Skincare Routine | Serums and Ampoules

Wednesday 31 January 2018
As we previously talked about Essences, for today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be giving out my thoughts on line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, I'll be talking about the serums and ampoules that I incorporated in my skincare routine.

I actually got the THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Water-Drop Anti-Aging Moisturising Serum to complement the rest of The Therapy products I have personally purchased and received from the brand for review purposes. At this point, I haven't gotten around of using this yet but I'm excited to as I've actually tried the samples and loved it! It really hydrates and plump my skin  without greasy feeling due to its light texture. I'm going to finish using LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence first before starting on this one.

Innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy Serum is a brightening serum with pore care effect. I've been using this for my AM routine and I love the texture under my sunscreen as it's quite thick yet gel-like hence it's perfect under a thick and opaque physical sunscreen that I have.

LANEIGE White Plus Renew Spot Ampoule; there are 4 mini bottles in one box and I've used one bottle I think around October last year, and currently using my second bottle (it's in the fridge) to lighten the acne scars I'm having. This works well for me but I still haven't got the opportunity to properly document my experience with this however I'm not going to recommend this as this cause dryness at my jawline. Need to find a better alternative.

Are you using serums and ampoules as treatment as well? Do let me know by leaving comments down below!

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Essences

Sunday 28 January 2018
When I first introduced to an essence when back when, I'm like why in the world do I need an essence? Isn't the moisturiser hold the title for being the most important product in the whole skincare routine? Then I realised, it's not entirely true especially for brightening skincare line, the essence/serum/ampoule is usually the star product and if you (well, I) want to see faster or better result, it's imperative to include the most concentrated product in the routine. So, for today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be giving out my thoughts on line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, so I'll be talking about the essences that I'm currently using.

White Plus Renew Original Essence is probably my 4th and I still have another bottle in my stash but that'll be the last of it as the whole line has been renewed to White Dew line. It does brightened up my skin tone literally 2 tones brighter. Click the link to read my review.

I redeemed the LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence around April last year I think. I have been using this for several days so I'll keep you guys posted on this one at least a month of using it. So far, I do like its consistency as it's not that sticky compared to the other anti-aging essence that I've tried.

I actually am alternating the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence with the Time Freeze Essence; when I feel like I need something lighter yet still moisturising essence, this is my go-to. I feel my skin is refreshed and just ready for next step. I only need a little at one time as it tends not to get absorbed quickly if I were to put a lot and sits on my face for about an hour before I can proceed with my moisturiser.

That's all of it and do let me know if you've tried any of these and let me know your favourite essence from K-beauty brands by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Toners

Wednesday 24 January 2018
If you do not use toner in your skincare routine then I'd be surprised because you're missing out on so many goodness brought by merely bridging your cleansing and moisturising routine for using toners. For today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be giving out my thoughts on line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, so I'll be talking about these toners that I'm currently using.

THE FACE SHOP White Seed Brightening Toner and Innisfree Whitening Pore Skin are lightweight toners which I use in the morning. Both comes with brightening function with the latter gives slightly sebum-controlling function. I am alternating these two currently.

THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Hydrating Tonic Treatment and Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin are moisturising and anti-aging toners that I use for my night routine. Again, I am alternating these as I also alternating the whole skincare lines but these days as my skin tends to get drier, I opted more of The Therapy products.  Maybe it's time to incorporate more anti-aging products in my routine, yeah?

I guess that's all from me. As I've been thinking to get more and more exfoliating toners these days, do you have anything to recommend? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | First Serums, Exfoliating Toners, Skincare Boosters?

Sunday 21 January 2018
When it comes to Korean beauty skincare routine, there are products you can use (usually in night routine) in between cleansing steps and toning; these products are known as first serums, first treatment essences, exfoliating toners or skincare boosters. For today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be talking about line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, I'll be talking about these first treatment products that I absolutely love.

Son&Park Beauty Water isn’t a first essence or serum as it’s actually a watery toner that I use as a first step after cleansing routine. It actually goes extra mile for its ability to remove light makeup as well; a pre-cleanser that I use in the evening before I get into double-cleansing. Then I followed up with my regular toner and the rest of my skincare for the night. I also use this especially right before using any sheet mask.

LANEIGE Clear C Advanced Effector is originally meant as a "skincare booster" to my brightening skincare line. I finished 5 bottles of the first version of this product while going through 3 rounds of White Plus Renew skincare line and this is only my second bottle of the upgraded version and I already got my hands on the third version as of last month as backup. Crowned with HG status from the first drop; it helps in evening my skin as it removes dead skin cells and clears the path for my brightening skincare products.

THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum is the first product I got for my anti-aging skincare line. This preps my skin with ample of hydration and making my skin feel soft and plump! Absolute must for my dry facial area and I usually use this at night and followed up with hydrating toner and emulsion from the The Therapy line.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum is the first First Treatment product I ever got and it's a hydrating first serum that I use in the morning prior my morning skincare routine. This hydrates so well but lightweight and it helps in preparing my skin for my simple morning routine. 

So that's all about the First Treatment products that I currently use in my skincare routines. Do let me know if you have suggestion on products that you've tried by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | AHA, BHA. Huh?

Wednesday 17 January 2018
There are times when scrubs can be aggressive to my skin so during that time I usually opted for AHA/BHA toner to take care the whitehead and BHA toner that focus on the blackheads. 

One of my 2018 skincare resolutions is to learn more about incorporating acids in my routine. Again, as I’m approaching the big 3-0 this year, I want to learn more on how to improve my skin texture or accelerate the rate of skin turnover hence increase skincare absorption into my skin.

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. I use this focusing on my T-zone area plus a little bit more around the nose area where my huge pores can be seen from 2 blocks away. If you’re not familiar with BHA products, a quick info would be it contains Salicylate; a milder Salicylic Acid that can help in getting rid of dead skin cells and blackhead within the pores and hopefully at some point will lessen its appearances. I’m still experimenting with the frequency and consistency of it so I’ll keep you guys posted once I’m down with a final review.

Are you using acid in your skincare routine? Let me know!

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Facial Exfoliators

Sunday 14 January 2018
Year after year, skin's turning over rate are getting slower as I'm not getting younger so it's imperative for me to exfoliate dead skin cells in order to increase product absorption into the layers of my skin. For today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be talking about line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, I'll be talking about the products that I use in between cleansing and toning step.

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash-Off Masks in Strawberry and Honey (Snoopy limited edition) version. It's been awhile since I last use the original version as it's too abrasive for me now. Even the last time I was using it, I had to mix with a little bit of cleansing oil prior usage. With these two, I can just go right into my scrub routine (2 times a week). I love these both, been repurchasing for more times I can remember since 2013. I do actually love the Rice mask so I'm going back to that once I'm done with these.

COSRX One-Step Pimple Clear Pad is my first exfoliating pads. I use this like once a week in between my scrub days to take care some flaky area of my skin. It's really convenient for me but I can't use it more than 2 times a week as during the early days of trying, this dries out my cheeks so bad I had to skip scrub for 2 weeks.

That's all of it! Do let me know if you have product suggestion to exfoliate your skin (let's not go to acids yet) by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Facial Cleansing Tools

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Another post for my Beauty Routine series where I'll be talking about line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine and this time my facial cleansing tools that I regularly use with my cleansing products.

A bubble maker from Daiso Japan. Whenever I feel like my regular cleansing foam is making my skin feel dry after each use, I use this bubble maker to foam it up. This way I use less amount of product and feel less if not not drying at all. Just put a small amount of cleansing foam in the cup and add a little water then just keep pumping the stick with perforated base in and out of the cup till smooth foam slowly formed.

THE FACE SHOP Facial Sponge. A typical facial sponge that I use after massaging my face well with cleansing oil and emulsifying it with water. It's much faster rather than just to rinse it off with water for like 5 minutes or till the oily feeling actually gone. I usually just wipe my face with it and rinse it with water and repeat like 2 to 3 times before proceeding with cleansing oil.

The Body Shop Facial Brush is a facial brush that I’ve been using and repurchasing several times already. I love using this like 2 times a week with my evening cleanser to really deep cleanse my T-zone area a long with the facial area.

I'm actually still saving for a cleansing device and similar to other people out there, I'm torn between getting a Clarisonic or Foreo. Got any advice? Let me know by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Second Cleansers

Sunday 7 January 2018
Second post on under this Beauty Routine series where I'll be talking about line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine and this time my water-based facial cleansers that I use in the morning and after I've well removed my sunscreen or makeup in the evening.

Bifesta BRIGHT UP Foaming Whip is my morning cleanser when I use sleeping mask the night before. It’s so gentle and cleanses well. This is actually my second bottle from the same cleansing foam line. Love the sebum-controlling variant that I've finished last month as well.

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam is a cleanser that I use on those mornings when I feel my skin is too dry due to air-conditioner. I've been using this a lot lately and about to finish this soon. Probably not going to repurchase as I do want to try other non-drying cleanser.

Innisfree White Pore Facial Cleanser is the only product from the skincare line that I actually like. There are beads in it that gives a little bit exfoliating action onto my skin and I love how my skin felt smooth after using this. Also about to finish this soon but again, not going to repurchase as I'm planning to try other similar cleanser to this.

COSRX Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser is a cleanser that I like so much though I can only use this every other day as it can dry out my U-zone area. It makes my skin feel smooth as it gently exfoliates my dead skin cells and I’m running out of this soon too. Yes, this is definitely a  repurchase for me.

I guess that's all from me! Let me know your favourite water-based facial cleanser by leaving comments down below. 

Until next time, annyeong~

Mask Review | LANEIGE Water Pocket Mask ​Time Freeze (Face Fit) Dynamic Collagen_EX™

Friday 5 January 2018
It just hit me that even though I love LANEIGE as a brand so much that it currently taking over large percentage of my expenses on skincare, I rarely feature the product here in my blog, much lesser on my Instagram feed. I wonder why. Still, let's get onto this review of a sheet mask that I really love but unfortunately I can't get my hands on it and its wonderful sister variants easily, readily from my local LANEIGE counter here in Parkson Imago, KK Times Square.

Water Pocket Sheet Mask - Time Freeze (Face Fit) Dynamic Collagen_EX™

​I just started using some samples and products from the Time Freeze skincare line as I'm going for the big 3-0 this year hence I need more anti-aging/wrinkle/dryness skincare. I'm a huge fan of the brand Firming Sleeping Mask - better than their signature Water Sleeping Mask and I'm glad that they now included that mask in this line. Definitely going to get that sleeping mask soon!

Skincare Routine | First Cleansers

Wednesday 3 January 2018
Hey, guys! I decided to do a series of posts on sharing my thoughts in the form of quick mini review for each or group of products included in my 11th round of Korean skincare that spanning since September last year so it's given when you see some of the products mentioned here seemed about to finish as I'll  be starting on Round 12.0 starting in April. I'll be going in the order of product usage i.e. from cleansing steps to sleeping masks so for today's post it's going to be my line of first cleansers which are my makeup removers.

I've been indulging myself in Bifesta cleansing products ever since I've discovered the brand in my local drugstore mid last year. Although the Eye makeup remover (the first on the left) is finishing rather slowly as I haven't been really wearing much of eye makeup, the cleansing lotion on the other hand goes on literally like water to me as I've been using it as my my first step to remove my makeup. I've finished the first bottle I got; Sebum Cleansing Lotion around last month so I went with the Brightup Cleansing Lotion along with its sister the cleansing foam which I'll post about next time. 

Another cleansing water that I've been using is that B-Lab I Am Sorry Just Cleansing: Pure Cleansing Water and that's actually the travel-sized version which I have been carrying in my handbag/backpack in case I wanted to remove my makeup midday at the office for a quick sheet mask session. It works well, smells like coconut milk and basically just remove everything I have on my face. 

I'm actually about to finish that cleansing balm from Banila Co. and I'm going to admit that I'm  actually excited to open the next cleansing balm in my beauty stash as this stings my eyes and whenever I use it to remove my eye makeup, it melted so thinly and some goes into my eyes and I had to rigorously rinsing it off with water until it stop blurring my vision. I just heard that the whole line will be renewed soon and I do want to see if they improved the formulation.

Cleansing oil works the best when it comes to removing my makeup especially on those days I layered thick base makeup or literally just piling on sunscreen while outdoor. Aritaum Apricot Seed Deep Cleansing Oil is just great at doing that and it smells so nice too! The consistency isn't too thick but it still melts my foundation and emulsifying it with water takes seconds while rinsing off was easy with this one. 

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil probably not for normal to oily skin people like me as it's just too intense and thick for me. Even after rinsing it off for several minutes still not enough and I had to use deep cleansing foam next but honestly these days I only been using it to wash my air puffs. 

Last but not least, LANEIGE Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil which is actually a second bottle for me. This works the best at removing all kinds of makeup even my liquid lipsticks! This doesn't clog my pores and easy to wash off. The amount per bottle is ample enough to last the whole year for me. The scent is refreshing too!

So, I guess that's all from me! Let me know your thoughts or do recommend your favourite makeup remover. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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