Review: TheFaceShop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum

Monday 15 September 2014
Hello, lovely people! Phew! I just had a long day today as I was trying to sort out things in my room all day. Yeah, let me emphasize on the 'trying' part. 

Anyway, today I decided to do another review, following the one that I posted last weekwhich is this Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum from TheFaceShop.

Product Description:
A serum containing young Green Tea extracts offer moisture refreshingly. 

After using toner, dispense adequate amount and apply on skin. Tap lightly for absorption.

Net. vol.: 60ml


Like other items from the same line, as you can see from the first photo above, they all come in that almost transparent green bottle with olive cap. 

If you haven't read my post on the toner, so let me tell that this whole line is for those with normal-oily (combination) skin like me. 

The young Green Tea leaves are claimed sourced from organic farming. Cool, right?

On the side of the bottle there's the product details that you can get more info on the product. There's also the ingredient list. 

This product is to be used within 12 months after opened.

Though the bottle is relatively small compared to the toner and emulsion, this serum comes with a pump which I love. Got no problem at all pumping out the product. 

Do note that there's the manufacturing date printed at the bottom of the bottle so do check before purchasing!


The serum is watery, slightly runny and smells like green tea of course! After applied on skin, it absorbs into skin within few seconds and leave no sticky feeling at all. 

The product is a 5-Free system product (no artificial colouring, benzophenone, minerals, animal derived materials and alcohol), which is awesome but it also contains parabens.

I used this serum samples for about a week before purchasing the full-sized product so yes, it's really nice and worth the money.

I think I mentioned in this before, this too is a very nice product for basic moisturizing care. 

Final verdict: 4/5. I bet you can guess, the only minus point is because of parabens. Other than that, it's great. 

This product is retailed at RM65.90 in local TheFaceShop store here in Malaysia (I bet there's gonna be sale soon with upcoming holidays) and around USD10 online. 

So that's it! I hope you find this post helpful if you're in the middle of making purchases. 

Do tell what you think, and I'll see you guys next post! Annyeong!
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