Of New Year and Instagram

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

I know it's weird to post Best Nine of 2019 here in my blog but hey! I just want to take this time to brag to the lot of you here, showing off my posts with the most engagement i.e. Likes and Comments.... no, I don't. Not really. Why? Let me just break it down for you by telling the stories behind each and every of the post above, quickly I promise. 

I'm gonna go by going from the bottom right to the left towards the top simply because I want to. 
  1. My first bathroom #shelfie ever! | I have to admit, I needed to clean out so many unrelated things on that very shelf right before lining my opened makeup removers, facial cleansers and at the bottom shelf, my shower creams, shampoos and whatnot. Took me about an hour before I can actually take a decent photo but I'll say this, Sunday afternoon that's well-spent.
  2. My lineup of products that by far is the most solid routine for sensitive skin days. | In my days as beauty blogger, I need to try and test many products with some goes into my routine permanently (till I actually finished them), some give me breakouts that I usually giveaway to people who want to take the risk, some doesn't do much to my skin that I usually just finish by using on my arms and legs while some products that thoroughly help my skin in terms of repairing my damaged skin barrier, smoothing out the dead flaky skin which deserves to be repurchased till the day I die or as long as I need it to. More than half of the products lined up above included in the last category.
  3. Althea launched their budget-friendly face masks | let's just be honest. I was an Althea Angel i.e. ambassador and I love sheet masks. Couldn't be happier while hoarding these!
  4. the beginning of my obsession with layering serums in my skincare routine | Started with the two and now I can even layer up to 4 serums whenever I have extra time or how sleep-deprived I actually am before beginning my night skincare routine.
  5. Sponsored post for a local brand | All I'm saying the product is merely average but for price point and choice of colours for Malaysian skin tone, okay la.
  6. #pinkwednesday and I can't feel more girlier than that post | I don't own a lot of products in pink bottles but when I gathered most that I have in a single pic like that, I feel cute. haha indulge me!
  7. Beauty fridge. | Oh dear. so I bought this beauty fridge simply because I want to get back to using sheet mask on daily basis but then I ended up filling it with my toners and toners and more toners. haha i didn't think much of how this going to affect my whole engagement but yeah. My followers seems to like this beauty trend.
  8. Krave Beauty family portrait | I'd say I had the worst FOMO fever when Krave release their moisturiser! I bought it the second it's launched on their Global site and dipped my hands (nope, spatula!) into it the second it arrived at my door.
  9. My biggest collaboration, the first one through a PR company | OMG, I still can't believe Clarins picked me to receive their best-selling serum. I love it so much! I'm trying my best to finish my other serums so I can get back to using this, really. Also, dual-phase serum is mind-blowing to me as it's perfect for my dehydrated skin.

Honestly, this may come as a surprise to you but the above Best Nine posts are quite effortless compared to my other posts that I worked on harder in terms of shooting and creating the contents for the photos. I'm a bit disappointed actually but it's alright because this is just social media. 

I guess that's all from me. I'll see you guys on my next post. Annyeong~

Beauty Empties | Sheet Masks 9.0

Sunday, 29 September 2019

I guess the caption space for a single post on Instagram isn't much to begin with so that's why I'm going to keep updating my empties for sheet masks here. Anyway, for this quarter; July till this month of September, I've used a total of 66 sheet masks! Yay!

First thing first, let's go to sheet masks that I've used for morning skincare routine where I would prefer to use simple hydrating sheet masks and black charcoal sheet masks to help with moisture and sebum-control.

These are some basic My Real Squeeze Masks from Innisfree. There are 3 types; water-type, serum-type and cream type and I love the water-type the most as the thin sheet complements the essences in the so well. 

I bought the whole box for all 3 Oozoo Bear Masks from the brand The Oozoo. The essence is actually in the transparent bubble and needed to be popped into the masks and spread even before putting onto facial area. Unfortunately, i don't find these as hydrating as I'd expect them to be so after finishing them all hopefully next month, I won't be repurchasing them again.

I'm so impressed with these Annie's Way Secret Garden Masks. The sheet is charcoal black and helps with sebum controlling and purifying but these moisturise my skin so well afterwards. I do love them and definitely will be repurchasing some more.

Another charcoal black masks are those 3 from My Beauty Diary. I do love their black sheets as they adhere so well onto facial area. I love the Moisturising the most! I bought all those in whole box of 5 each and there are still some that left to be used. I've tried the cooling mask also from the brand but I think I got it from a friend and it's actually not available in Malaysia.

Next are these 2-step masks from common labs. I really like these as they moisturise so well  with ample of ampoules and essences especially Vitamin E that soothe my skin as well. I'll repurchase these from Althea soon.

Senka Malaysia sent these 3 sheet masks for review on Beauty Memo by Hermo and I'm so glad for discovering the supposedly new Soothing White! Although the brightened up effect lasts temporarily, the hydrating and soothing effect is very nice on skin so I recently bought a whole box of 7 from Sasa. 

Some random Taiwanese masks that were given to me; the HerbaLine mask that I got from local spa here in Kota Kinabalu. It's nice but just average to me. As for that Hey! Pinko Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturising Mask however is actually feels really good on skin but the ingredients are bit low in quality with different kinds of preservatives in it. That was the first Neogence mask that I've tried and the moisturising effect is actually quite good! Still got some more before repurchasing.

Now, let's go to sheet masks that I've used for my evening skincare routine!

Thanks to a fellow K-beauty skincare enthusiast, I've discovered these sheet masks from Wonjin Effect. These are probably the best ones I've tried in years since Mediheal and Leaders. the sheet adherence is amazing and the ampoules are great for my my currently dehydrated skin. Love them and I've already repurchased their whole boxes from local sheet mask reseller, Mask.Have.

I bought these Illiyoon; hanbang (oriental) brand from South Korea through an Instagram reseller and there are several variants that I've got but so far I like the Lotus and Cameliia ones the most but I don't think I'll be repurchasing again as it's quite expensive to be sourced from Seoul directly.

Of course, you would be seeing this coming! I really do like these Mediheal sheet masks and only have few left in my sheet mask stash. These work so well with my skin as they moisturise, brighten and soothe my skin so well! I'll repurchase when there's a sale in Sasa or Watsons.

 I've received a box of the moisturising anti-wrinkle sheet masks from HelloSkin and actually quite like it! The sheet adheres greatly on skin and the essence is very moisturising although the scent for these is quite overpowering. The brand is now available on Wynora.com so definitely do check them out!

You guys know this, my most prized sheet masks from B.Liv, bio-cellulose sheet masks that comes in 3 variants. These days I'm loving the Soothe Me Now the most but I'm down with the last couple of box of it and I'm sad that the brand is discontinuing this mask line. As for the regular sheet mask on the left, I'm still trying several other variants before reviewing them so do stay tuned.

Now as for these masks from SexyLook that I've got from fellow sheet mask addicts on Instagram are great in terms of result as they hydrate well but the one in black packaging however irritated my skin so bad I thought maybe the first one I've used a faulty one then decided to put on another that's when the irritation got worst and that's when both masks got thrown into the bin.

I've always been curious about the brand Acwell but after trying the sheet masks, I found these unimpressive at all so I no longer curious. I know the toner is raved a lot even on Instagram but I guess I'm gonna pass their masks.

 It's really hard but these sheet masks from Forencos are expiring next month so I've used up both masks and finally say goodbye to Song Joongki oppa but I guess, it's hard for Song Hyekyo unnie too. >.< The masks are great but it's goodbye now. haha so dramatic!

I'm sad that my favourite masks from THE FACE SHOP are being discontinued - those from Mask.Lab line as only the lifting ones that are available in the store right now. I still have a lot more of their basic Real Nature masks and am loving most of them especially that Calendula mask. 

The above is actually bunch of masks that I've got to try once and after only first try, i decided to purchase the whole box of that Shangpree mask. It's so soothing and the sheet is amazing, I'm telling you guys. I'd be repurchasing them again for sure!

What about you guys? have you tried sheet masking? Let me now in the comment box down below. I guess that's all of it and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

Beauty Empties 22.0 | September

Friday, 27 September 2019

Another quarter of this year then we're entering the second decade of this century, I've been thinking a lot on so many variable things like where my life is going to be on the next one? Okay, too heavy so here we are at another empties post; featuring products that I've finished between July till this month of September! I'm going to talk about the sheet masks that I've used throughout this quarter on my next post so do stay tuned for that. 

Let's go to the cleansers, first!

Finally, I've finished that Bifesta Eye & Lip Makeup Remover after more than 12 months! I do know it's over the supposed PAO but I don't see any change; scent nor its consistency and my easily sensitised eyelids aren't reacting to it so I just kept on using it. Because I actually really like the product, I have repurchased another bottle for it!

I'm going to admit here that I didn't finished the makeup wipes above to remove my makeup as I've been using it a lot to remove swatches as I've did lots of makeup swatches the past few months. It's good and quite affordable but I already have others that I would prefer more.

For second water-based cleansers, I've finished that Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam but I didn't use the whole lot of it on my face because it's so drying so I've used it as body cleanser instead. Even so, I needed to moisturise my body afterwards as it turned out so no, I'm not going to repurchase the cleanser again.

I've finished my second tube of that THE FACE SHOP White Seed Exfoliating Foam around last month but this too, I've used up as body cleanser as it's too foamy and dried out my face afterwards. Won't be repurchasing again.

The third cleanser that I've finished is that pretty Fresh Soy Face Cleanser in its jumbo 200ml-sized tube and I love it very much indeed; used the the whole tube within 6 months and that's actually something! In fact, I'm into gel cleansers now because they don't dry out my skin unlike those high-pH cleansers at the very least. I'm already on my second jumbo tube - 20th anniversary version of the cleanser.

For special care category, I've used up both of Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea and Rose around last month and already opened my backups. They can a bit drying so I only take small amount of it usually in my morning skincare routine.

Now, let's go to first treatments and toners!

Finished the very first bottle of that LANEIGE Clear C Advanced Effector EX (3rd generation) and quite frankly, I don't really noticed the difference between this and the 2nd generation of the product. I always use this product as the first step after cleansing by pumping out at least 3 times and wipe my facial area outwards. I absolutely love this product as it helps maintaining my skin from being dull and it provides vitamins that help boosting the rest of my skincare. I still have another 2 bottles to finish before opening the new 4th generation bottle!

Technically, I didn't finished the whole bottle of that Heimish Refresh Water; my brother used half of it and I took the other half and poured into a tub to pre-soak some rounded Sephora pads. This exfoliating toner is kind of mild to me but I think it's good for beginners and as it's similar to Son&Park Beauty Water, I don't use this product everyday.

For hydrating toners, I've finished the first bottle of that LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner that I've got for review on Beauty Memo by Hermo back in April and I have to say, I do love it, bought one bottle from LANEIGE Official Flagship store on Lazada and 5 more bottles from Althea as they were having sales at the time. I'm currently halfway through my second bottle as I'm so into layering it!

For essence-like toners, I've finished the Pyunkangyul Essence Toner which hydrates so well and I'm already on my second bottle in 200ml size. I love this especially for toner masks during midday. As for that Kayman Beauty Rosa Glow Treatment Essence, I really like it as it helps fading my acne scars so I've got another 2 bottles as they're having sale and I've already reviewed it on my Instagram so just scrolled down further or you can use #myrabeautyreviews for it.

Finished the first bottle of that Rejoice Hijab Perfection Perfume and its 3-in-1 Perfect Conditioning sister that I've got during their launching event back in April. Here to report that I've already bought another bottle of the shampoo along with its Cool sister but not the conditioner as I still have others to go through before getting a new one. Both shampoos are great and give long-lasting scents to my hair.

As for after-washing care, I've used up my first bottle of that Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum and gladly opened another bottle with new packaging as the brand changed their logo. No change made to the formula so all is good!

I guess that's all from me and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post that I've scheduled tomorrow! Annyeong~

Review | Elianto Make Up Brilliant Riche Lip Colours

Thursday, 26 September 2019

On regular days when I have lots of time to sit down and touch up my makeup, I'd be all over cream lipsticks; as I'd be carrying at least 3 different ones in my makeup pouch however on event days like weddings or social media influencer gatherings, I'd be selecting waterproof, long-wearing makeup; from base to point makeup as I usually be taking photos and mingling around so I wouldn't have much time to fix my makeup.

I just got back from a makeup showcase by Hosiani Keewon (hosianikeewon_official) held at Elianto Make Up store in Imago KK Times Square and I personally got to see how she used several products from the brand on her model. While waiting for the event to start, I went around the store; testing some some of their base makeup products and then discovered these liquid lipsticks from the brand that not only easy to apply, quick to set but also stays on quite well on my lips. But first thing first, let's go to some basic information on the product.

Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour #312 Ballerina Pink and #315 Flamingo

  • Vibrant matte shades with filming polymers and volatile oils for a natural, kiss-proof performance.
  • Bright pops of colour make a statement in intensely rich, vivid shades.
  • In one stroke of pure colour, the sensorial creamy fluid shapes lips with an extremely light veil. The weightless micro-fine pigments in a gelled system guarantee a smooth glide when applying. The colour adheres to lip, dries quickly and lasts longer, leaving a comfortable, smooth and transfer-resistant finish.
  • Lips remain soft and velvety, while the colour is long-lasting and transfer-free. With a flexible finish, lips remain evenly coloured, enhancing the wearer’s chosen mood.
  • Filming polymer in volatile oil also ensures application is smooth and comfortable, while maintaining the satin glaze.
  • Filming polymer in volatile oil
    • Flexible film, adheres perfectly on the lips, with an even finish
    • Maintains comfort overtime, without tackiness.
  • Volatile Oil
    • Long wear and filming properties
    • Enhanced no-transfer effect thanks to the extreme adherence
  • Gellified system with micronized pigments
    • Improves glide and comfort in application Imparts an extremely soft and velvety touch
    • Sophisticated matte look
  • Extraordinary pure colour releases
  • Formulated without parabens, fragrances, talc
Highlighted Ingredients
  • Boswellia Serrata - Anti Inflammatory
  • Sesame Seed - Hydration
Ingredients list:
Isododecane, Octyldodecanol, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hydrogenated Styrene / Isoprene Copolymer, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Alcohol, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Aqua, Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil, Tin Oxide, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-t-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Boswellia Serrata Oil, BHT



The lip products come on in their respective sleek black boxes with simple design and there’s English product description printed at one side of the box for your reference.


These products can be used up to 24 months after opened, are not tested on animals, paraben-free and the shelf life is 3 Years from Manufacturing Date.


These lip products come in long, transparent tubes so it’s easy to spot which is which but there is the product label at the bottom of the tubes respectively. Lipstick also comes with doe-foot applicator that applies the creamy lip colour nice and smoothly on lips.



As you can see, both lip colours are bright but still wearable for my medium skin tone. While Ballerina Pink goes on smoothly, Flamingo does seems patchy a little bit. Both swatches on upper hand are made with one swipe from each colour.


After several tries for both lip colours, the best way to apply them is to stretch my lips while applying them for the products to go on nicely or I’d end up with uneven, patchy lips as these set quite quickly.

As the colours are bold and bright, I’d say there is no need to apply lip liners beforehand so just line the outer lips first before evening out the inner area of the lips. You can definitely use concealers to make the colour ‘pop out’ even more.


Overall, 4/5. I do love everything about these lip colours but I just need to prep my oftenly dry lips properly by applying ample of lip balms prior these – pretty common for any liquid lipsticks, really. Definitely going to purchase other wearable colours. I've also seen some reviews on the Internet that these tend to dry out rather quickly compared to other liquid lipsticks so I guess I'd better be sticking to habit of not letting these opened for too long even while applying them.

What about you guys? Would you prefer using liquid lipsticks like these or you're still on those good 'ol bulleted lipsticks? Tell me in the comment section below!

Review | THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Hydrating Tonic Treatment

Thursday, 15 August 2019

As much as I want to mix around my skincare products, I usually go for the whole skincare line; from cleanser to moisturiser as I believe the most concentrated product would be the essence or serum and the other products within the same skincare line are designed to complement the star product in order to bring out the best result for my overall skin condition.

As I have previously reviewed the sister product, THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum, let me introduce the toner for this hydrating The Therapy line; Hydrating Tonic Treatment so first, let's go to some basic information.

Product Description

This anti-ageing, hydrating tonic treatment delivers the effect of toner + treatment + emulsion all at once for smoother skin texture and effective hydration.
  • Toner + treatment + emulsion action all in one
    • This hydrating tonic treatment provides toner + treatment + emulsion action all at once as it penetrates into skin while hydrating and smoothing it.
  • Moisturising toner for perfect hydration.
    • This toner provides an excellent moisturising effect to hydrate and smooth dry skin and spreads easily upon application.
  • Le Marche hand-blended formula
    • This moisturising anti-ageing line is formulated with highly nourishing Oat, Lavender Flower, Wild Rose and Sweet Basil blended by hand with great care over a period of 6 weeks.

How to Use:
  1. After washing your face, soak a cotton pad and apply over the entire face using a gentle tapping motion to promote absorption into the skin.
  2. Completely soak cotton pad in the product and apply to skin for 90 seconds to enjoy a quick mask/pack in the morning or at night.
Capacity: 150ml

Ingredients list:
Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Propanediol, Betaine, Panthenol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Honey Extract,Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Oil, Avena Sativa (Oatmeal) Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Disodium EDTA, Parfum/Fragrance, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Adenosine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ethylhexylglycerin.



The box packaging has a similar design to the First Serum sister with the name of the product printed in blue - a good indicator so I won't get mixed with another toner from The Therapy line. On the side of the box packaging, there is the English product description and the short story on the blending method used to create the product.


The product comes with a nice pump that is similar to the rest of THE FACE SHOP products. There is simple product description printed at the back of the bottle although partly in Korean but you guys surely get the gist. The expiry date is printed at the bottom of the bottle in YYYYMMDD (year-month-day) format.



This toner comes in the form of slightly runny liquid; definitely thicker  consistency compared to your regular toner but I do appreciate this kind of toner especially at night where I would be layering hydrating toners, essences, even serums to buffer the irritation might be caused by AHA-containing exfoliating toner or BHA-containing skincare product  that I usually apply at night as part of my chemical exfoliation routine.


On its own, this toner does leave slightly sticky finish but I do not mind that as I would be applying more products on top.

Looking at the ingredients list, with Dipropylene Glycol and Propanediol help the overall texture and enhance the absorption of the toner into skin, I just love that this toner contains Betaine, an ingredient that helps skin adapt to moisture losses due to cleansing step for an example and also moisture gains from hydrating ingredients in the toner itself.
What's more, this toner contains Panthenol which is famous for its soothing properties which makes it is perfect for my dehydrated, flaky facial area so together with the rest of other ingredients within, this toner actually works well with my current skin condition.

Final verdict:

Overall, I give this product 5/5. I love how hydrating it is so when it comes to the 7-skin method, I would be layering this toner for 2 to 3 times; compared to my other hydrating toners with lighter consistencies, I literally need to layer 7 times!

I would say this toner is perfect for those of you who are currently feeling dehydrated due to external stressors like air-conditioner or simply hot weather, or if you are looking for not-too-intense or mild anti-ageing skincare products. 

I guess that's all from me and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

Review | THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Ever since I’ve started incorporating anti-ageing skincare products in my daily skincare routine, I have set my mind on the concept of “age gracefully” thanks to watching lots of Korean dramas with ahjumma (ageing women perhaps in their 30s and above) starring in them. Ageing is a natural process and I believe there is no absolute way to actually fight the process; it’s much healthier to just go with the flow of cycle in human life.

But there’s no harm in treating one’s skin with the right skincare products and help improving the skin condition as an average person’s cellular renewal cycle going slower beginning at the age of 25 therefore it’s important to add treatment products into the skincare routine to boost the cycle; maintaining skin’s overall health. Practicing the basic 3-step skincare routine is good enough but once the sign of ageing resurface on your skin like dullness, dryness with flakiness, pigmentations, etc. it is time to integrate hydration powerhouse in the form of treatment product such as this The Therapy First Serum from THE FACE SHOP. I personally have been using this product for more than 2 years but before I go in-depth about this product, let’s go to some basic information first.

Product Description

This first-step anti-ageing serum contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils.

This first-step anti-ageing serum has many benefits, including intense hydration, gentle exfoliation as well as anti-ageing and boosting effects. Containing a blend of Essential Oils , this first-step serum shimmers like crystal particles. Instead of rapidly mixed, the ingredients are slowly added by hand and stabilised into natural polymers to help better deliver the nourishing ingredients. The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads – 30 pads

Soft 100% cotton pads with fine jade particles that act as a mild exfoliant leaving skin clean and refined.

How to Use:

After cleansing, pump once or twice and apply to face, massaging into skin from the centre of the face outwards.

For extra benefits, use with The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads. After cleansing your face, moisten a The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pad with serum. Using the side coated with green tea powder, gently sweep over face from the centre outward. Capacity: 130ml

Ingredients list:

Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat, Diphenylsiloxy Phenyl Trimethicone, Dicapryl Carbonate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sea Water, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Oil, Avena Sativa (Oatmeal) Extract, Honey Extract, Adenosine, Xanthan Gum, Gellan Gum, Hydrolysed Algin, Sucrose, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Lactate, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum/Fragrance.



On the side of the box packaging, there is the English product description and the short story on the blending method used to create the product itself printed and at the back of the box where Korean product description is on, there’s the distributor sticker indicating Questeam Sdn Bhd, currently known as LG Household & Health Care Malaysia Sdn Bhd being the sole distributor for THE FACE SHOP products right here in Malaysia i.e. this is an authentic product.


The product comes with a nice pump that is similar to the rest of THE FACE SHOP products. There is simple product description printed at the back of the bottle although partly in Korean but you guys surely get the gist.The expiry date is printed at the bottom of the bottle in YYYYMMDD (year-month-day) format.


At the the side of the bottle, there’s an indicator of how much product left in the bottle so you can easily track your purchase. Period-After-Opening is 12 months but I usually finish a single bottle roughly within 4 to 5 months especially my mum too is loving this first treatment serum. This product comes with a box of special cotton pads that I highly recommend for you guys to use the product with BUT certainly not for everyday. It offers gentle physical exfoliation therefore if you are using this first serum everyday, two to three times a week would have sufficed.


The first serum comes in the form of runny liquid so if you are using your fingers, it is recommended to just pump directly onto your facial area; once on forehead and another pump (or two) for the rest of the face, going outward direction.

As the first serum contains Essential Oils, do shake the bottle if you have not been using the product for awhile.


For the past 3 years, I have been using either an AHA/BHA-containing exfoliating toner, Vitamin C-filled skincare booster, brightening first treatment essence or hydrating first treatment serum as the very first step in my skincare routine all in the hope to better the absorption of the rest of my skincare products; from toner to moisturiser.

Having this first serum in my night skincare routine where I usually focus on hydrating, moisturising and nourishing my skin totally help in improving my overall skin conditioOverall, I give this product 5/5. From the packaging to overall result of using this first serum for quite a long time now, I would highly recommend for those of you who are just started adding more anti-ageing skincare products into your routine or if you are looking for a hydrating booster to well-prep your skin before applying the rest of your skincare products. If you are interested, I have previously done a full review on its hydrating facial cleanser so definitely check that out! n as my skin appears not only healthier; no more dullness but also texture; skin is definitely feeling softer and smoother to touch!

The lightweight consistency of this first serum is suitable even for morning skincare routine which is perfect if you are using tone-up cream or sunscreen as these products tend to dry out the skin; tone-up skincare products are usually designed to make the skin appear not only brightened up but also powdery or velvety therefore prolonged use of these products can actually dry out the skin so hydration is imperative when it comes to brightening skincare products.

Overall, I give this product 5/5. From the packaging to overall result of using this first serum for quite a long time now, I would highly recommend for those of you who are just started adding more anti-ageing skincare products into your routine or if you are looking for a hydrating booster to well-prep your skin before applying the rest of your skincare products. If you are interested, I have previously done a full review on its hydrating facial cleanser so definitely check that out!

I guess that's all from me and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

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