie. Too old for that. hahahaha 

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Love at first sight? Sure. I do believe in that it's just that I've witness a friend of mine who also believe in love at first sight like MANY TIMES. but to me, I'm more on falling in love with someone that have match personality with me so basically that's after meeting that person for a while and really getting to know each other really well. I'm done with going out for fun and not really trying to know what's important in each other's life. 

8. What's your favorite song? And why do you like it the most?

My favourite song? That would be Jay Chou's Nocturne. Piano piece? Debussy's Clair de Lune and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 

The reason why I love them or that kinda song it's because these songs accompany me at those time when I was at the bottom of my life, feeling sad and unhappy. I've always feeling like that and to be perfectly honest I'm always feeling alone (yes, my best friend smacked me in the head every time I said that) but that's just me. 

But for the past year I think, my favourite song is EXO's Miracles in December. Why?Not only because of the 5 vocalists but also it's because of the beautiful lyrics. Every part of the song can be related to my life and I would be lying if I said I didn't cry the first time I heard the song. Yes, I do understand the lyrics a little bit before find the whole translations. Especially this part, 

"Stopping the time.. come back to me.. The book of memories, opening your page.."

...yep. T______T

9. What's your biggest goal in life?

My biggest goal in life is to die happily after doing things I wanna do in this momentary life.

10.  Do you prefer natural makeup or dark and heavy makeup?

I love natural makeup - like most Korean beauty bloggers but as I have many flaws on my skin - dark spots, dark circles and whatnot.. I usually go with medium coverage so say yes to foundation and BB Cushions. 

11. Choose two things:
Sleep - Friends - Good Grades

Friends and good grades. Definitely. I remember watching a midnight movies with my friends and stayed at McDonald's waiting to aboard the first train then 'killed' our final project presentations. Yeah~ 

So that's it!! 

Now here's my questions:

1. How long have you been blogging? And what was the reason to start your blog?
2. What is your favorite beauty product?
3. Nude lipsticks vs. neon/bright-coloured lipsticks?
4. Do you think you're on the right track in your life right now?
5. If you could have a single super power, what would it be?
6. What kind of music that you like? Pick a singer or a band. Tell us why.
7. Skirts vs. pants. 
8. What's your favorite song? And why do you like it the most?
9. What's your biggest goal in life?
10. Do you follow Korean beauty regime? If you're not, would you? Tell us what do you think. 
11. What do you think about my blog? 

So there.. actually you can follow the rules stated above it's just that for me, I'm gonna tag all of you, provided that you still have the passion to keep on blogging after all these years as to me honestly, that's the best thing about blogging, how you keep on writing and sharing great things out there. 

Most importantly, do drop comments down here if you're doing this tag so I can check out your posts! 

Have fun and until next post, annyeong!

Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence

Friday 13 February 2015
Finally, after I reviewed the other products from the White Plus Renew line, I arrived to the fourth product which is the Original Essence. 

March last year, after finishing my previous brightening skincare line, I did some research on which skincare line to try next and after some consideration, I decided on this line. Seems that this product has won several awards from beauty magazines in South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and our beloved country, Malaysia. 

I also heard how this product being raved among models and makeup artists as well. The product also being coined as "Song Hye Kyo Essence". 

.... but of course, I have to try the product to see how it's working with my skin. Wanna know some more? Keep on reading!

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