Saying Goodbye to 2015

Wednesday 30 December 2015
... And saying hello to 2016!

My dearest lovely people! How are you? Indeed, it's been a while since I last sit in front of my desktop and publish a post. Why? As there's so much I wanted to tell you all about it in here, the same amount of unwillingness keeps crawling on the tips of my fingers so long story short, I decided to take a bigger responsiblity as a member of this house, to take another job.

More work, hence more coffee~ 

I have to say, helping my parents with family business is quite a lot to digest under 6 months as I'm still (not really) new in the field, still overwhelmed with some things so I need to find a place (and time) where I can just be myself and do the things I love which is somethings that probably most of you who have been following my blog for quite sometime or you guys who know me personally, know so well - beauty related stuffs.

Throughout 2015, I only posted only small number of reviews and I didn't even update you guys with current promotions that went out throughout last year and that is caused by one thing only. I've been busy with adjusting myself with work. 

After several months, I decided to challenge myself to do some serious routine where I learn to discipline myself better especially getting up early in the morning (like 6 a.m.) and being good at time management. 

Innisfree is slowly growing on me~ 

I'm hoping that I can keep on going with this so I can really have time to put on reviews on products that I'm loving right now i.e. Monthly Favourite kinda post so I'd love to say thank you for those who kept on following me from 2013, and for those who just started reading posts on my blog, welcome! I hope you guys find my posts being helpful and don't be shy (I won't bite I promise!) to leave comments or suggestions for me to keep on improving myself at writing and posting maybe share some tips on how to keep on being motivated to do blogpost. 

Till next post, annyeong~ ^_____^

MBD Style | 3 Handbags You Want to Flaunt At Work

Tuesday 1 December 2015
Annyeong, my lovelies~ if you've been reading my blog for quite some time then you'll know that I always blog about skincare and makeup items so today I'm gonna share with you guys about one of the things about fashion that I've been obsessing about for the past few months since I started living in a working environment which is handbag

Everyone knows that a woman can never be caught without their handbag at their side when stepping out of the house. The handbags serve as an accessory for women to complete their outfit. As there are plenty types of handbags design in the market, some of the hardworking career ladies must be wondering which bag will look appropriate yet stylish to be carried to work? For the individuals who have no idea on the handbags that will boost your professional and sophisticated charm at the office can take a look at these three handbag selection.

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is the most common type of handbag that a majority of women style everywhere they go other than at work. It allows us to fit in our belongings from keys, cell phone, purse, sunglasses, make up and a little note pad. It is like a quick way to carry most of our stuffs and still acts as a fashion statement. Some women who prefer versatility will opt for the classic black or neutral coloured bags.

Doctor Satchel bag

For the ladies who are busy bringing work papers or files back and forth, the doctor satchel bag will be the perfect choice. The design is spacious which allows you to stuff in all those paper works you carry home and back to work without crumpling it. You can also fit your planner book and still have room for other important items your normally carry around with you.

Sling backpack

However, it cannot be denied that there are days when you just want to tone done the formal appeal and be a little laid back. The sling drawstring definitely looks great to carry to work and easier to handle but if you are one of those individuals who frequently take the public transport,  backpack will be a right selection as it's easier to secure while you're on LRTs or buses.

As for me, I'm kinda obsessed with backpack lately as not only it can fit A4-sized documents and files, I still have room for my beauty essentials like facial mist and other little things like lipstick and face powders. What's important before buying any kind of bag you wanna bring to work is to determine the stuffs you wanna bring to work and estimate the size of the bag that can fit all your stuffs. You don't want your bag looking like it's about to burst. hehe

So yeah, I think that's all about it! Hopefully you enjoy this post and do let me know if you have done "What's in Your Bag" post on your blog or your Instagram. Would love to check it out.

Until then, annyeong~

Beauty Obsession | Facial Mists

Thursday 19 November 2015

Annyeong, my lovelies~ Few years back, I was doing on some research on what are the must-have beauty items in any Korean girl's bag and one of them is facial mist. From hydrating to sebum controlling, there are many kinds of facial mist available released by most of Korean beauty brands.

As I'm working on Monthly Favourite post, I just noticed that I have 4 opened facial mists on hand. Though 3 of them are actually travel size but still. 4 opened at the same time? It's given I guess especially when you love trying new products and out of those 4, only one I actually repurchased. Wanna know more? Keep on reading!

Beauty Empties 7.0 | October

Saturday 7 November 2015

Salam and annyeong, lovelies! Recently, I noticed that my drawers are filled with empty tubes and bottles - yes, I didn't throw them out right away as I keep on saying that "I'm gonna include this on my next monthly Empties post so let's just put it in here". But then, when I opened the drawers yesterday, it's full!! XD Yes, this post is long overdue so let's get onto it, shall we?

Just to show you that I care. About my hair.

Friday 16 October 2015

Okay, honestly I was picking up my regular shampoos at Watsons in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu but I just can't resist returning them to their respective shelves and picking up my choice of shampoos and conditioner from Dove. 

Yeah. I'm not gonna lie here. It's definitely because of the that cute bear!! I named him (yes, all my bears are guys! LOL) Joong Won. It's because of both So Ji Sub and L's character which is Joo Joong Won in Master's Sun - a drama that I'm currently re-watching for the 5th time so far.

As for the products, I picked up Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner along with Dandruff Care shampoo and Straight and Silky Conditioner. The reason? Both are my current hair issues that I'm having right now which resulted of trying some crappy shampoo at the hair salon that I went the other day. I've been straightening and re-bonding my hair for about 10 years now but I have never experienced hair fall like crazy as right now.

Well, the last time I was using Dove products was probably 15 years ago and I was using their facial cleansers and shower creams. I do love them but of course I was introduced to Garnier by a senior and hopped over to that brand. 

Anyway, if you were wondering, the bear can only be grabbed home of you accumulate RM40 and above of total purchase on Dove hair therapy line of products and EXCLUSIVELY at Watsons Malaysia. So if you're new to the brand, you might wanna go and grab the products - along with this cutie as it's SALE time at Watsons, till November I think. 

I let you guys know how the products work on my hair real soon. Stay tuned!


Beauty Talk | Makeup Brushes

Tuesday 29 September 2015
First thing first, Salam Maal Hijrah 1437 to all Muslim readers!

Lovelies, annyeong~ it's been awhile since I last sit down in front of this computer and do a blogpost! I've been busy getting my hands on trying new products - skincare and makeup items, finding the ones that suit me the best and of course, when it comes to makeup, the ones that can suit me skin tone.

I've been experimenting with several makeup items that I never actually give much attention like eye shadows and I've been expanding my interest towards western brands like Urban Decay, M.A.C, Estée Lauder and Marc Jacobs. So far, I gotta say, I'm hooked, baby! Along with that, I also learn more about makeup brushes especially for eye shadows which lead to several number of purchases:

The ones on the left are quite new additions to my Real Techniques brushes for base makeup but the right ones - lip brush, blending brush, eye point brush and eyeliner brush are definitely the kinds I don't have before.

11 Things You Don't Know About Me

Sunday 30 August 2015
Hi, guys! It's been a long time since my last Tag post! I know this is super late my dear +Mieza Everdeen but things have been really crazy for the past few months so I guess it's better late than never! XD

I really love doing this kind of post as it's a quick way of getting to know one another. So let's get to it, shall we?

1. Choose a sport you never tried but you really wanna do it. 

That would be basketball. I've always wanted to do it ever since I was in primary school but I never had a chance. Maybe I should include it in my 2015 To-Do list? 

2. If you're accepted into Hogwarts, which house would you be in?

I thought about this before like 14 years ago... But I'm pretty sure I'm a Hufflepuff. Oh, yes. It's definitely because of Cedric Diggory. LOL

But actually, it's probably because I'm someone who believe in camaraderie in every aspect of my life. To me, my family and friends are as important as my life and I choose loyalty, integrity and honor any day.

3. You're going to live in a jungle for one week. List 3 things you'll bring and why?

Blade that cut just about anything. Lighter to start fire so I can cook my food for survival.
Most importantly my Nikon D5100. I don't think anyone will believe me if I don't have much evidence to show that I actually go and live in a jungle knowing myself can't never do that! 

4. What type of vacation you'd love?

When I can just go walk on the beach while holding my flip flops in the evening, having a long conversation over dinner with great friends at night, waking up to the smell of brewed coffee in the morning and going to spa all day. 

But shopping at Myung-dong Street, buying all the Korean skincare and makeup items I want is awesome too. 

5. You're given an all expense paid trip. Where to?

Kyoto, Japan. There's no other place I want to as much I want to go there. Not Seoul, not New York, not Rome and not London. 

I want to do all the things people do in Kyoto. Visiting shrines - not for religious purpose but just to enjoy it's architecture, flower arrangement, tea party, pottery, kimono, and summer festival. 

6. Name one skincare/supplement product you cannot live without. 

I don't think I can live without my Laneige Firming Sleeping Mask. I'm on my 4th tub and still can't find it's replacement

7. A piece of advice you'll give to anyone. 

Know your own self. What you like, dislikes. Your principles, your line of trust. Your belief. The exact amount of grey between your black and white. Most importantly, the things you love that are worth fighting for. 

8. What do you expect from a good friend?

Tell me to stop doing things I don't love, scold me when I do wrong, support me in my decisions... 

Pretty much just like Ted and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. I thank God everyday that I found my Marshall. 

9. Your favourite recipe/food?

Ikan merah masak asam pedas. Period. 

10. Recommend me a book. 

If you haven't, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

11. Define your character to someone who would like to know you.

It's easy for me to forgive but very hard to forget. It takes me years to let go some things. My currency in friendship is time. I'm strongly against violence in everything. I love watching History Channel. Dan Brown is awesome. I read manga and watch anime. I get bored easily but once I'm stuck with something, it's gonna be a long haul. Like Starbucks. Yep, I hang out there a lot. Bookstores are heaven. I love the long walk on the beach. Sunsets are beautiful. So as Persuasion. Linkin Park is the best band in the world. Architecture is a life-long journey.

So that's about it! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers so to anyone who'd like to join this tag, feel free to do so and please drop some comments (or links) if you've done something like this or want me to join another tag. 

Until next post! Annyeong!

xx, Mira

I'm Still Here, Alhamdulillah

Wednesday 8 July 2015
3 months. 3 months???

Hello to all readers out there. It's been 3 months since my last post. T______T

First, I'd like to thank you for those kinda messages received in my Official Facebook page, giving me encouragement to keep on blogging though I didn't informed you guys that I was temporarily on hiatus. 

Second, to you guys out there who's reading, thanks so much for reading my posts! Hope they help! 

Third, thanks so much again to those who followed me on all kinds of platforms and SNS. Really appreciate your support. Let me know if I haven't return your follow. 

... I think that's it? 

Actually, the reason I didn't update this blog is because I was caught up with so many things as I was moving back to my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 

So far, I only sent back like half of stuffs from KL so I'm planning to go there like next month to get the rest of it. Hence, the reason that I don't come up with review posts and whatnot. 

My beauty products (except for skincare) were left behind in KL as I got so many things but so little time to send them back home. Teeeheee~

Other than that, I'm just busy adjusting with my life here. I haven't stayed at home more than a month for more than 10 years as I was busy with uni life so right now I'm actually still overwhelmed by things at home. 

By the way, Eid is coming soon and of course, preparations are to be made so yeah~ it's been weeks since I started planning on the Eid dishes, cookies, cleaning the whole house and of course, catching up with latest Korean dramas. 

Anyway, I'm sorry this so gonna be a short post. 

Eid Mubarak to all readers out there. Have a blast and may Allah be with you. 

If you have anything to suggest on what posts I should do next, do leave comments down below. 

Lots of love, Mira. 

Review: TheFaceShop Real Nature Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack

Sunday 28 June 2015
Salam and annyeong my lovelies! The weather has started to be really hot right now as we're approaching Summer season. Though Malaysia is a tropical country where it's sunny all year around but believe me, from May till July, it's hotter than any other months hence more rain in the evening. Well, though it's hot, I love rainy season. hehe

Anyway, let's get onto the review! Today I'll be reviewing this wash-off mask from TheFaceShop - a favourite brand of mine of all time, Real Nature Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack.

I've actually tried its sister product in apple (exfoliating) and strawberry (moisturizing and soothing) and finally among the three variants, I have found my favourite, Wanna know more? Keep on reading!

Review: TheFaceShop Smart Peeling: White Jewel Peeling

Sunday 21 June 2015
Hello, beautiful people! Can you feel the weather is getting hot right now? I drank like 3 big bottle of water last night and still feeling thirsty! 

Anyway, with the weather is hot I really think that dead skin cells are piling up faster than usual as I always find my makeup doesn’t really adhere to my skin and sometimes I can feel that my sleeping mask isn’t working like it used to. 

What could be the solutions? Well, I think the easiest way to lessen the problem first hand is to exfoliate. But then again, exfoliating everyday would not be good so I guess I’m going to exfoliate regularly but mildly at the same time. 

These are among the exfoliating products that I have been rotating for the past few weeks and I have to say, I’m loving all of them. As I’ve already done reviews on that Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub and Skinfood Black Sugar Gold Special Edition Wash-Off Mask,today I’m going to do one on this peeling product from one of my favourite Korean beauty brand, The Face Shop which is this White Jewel Peeling from the Smart Peeling cleansing line. 

Talk about peeling products, some of you may know what kind of product it is but to those who doesn’t, let me tell you a little bit about it. Peeling gels are one type of chemical exfoliators that somehow take off layers of outermost dead skin cells by chemical means and some known products contained AHA in them that helps in the exfoliating process. Most Korean Beauty Company have in their line of products. You may think this method is harsh like using scrubs that sometimes can be abrasive to most people but peeling gels are usually gentle on skin.

The Face Shop Smart Peeling: White Jewel Peeling – that… was mouthful actually. :D

Review: TheFaceShop Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun SPF40PA+++

Sunday 14 June 2015
Annyeong~ my lovelies! Ah~ it's getting hotter and hotter these days and I just can't get enough of drinking water even at night. Which is why I want to share with you guys about a sunscreen that I've been loving these days.

Can you guess which one? 

Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam in Lemon & Garlic

Monday 11 May 2015
Annyeong, lovelies~ It's getting hotter these days isn't it? I'm enjoying a cup of cold green tea right now as it's really good for your body as it helps with detoxifying process.

Anyway, today I'm gonna do a quick review on my current morning cleanser which is this cute Every Month Cleansing Foam in April from Etude House that contains Lemon and Garlic extracts to deep cleanse and purify your skin from impurities especially with current weather these days.

Speaking of detoxifying, lemon, mint leaves and cucumber makes great detoxifying drink!

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar 10th Anniversary Gold Special Edition Perfect First Serum

Saturday 4 April 2015
Annyeong, lovelies! ^_____________________^ 

April is here! My favourite month of the year is here! Why? It's Spring! Say hello to pretty pastel-coloured items from makeups to fashions.. and of course macaroons! LOL 

... but of course, here in tropical Malaysia, I don't about you guys but I do feel the transitions of season where it's actually getting warmer especially at night and I do feel my dead skin cells are piling up more than usual. Sigh.

Hence, I think around January this year, I decided to incorporate this product from Skinfood to fight off the accumulation of dead skin cells especially on my facial area so let me introduce you to Black Sugar Perfect Serum Gold in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the product's formulation. 


This product was released in Korea around January last year and in April in Malaysia official Skinfood stores. I have to say, the moment I saw this on the Korean site, I asked my cousin who're studying in Seoul to get it for me before it sold out and as it turned out, it really did in mere 3 weeks!

Review: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream: Moisture & Revitalizing

Tuesday 31 March 2015
Salam and annyeonghaseyo~ Oh, God.. it's been a long time since I last sat down in front of this desktop and hitting the publish button on this blog!

I'm in the middle of going through some stuffs at uni and soon I'll be done with it and finally can have a break!

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing a cleansing cream that I've been using for the past few months in my double cleansing routine, which is this Every Month Cleansing Cream in Moisture & Revitalizing from Etude House. 

Why cleansing cream? If you're wondering which makeup remover you should go to it actually boils down to your preferences. Cleansing cream basically can be used by all skin type but there are some waterproof products it fails to dissolve so that's why if you're on heavier makeup or use waterproof makeup, I suggest you go for cleansing oils. 

People usually just wiped off their skin using tissues after the cleansing cream dissolves the makeup but to save time, I just wash it off with running water and proceed with cleansing foam. Yeah, whatever that float your boats. 

Basically, there's 2 variant and the other one is for Soft & Moist which is meant for those with dry skin. 

Review: Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balms

Monday 16 March 2015
Salam and annyeong~ my lovelies! I was looking for something among my makeup stash today and found these two lip balms that I haven't use in awhile as I've been using my EOS lip balms recently (more like obsessed! :D) but then I found out some tricks that I can use with them so I'm gonna share with you guys all about it in this post. 

Ah~ so many pinks~ 

Best Blogger Award!!

Wednesday 25 February 2015
Annyeonghase-YO! ... and hello!!! 

Wah~ It has been realllllllllyyyy a long time since I really have some time to sit and really just do this kinda thing!! 

First of all, thanks so much to beautiful Jenny Vi from itsmeeejennyy!! For giving me this 

Best Blog Award!! 
*confetti* woot!! woot!!

Okay, okay! I know I might not be the one who deserve to get this award as I've been a little busy recently and the past month is all about getting my head back, healing from all the craziness in my life so yeah. Let's just have fun and do this!

Basically, Here are the rules:

1. Mention the person (+link) , who nominated you.
2. Reply to the 11 questions!
3. Tag 11 (max) blogs, you think are awesome!
4. Make your own 11 questions, and you are done!

Jenny's 11 Questions:

1. How long have you been blogging? And what was the reason to start your blog?

I've been blogging since.. 2008 I think, and I have several other blogs that I TRIED to maintain as I tend to separate personal, design and university-focusing life that's why I have 4 blogs for that and this blog is actually the most recent blog that I come up with, starting August, 2013 so basically it's been about a year and a half?

The reason I started this blog around that time was because I had a major sunburn especially on my facial area so I decided to start on Korean beauty regime that focusing on having or getting brighter and clearer skin so with that, I was like "I'm gonna document the whole journey and there's no better place to me than just writing about everything in a form of blog." so.. that's pretty much how I begin doing beauty products review and whatnot. 

2. What is your favorite beauty product?

My favourite beauty product is definitely wash-off mask! Well, skincare is MUST so to me there's no choice as I HAVE to use them!! LOL but wash-off mask is a type of product that I have a lot of fun choosing, trying (on me and my friends.. hehe) and most importantly, experiencing the goodness of each and every one of them like 3 out of days a week. I usually  go for masks or packs that based on fruits like Strawberry (yes.. #StrawberryChronicles) and Apple as well.. 

Other than that, I also love trying clay masks as I have normal to oily skin so it's important to regulate my sebum all day.. Also, the kinds of wash-off masks that helps with exfoliating dead skin cells.. Ah~ I really love those. 

3. Do you prefer summer fashion or winter fashion?

I live in Malaysia, a tropical country where it's hot all year around~ but here in KL it's no surprise to see people in Winter fashion at least at shopping malls.. but my preference is indeed Winter fashion. My favourite clothing style is sweater. Especially the knitted ones.. ah~ I easily fall in love with them. I have blacks that I usually wear while in uni and other colours that I pile up at home. A sweater, khakis, and scarf. I'm good to go. 

4. What are you good at and what not so?

I think I'm good at presentations. Wah~ I don't know how I can say that out loud but when it comes to presentation at school and even until now at university, I always either chosen or choose myself to present my or my group works. I always find it's quite interesting to make people see things differently or just a whole new perspectives. I always want to improve myself on that and hopefully I can be really good at that and be able to work at consultant companies in the future.

As an architecture student, I think I'm still lack in terms of drawing. Sigh. I also not good catching hints. There's a guy had a crush on me and been giving hints for like 2 years but I didn't get it not until my friend smacked me in the head when I ask another girl to go out with him. teehee~ But again that was during high school... so~ haha But still, recently I was having a fight with my roommates as I didn't pick up her hints asking me to do things for her.. so yeah. the fight was quite bad but we're okay now. I hope! 

5. If you could have a single super power, what would it be?

That would be time travel. I always find time-traveling stories or movies quite interesting and honestly there are a lot of times I wanna go back to especially those time in England where you have lovely English tea time in the afternoon.. balls or social parties at night.. not forgetting traveling by those pretty trains to rural area in England.. or visiting Kyoto in those lovely time where you can see geisha walking by at the street and maybe to go back during the dinosaur time... Ah~ time travel is definitely awesome. 

6. You meet someone famous that you like. How do you react?

Depends. I once bumped into this famous Malaysian actor at KLCC before and said I'm sorry and just kept walking while my friend who was walking with me stood there, frozen in awe. 

But if we're talking about someone famous that I like... Jay Chou? Damn. I probably just have a heart attack and die. haha sounds unrealistic.. LOL probably just greet the celebrity and if he or she's okay with it, maybe can get a signature or just take a selfie. eyy~ not a selfie. Too old for that. hahahaha 

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Love at first sight? Sure. I do believe in that it's just that I've witness a friend of mine who also believe in love at first sight like MANY TIMES. but to me, I'm more on falling in love with someone that have match personality with me so basically that's after meeting that person for a while and really getting to know each other really well. I'm done with going out for fun and not really trying to know what's important in each other's life. 

8. What's your favorite song? And why do you like it the most?

My favourite song? That would be Jay Chou's Nocturne. Piano piece? Debussy's Clair de Lune and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 

The reason why I love them or that kinda song it's because these songs accompany me at those time when I was at the bottom of my life, feeling sad and unhappy. I've always feeling like that and to be perfectly honest I'm always feeling alone (yes, my best friend smacked me in the head every time I said that) but that's just me. 

But for the past year I think, my favourite song is EXO's Miracles in December. Why?Not only because of the 5 vocalists but also it's because of the beautiful lyrics. Every part of the song can be related to my life and I would be lying if I said I didn't cry the first time I heard the song. Yes, I do understand the lyrics a little bit before find the whole translations. Especially this part, 

"Stopping the time.. come back to me.. The book of memories, opening your page.."

...yep. T______T

9. What's your biggest goal in life?

My biggest goal in life is to die happily after doing things I wanna do in this momentary life.

10.  Do you prefer natural makeup or dark and heavy makeup?

I love natural makeup - like most Korean beauty bloggers but as I have many flaws on my skin - dark spots, dark circles and whatnot.. I usually go with medium coverage so say yes to foundation and BB Cushions. 

11. Choose two things:
Sleep - Friends - Good Grades

Friends and good grades. Definitely. I remember watching a midnight movies with my friends and stayed at McDonald's waiting to aboard the first train then 'killed' our final project presentations. Yeah~ 

So that's it!! 

Now here's my questions:

1. How long have you been blogging? And what was the reason to start your blog?
2. What is your favorite beauty product?
3. Nude lipsticks vs. neon/bright-coloured lipsticks?
4. Do you think you're on the right track in your life right now?
5. If you could have a single super power, what would it be?
6. What kind of music that you like? Pick a singer or a band. Tell us why.
7. Skirts vs. pants. 
8. What's your favorite song? And why do you like it the most?
9. What's your biggest goal in life?
10. Do you follow Korean beauty regime? If you're not, would you? Tell us what do you think. 
11. What do you think about my blog? 

So there.. actually you can follow the rules stated above it's just that for me, I'm gonna tag all of you, provided that you still have the passion to keep on blogging after all these years as to me honestly, that's the best thing about blogging, how you keep on writing and sharing great things out there. 

Most importantly, do drop comments down here if you're doing this tag so I can check out your posts! 

Have fun and until next post, annyeong!

Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence

Friday 13 February 2015
Finally, after I reviewed the other products from the White Plus Renew line, I arrived to the fourth product which is the Original Essence. 

March last year, after finishing my previous brightening skincare line, I did some research on which skincare line to try next and after some consideration, I decided on this line. Seems that this product has won several awards from beauty magazines in South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and our beloved country, Malaysia. 

I also heard how this product being raved among models and makeup artists as well. The product also being coined as "Song Hye Kyo Essence". 

.... but of course, I have to try the product to see how it's working with my skin. Wanna know some more? Keep on reading!

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar 10th Anniversary Gold Special Edition Wash-Off Mask

Sunday 18 January 2015
Everyone, annyeong~ It's been awhile since my last post as I'm going through a busy week, trying to register my subjects for next semester.. T___T

Anyway, today, I'll be reviewing another product from Skinfood, which is a limited version of their famous Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask, in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the Black Sugar formulation.

I think it's been about a year since the last time I reviewed products from this brand and that's probably because I don't really buy from local Skinfood stores as they RARELY have sale... well, that was last year so hopefully it'll be merrier this year for this brand. 

I actually went to KLCC boutique couple weeks ago to buy some mask sheets only to find that even the latest mask sheet they have is gonna expired within 2 months. Shocked, I left the store after grabbing some nose strips. *shaking my head*

Dark brown and gold~ definitely my favourite colour combo!

Review: Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling: Brush Peeling Foam

Thursday 15 January 2015
Salam and annyeong, my lovely readers! I'm sorry for the slowly update as I'm in the middle of my vacation, possibly the last one for a long time in the future. Sigh. 

I've been writing several drafts so hopefully I'll get into posting mood soon so I can share lots of posts with you guys. hehe

Here goes my first review of 2015! 

On those days that I'm not really in the mood to do facial scrub, I'll go for peeling products instead. It's important to keep your skin from accumulation of dead skin cells. 

I actually tried other sister products of this one which are the Creamy Peeling Wash and O2 Water Peeling Pack. So far, I really like the latter as it works better compared to the former. Let's see if it'll still remain as my favourite among the three items!

Beauty Empties 6.0 | December

Wednesday 14 January 2015
Salam and hello, my lovely readers! It's been 2 weeks since the started of 2015!! How did you guys celebrated New Year? My parents came to town and I got to spend some time with them before sitting for my finals. 

I'm gathering some materials as I do wanna start doing posts like Monthly Favourites or Beauty Must-Haves as for the past year all I did was doing a number of product reviews and Monthly Beauty Hauls, Empties plus local Korean beauty store promotions. 

But first, let me share the first post of this year with an Empties post of December last year

As you probably know, I do Empties post once in 3 months cause that's the usual period of time I used up my skincare items and other beauty products. 

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