Review | Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder

Thursday 19 May 2016

I've been obsessing with pore or sebum-focusing makeup items for the past few months and this product from Etude House is just one of many that I now have in my makeup collection.

I've done a review on its sister product, Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel so do check it out! It's basically a simple gel-based primer that you apply at the first step of base makeup and it does help with controlling the shine from beaming through my foundation. 

However, for today's review I'm going to just apply the powder with just my sunscreen on so you can see how fine and transparent it is but first let's talk about the basic things about it. 

Beauty Talk | Cleaning My Brushes

Tuesday 17 May 2016

If there's one thing I could not give up when it comes to makeup that will be not washing my makeup brushes. I usually wash these babies like once a month as I have multiple brushes for similar function for example I can use one powder brush per week and use another in the next one. But washing all of them together is quite a task these days I rather wash one set of brush every week so it'll take like at least 15 minutes to go through all of them. 

Review | TheFaceShop Nourishing MasCream Sheet

Sunday 15 May 2016
If you're a sheet mask junkie like me so you probably know that there are many kinds of sheet masks available in the market and they're usually being categorized into different type according to their respective formulations responding to different skin issues and what set one category to another is whether it approaches one issue at a time or multiple issues at one go.

During the first 2 years I'm into Korean beauty products, I was (maybe still am?) into buying lots of KRW1000 sheet masks from Etude House, TheFaceShop and Skinfood. The prices in Malaysia ranging between RM5 to RM7 and I grabbed a lot of them especially during sale. I use one sheet every 2 to 3 days after toning and lotion i.e. at serum or essence step and proceed with the rest of the routine.

I think it was around this time of last year that I got hooked into buying much more expensive sheet masks and I use one sheet per week usually after doing scrub and I do think the experience is much better. I first tried this MasCream Sheet in Nourishing from TheFaceShop last year and I couldn't not return back to the store and grab some more.

Skincare Diary | Lazy Nights

Friday 13 May 2016

I'm pretty sure that lazy can never be put together with the word beauty hence I'm gonna say this first. 

This is not a routine that I do every night.

Review | Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

Thursday 5 May 2016
If there's one thing that you'll find in any Korean beauty enthusiast's bag, it's definitely a facial mist. As I'm definitely into anything towards that healthy looking skin that Korean women are known for, adapting this habit is a huge welcome. 

If you didn't know (I rather doubt it), a facial mist is a water-based product that usually infused with beneficial ingredients or based on formulation targeting skin issues like lack of moisture. Having this kind of product on hand means you can instantly regain moisture for your skin anytime, anywhere. 

I got into buying facial mists when I travelled a lot last year as the air within flights can be drying and having to put on sheet mask while aboard wasn't an option for me. As I was looking for a solution while I was in Innisfree store, I saw these babies and it's really great as the product comes in 2 sizes - a full-sized and a mini sized. As I know I can't ask a friend of mine to buy this and have it shipped via local postage, I grabbed 4 cans at one go. 

Drugstore Haul | Kate Tokyo

Tuesday 3 May 2016

As I've always been a big fan of Korean skincare and makeup, there are times when I wanted to try Japanese brands available in the drugstore i.e. Watsons or Guardians. 

There of course many brands available and Kate Tokyo is the first brand I want to get into because I've always loved the brand ambassador, Meisa Kuroki ever since I saw her in a Japanese movie Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru starring Tamaki Hiroshi and Aoi Miyazaki back in 2006. It has become one of my favourite Japanese movie of all time. 

Review | Etude House Milky You Cleansing Foam

Sunday 1 May 2016

I think it's in the nature of a beauty blogger that we tend to try lots of products for review purposes but for me, if we're talking about cleanser, I tend to use different cleansers for my morning and evening routine (I even have a separate mild cleanser if I need to remove my makeup mid-day) and that is something I do even before I started blogging. 

I've been using this cleanser from Etude House for about 4 months now especially in the morning when I usually use a gentle cleanser. 

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