Review | Sakura Kokoro Halal Japanese Skincare

Sunday 29 January 2017

The only time I had the chance trying out Japanese skincare was when I was so curious about why Jun Ji Hyun replaced Park Han Byul as the ambassador of Hado Labo skincare and I ended up buying trial kit for its most known moisturising line. Today, I have the opportunity to share with you guys about this line of skincare which is also from Japan, Sakura Kokoro Halal Skincare by H&N Cosmetics, carried by

About Sakura Kokoro:
H&N Cosmetic's halal skincare products are easy to use and gentle on the skin, aiming not only for Muslim women, but also for local Japanese and for those who have sensitive skin. Its packaging is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go.

Sakura Kokoro skincare contains natural ingredients including Yoshino cherry tree leaf extract, lactic acid bacilli and fermented soy milk, grape vine extract, and damask rose flower extract, with ability to lighten the skin and improve skin appearance to promote beautiful skin.

There are 4 products comprising this skincare line and I'm going to share with you guys 3 of them which includes the facial cleanser, moisturiser, and BB Cream. I've been on easy 3-step skincare in the morning for the past few months so getting into this line of skincare is truly easy.

Review | Melati Halal Japanese Skincare

Friday 27 January 2017
Makeup removers are among those products that ran like water. Well, at least to me, it kinda is as I can somewhat stretch my facial cleansers as I use different products according to my mood and I have separate cleansers for morning and evening but during weekdays where I usually wear wakeup to work, I tend to use one makeup remover throughout the month. 

I recently got this makeup remover from to try so I'll be sharing with you guys my thoughts on this very product. 

First, let me talk a little bit about this Melati Halal Japanese skincare line. Melati is a skincare line that is specialising in makeup removal, moisturising and sun protection products. The brand combines high quality Japanese cosmetic products with Islamic principles. 

Product Description:

This gel contains extract from coix lacryma-jobi ma-yuen seed (Adlay Coix seed) and Prunus lannesiana (a kind of cherry blossom), which has been well-known and loved since ancient times, for its effect to smooth, refine, and tone skin, prevent dark spots resulted from sun exposure, and moisturise skin. Continuous use of Melati skin care products to maintain natural, healthy, glowing skin.

Blogger Mail | Melati and Sakura Kokoro | HALAL Japanese Skincare

Wednesday 25 January 2017
Previously, I talked about an online shopping site that is based in Tokyo, Japan that not only offering variable products ranging from Japanese food, fashion and of course, Japanese beauty products but also simple ordering process and effortless shipping all the way from Japan. No worry on authenticities of the products as are monitoring their merchants closely and providing direct customer services. 

Around last month, I received a package from them which contains Japanese skincare and makeup items so today I'm going to share with you guys these items as shown below so without further adieu, let's get right into it!

First thing first, let's talk about the shipping process. I received the package in exactly 9 days including weekends after I was notified about the shipment. 9 days is quite fast considering they're merely using Japan Post Express Mail Service. As of right now, they don't give their customer to select their choice of delivery and it's quite understandable as if you've been to the site, different products have different allocated time for shipping and some of them even comes with Free Shipping. 

The items came in that sturdy regular box and each item was bubble-wrapped separately and there are layers of bubble wrapper that line the inner of the box for more protection.

Now, let's go to good stuffs the store sent me. 

Online Shopping |

Monday 23 January 2017
If you have been following my blog for about some time then you would notice that this blog is mostly about Korean beauty products so one of the few new things I did throughout 2016 was discovering Japanese skincare and makeup. I discovered Kate Tokyo and Bifesta in our local drugstore and I went to Kose beauty counter and Shu Uemura boutique  to find out more on products and brand concepts originated from the Land of the Rising Sun.

But of course, there are not many brands readily available here in this East side of Malaysia (gosh, I miss hanging out with my bestie at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL!) so I'm more than elated when I discovered is a cross-border online shopping platform based in Tokyo, Japan and to date, their merchants are shipping products to 16 countries including Malaysia. Navigating myself around the website is so easy and it feels like as if I'm shopping on a Malaysia online shopping site as you can change the language (English, Chinese even Japanese!), the currency are already in MYR and payments are made via VISA, Master Card, PayPal or AliPay. More about

The products offered on the store are ranging from food (talk about Halal ramen, snacks and green tea), cosmetics, fashion, electronic appliances, even baby stuffs! Brands like Kanebo, Shiseido, and Kose are currently topping the best-selling rank in Beauty section.

Beauty Haul | Althea Korea & The Body Shop Malaysia

Wednesday 4 January 2017
It's definitely sale season and I'm trying my best from spending too much so for this month's haul, I just got myself some stuffs that have spent the longest time in my shopping cart i.e. the ones on Althea Korea and The Body Shop Malaysia. 

First, let's go to Althea!

I gotta admit that I've been obsessing with trying different cleansing waters and I've been wanting to get this Pure Natural Cleansing Water from I Am Sorry Just Cleansing line by the brand B-Lab for so long as this and its sister products have been recommended by the Althea Mermaid (beauty editors behind the store, I guess??) as I'm truly impressed with the product's concept and provided infographic. But of course, I wonder why these people have to name their products this way. It's so long! 

Next is the Oil Blossom Lip Mask from Petitfee. I've been hearing great things about this lip mask and how it's comparable to the much more expensive product from Laneige that I've been using for the past few months. I'm excited to see their differences. 

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