Review: TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

Thursday 17 July 2014
Annyeong, lovelies! Excited for this upcoming weekend? For me I'm going to be busy preparing for the upcoming individual presentation.. hmm.. typical uni stuffs~

Anyway, today I'll be doing a long-postponed review of this product that I've been using for about at least 5 times I think, which is this Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from TonyMoly. This is the first product that I got from the brand actually. 


The above view of the jar. Looks like real tomato, isn't, it?

Honestly, I do think that this product has been reviewed many times by other bloggers before but I decided to still share my opinions on this very product as I know different people experience different things with the same product. 

Product Description:
Containing Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients, this multi-functional massage and pack brings instant magic brightening & vitalizing & detoxifying effects into the skin. 

Being as a multi-functional product of soft massage & clearly wash off mask, Tomatox magic white massage pack delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, magic brightening, skin hydration and protecting effects to the skin, leaves the skin amazingly bright, clear and supple.

Net weight: 80g

After washing and towel drying the face, take an adequate amount of the product and softly massage with finger tips about 1-2 minutes.
After massage, leave it as mask pack for 5-10 minutes. 
Then gently wash it off only with tepid water (Do not use soap and/or foam cleanser). 
Tenderly town dry the skin with light patting motion (Dot not hardly rub).

As you can see, this product comes in this red plastic box that follows the concept of a real tomato, with red and green colours. 
Though I would prefer a paper box for products but yeah, this is fun. :)


There's also a illustrated directions at one of the side of the box. Do know that at each side of the plastic box there are directions printed in different in Korean, Japanese and English. Totally awesome. 


There's basic info like manufacturing date and as per usual, use product within 12 months after opened. 

There's also a lid with the brand embossed on it and also a spatula is provided and a nice thing that is as it just fits on the lid so you won't have to look for it every time you wanna use it. haha provided that you put it in there. 

Yep, that's basically the product. It's white, semi-liquid paste that you just need to scoop out before using. 


To be perfectly honest, I heard lots of good things about this product before and only until recently that I've been hearing and reading some bad reviews on it. 

After using it myself, I find that this mask pack, other than making my skin visibly slightly fair for about half a day before wash, there's nothing much I can vouch for. 

It contains methylparabens and to those who're not into products that has fragrance in it, this is one of those that you want to avoid. 

It also making my skin itchy while having it on and for awhile after washing it off. Totally dislike that. 

I actually used this mask pack this morning and I realized in the evening, I got a zit on my cheek which is not awesome. Sigh. 

Though there are many good ingredient extracts in it, like Green Tea, Kiwi and Lemon, I just don't really know whether this product is gonna work at making my skin better. I heard some users said that it actually clears dead skin cells but I didn't notice anything like that. Plus I really think that the reason why my skin is fairer instantly after using this product, it's because the white paste is just really hard to wash off. 

Final verdict: 2/5. It's fun and totally making my skin feel so soft after using it but other than that, the effects are temporary and I doubt that I'll be purchasing this in the future. 

My cousin bought this in Korea so I'm not sure how much it is here in Malaysia, but it should be around RM55+. 

That's it. My first review from the brand! Though I was kinda expecting good things from this product, but yeah. A total disappointment. But then again, what doesn't work with me may works for you and vice versa. 

Anyway, I guess I'l see you guys next post! :D

Tell me what do you think about the product by dropping comments down below! :D

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