Review | LANEIGE White Plus Renew Bubble Cleanser

Wednesday 21 September 2016
On the previous post, I talked about a cleanser from Laneige that I finished in the last quarter of the year and as you probably expected seeing this review, indeed I purchased 2 at the same time so I am currently on the second bottle. 

Beauty Empties 10.0 | September

Monday 19 September 2016
Looking at the products that I've managed to finish for the past quarter is definitely making me proud of myself. Before becoming a blogger, I never really finished my skincare and most of the time, I just tossed out things I don't want to finish or just can't as they're already expired. 

I've managed to finish some makeup items and another round of skincare this time so without further ado, let's get right into it!

First, let's go to skincare!

I finished another round of skincare from Laneige that include a bottle of Bubble Cleanser, Skin Refiner, Emulsion, Original Essence, and a tub of Original Cream. I really like the bubble cleanser as it helps with lifting dead skin cells as I noticed less of that every time I swiped my face with toner after cleansing but it's important to note that if you're using similar cleanser, always put on sunscreen after your skincare steps. It feels like a deja vu as I did finished a round of this very skincare line which is White Plus Renew last year in October

Honestly, that Firming Sleeping Pack also from Laneige is not the first tub that I finished. It's probably the 3rd or 4th tub as I always have this product at my mum's place, my place and my friend's place. I know. I'm a huge fan of this product so I tend to do that a lot. haha I do love this mask more than the Water Sleeping Pack also from the brand and I'm so excited to know that they're finally upgrading the brand and including this mask into their Time Freeze line. Definitely will be purchasing the upgrade soon!

Review | Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Shine Brown

Sunday 18 September 2016
I gotta admit that I've been having this lipstick for about 2 years (I was trying really hard to remember when did I got this from mom) and it went deep into my makeup stash. I totally had forgotten about it until yesterday when I was looking for my Laneige eyeshadow kit palette that I got as a sample and that's when I saw it sitting prettily next to each other. 

The previous Holiday edition of Laneige BB Cushion is still pretty to me. I hope this year's design will be way prettier~

Fashion Haul | TudungPeople Numa Luxe Premium Mixed Crepe Shawl

Friday 16 September 2016
So far, the only premium hijab I ever bought and wear is from TudungPeople. It all started when a classmate back university raved about a Tudung modeled by a 5th year senior in our Architecture department but the fact that the brand was founded by another senior of ours who made, designed and sold these beautiful hijab at several countries including Brunei, Singapore, Japan, Australia, UK, and Saudi Arabia amazed me so much that I became an instant fan of the brand itself. 

The first hijab that I bought are from the Maysaa and Lamia collection and then I was introduced to this premium hijab line which is Numa Luxe. 

Above are from the earlier Numa Luxe collection that was released back in February. I got mine in Sephia and Russet. You might think they're almost identical but that just lighting. Russet is slightly darker and warmer than Sephia. 

The hijab in this line are made from Poly Crepe. They're thin but still quite opaque and definitely don't require for me to wear something beneath just to cover my neck. They flow beautifully no matter what kind of style you're pulling. 

The hijab from previous collection are quite heavy and thicker compared to the new ones that I ordered (and launched at their online store) 2 weeks ago.

I got 3 colours! The first one is my current favourite which is Fairy Dust, a beautiful dusty or mauve purple. I finally found a colour that can go with my Vietnam silk-made baju kurung.

Review | SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Wash-Off Mask

Wednesday 7 September 2016
I have tried several types of mask that help with my sebum control and so far I've encountered clay masks and this egg white mask from Skinfood. 

If you're familiar with Skinfood then you'll definitely noticed how simple and traditional their packaging is. I mean, comic san font. Really? But then again, I'm still loving their wash-off masks from the first time I've tried them until today. 

Beauty Perks | Innisfree Malaysia VIP Kit 2.0

Monday 5 September 2016
One of the best thing about buying Korean beauty products in local stores is definitely the membership benefits. Even better, if you reached VIP status. Brands like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and of course, Innisfree are all under the giant cosmetic company, Amore Pacific. As these brands opened branch stores here in Malaysia, us VIP customers get to experience if not fully, part of the benefits being the brand's VIP customers in Korea. Being a Laneige Malaysia's loyal customer for at least 3 years, I think it's safe to say that the VIP customers get like 30 to 40% of the benefits given to those in Korea. You know what I'm talking about if you compared the gift tiers offered in Malaysian stores and Seoul stores. 

Anyway, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing so when I get the chance to redeem the VIP kit from Innisfree twice this year, I'm more than elated to receive them. Fully thanks to my friend who were willing to pick this up from the store at Pavilion KL. 

Review | THE FACE SHOP Goat Milk MasCream Sheet

Sunday 4 September 2016

It's been real busy for the past few weeks at work and I guess I'll be continuing my simple night routine for another 2 weeks before going through the evaluation for my confirmation at the company early next month so in this 5th out of 6 series of this MasCream Sheet line from THE FACE SHOP, I'll be reviewing my favourite variant so far which is Goat Milk. 

Beauty Haul | Sephora and M.A.C

Friday 2 September 2016
I used to post Beauty Haul of the month at the end of that month but I've been changing my schedule and do my shopping at the beginning of the month so I guess they won't be much difference, right?

These days, my heart just scream "more makeup, please!" even though my brain (and my bank!) nodding my head and pulled me away every time I was passing by Sephora and makeup boutiques. But of course, I can't just not to get anything when Sephora was having Double Points day. For the sake of getting Sephora Gold!! haha 

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