Review: Etude House Skin Mal:Geum Fresh Toner

Thursday 21 August 2014
Lovelies, annyeong! :D Enjoying your week so far?

After reading +Mieza Everdeen  post today, I remembered that I haven't review three products that are sister products to one of the product she reviewed in that post and hence, I'm going to review this Skin Mal:Geum Fresh toner from Etude House.

Green! looks refreshing isn't it?

Product Description:

Like it says in the above photo, this product is a product for Oil Control. :)

Sebum Control, Bamboo Extracts, 5-Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Oil, Animal materials, artificial colours)


At the back of the box there's also illustrated description whereby you can use this toner not only as a toner but also for your under eye area, or you can get dry gauze and soak it with this toner and use it as facial mask, and the most fun part for me, is as facial toner. :)


According to the long list of ingredients, I noticed there are Lemon extracts, Orange extracts, which are good for brightening and boosting effect, also Green Tea for oil control and whitening effect and this product uses phenoxyethanol for preservative.

Use the product right after dispensed and within 12 months after opened.


Basically the bottle looks the same as the box, only transparent. It has matte finishand I really love holding this kind of bottle. Oh, it's plastic by the way. I dropped it once and nothing happened. hehe

At the back of the bottle contains simplified info of the product so you won't be confused on what it is if you have thousand of products on your bathroom shelf. hahaha just kidding. clearly you haven't seen mine~


The product is sealed before opened and good thing as the manufacturing date is printed at the bottom of the bottle. 


As you can see from above photos, the toner is indeed watery, runny like water. It smells great, like orange and lemon, really refreshing especially in the morning. 

I can say that it really helps with sebum control throughout the 2 weeks I used this in the morning. 

In my opinion, this is actually a very affordable toner, it's 250ml is a LOT for original retail price of 15,000KRW (approx. RM45++) in South Korea. I think this toner can last for about 3 months if used as toner, mask, and facial mist. Even longer if only as toner. :)

Final verdict: 5/5. I love it. Nothing to complain. Retailed at RM79.90 here in Malaysian Etude House store and I think I got it during Buy 1 Free 1 promo last December.

If you ask me what I really think about this product, I say this product is most suitable for teenagers to early 20s that usually have mild (well, some bad) oil control issues. Again, it's a lot in volume so yeah, budget friendly. As this product is quite good to begin with, I think that's why it's still being manufactured by the company as this product was first released back in 2011. Suddenly remembered the CF with Dara 2NE1 in it! She's soooooo adorable!

So yeah, I think that's about it. Oh, like I mentioned above, 3 sisters products, so yes! Stay tuned for the next reviews! :D

Until next post, annyeong!

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