Beauty Empties | Sheet Masks 4.0

Friday 29 June 2018

You guys probably see this post coming after I've started posting about the sheet masks that I've used every 3 months which is the same period as my Beauty Empties post yesterday and you might wonder why I don't do them in a single post so let me tell you it's because I'm not fond of doing long post unless it's for product review. So, here we are with another Empties post for sheet masks that I've used throughout the past quarter of 2018 and I'm so excited to tell you guys that I've used a total  81 sheet masks!!! Yay! 


The above are the sheet masks that I've used for the month of April! 12 of them are for #NYNSChallenge, another 12 are for #SpringSkinChallenge (did you notice those pink sheet masks?) with 5 sheet masks from Polatam sent by that I needed to finish as they were about to expire and I've done reviews for each and every of them (except for the 2 lower right as I haven't find their English product description yet) so you guys can check all of them out via my hashtag on Instagram #myrasheetmaskdiary. Total for April is 30 sheet masks!


For the month of May, I've started to focus on my 2018-expiring sheet masks so as you can see there are lots of daily sheet masks. 90% of these masks were used in my morning skincare routine as extra hydration boost for the day. 

10 of It's Real Squeeze masks and 1 of Skin Clinic Mask from Innisfree. These are still my favourite simple daily sheet masks and I do like the Skin Clinic Series for a little bit intense result. With these, I'm finally done with the 2014 formulation and I'm going to start using the new 2017 formulations.

5 of Ade masks from Mediheal. I have to admit that I really do like the silk sheet masks and the hydrating essences were great too but these are already being discontinued, so. 

8 of Real Nature masks from THE FACE SHOP which are already discontinued this year. I do appreciate these ones in grey packaging compared to the other in coloured packaging but still, as they're already repackaged this year and I've noticed they're in different consistencies; water-type, essence type, etc. so I do expect a lot in the new formulations.

3 some random sheet masks that were gifted to me. Prior these, I have never tried any of their sister masks from the same line so they being the first ones that I've tried, I can't really put down my thoughts on them but still, these are nice and hydrating my skin well.

I was relying on the 3-step skincare from Althea but honestly they're definitely not enough for my 30-year old skin and I actually did reviews for some of the above sheet masks which you can find on my Instagram feed. Total for May is 27 sheet masks!


For this month of June, I've participated in two 7-Day sheet mask challenges; I know it's real simple with merely 7 sheet masks per session but seriously, I do find 30-Day sheet mask challenges are too intense for my skin so I decided not to fully participate and extend to at least 45 days to complete the challenge. I'd be disqualified for sure but I was just joining in for the fun of it especially when I got to meet other sheet mask addicts. :D

First challenge, #SokoMaskChallenge where I've used the above sheet masks in blue packaging that mostly are focusing on hydration and moisturisation. There are also different type of sheets that I get to try for the first time; Lyocell sheet from RUE Wave mask. It's thin like regular Taiwanese sheet mask but adheres like a cupra sheet! 

The above 2 are brightening sheet masks that I've also tried as part of the challenge. It goes without saying that L'Herboflore sheet mask is real nice and I gotta say that I'm in love with Goodal sheet masks.

I had episodes of allergic reactions during early June so I have used both of the above sheet masks sent to me by Real Barriers Malaysia as my skin was super dry and sensitive; broken moisture barrier. I'm thankful that these sheet masks along with its skincare sisters helped a lot in recovering my skin so I'd be sure to get more of these later.

To continue with recovering my skin from the allergic reactions, I've also used up my whole stash of these LANEIGE Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Masks and I've got no regret! These soothed my inflamed skin and smoothed out the rough and flaky area. I've used them every other day for 8 days and my skin can't thank these enough! I've already repurchased another box and crowned this with HG hydrogel mask.

Another challenge would be #SnugglesandSnailsFairyTaleMaskChallenge (my God! It's mouthful, I know!) where I've used 5 sheet masks in red packaging and 2 sheet masks in golden packaging that seem to focus a lot on intense moisturisation and anti-aging.

As I'm sort of enchanted by Park Seojoon these days, I went to get some The Oozoo sheet masks hence that gold foil mask and another Oppa who has driven me to get more sheet masks would be Song Joongki so I've gotten FORENCOS 7 Days Mask; I got Friday to go along with gold theme. There are also some hydrating sheet masks like those from Blumei, A'PIEU, Naruko and My Beauty Diary. Total for June is 24 sheet masks!

So those are all the 81 sheet masks that I've used for the past 3 months! As I've been doing sheet mask reviews by micro-blogging on my Instagram for a year now, I'm not sure if you guys would prefer to read in-depth reviews here in this blog but I do find the Instagram caption rather limited so I've also been thinking whether to change the mini review template. Should I go back to posting about sheet masks here? Let me know by leaving comments down below.

I guess that's all of it! I'll see you guys on my next post. Annyeong~

Beauty Empties 17.0 | June

Thursday 28 June 2018

Here's another Empties post! Yay! It's such a relief  every time I've emptied my Empty bins as I go through each and every product that I've finished so I can put my final thoughts and decide whether to repurchase or not. I have huge amount of stash for my products and I'll be posting more on them soon as I've previously done under Skincare Routine, Makeup Stash and Body Care Routines. But for now, let's get into this!

This time around, I've finished 3 bottles of first treatment products and the first one would be Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. It's a great hydrating serum that I usually applied on my morning skincare routine as it's light yet ample for my skin. the second one that ran out was that THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum although in its original packaging but I've decided to refill it instead with the Limited Edition release in conjunction with last Holiday i.e. Christmas early this year that comes in 200ml size and as for the balance, I've transferred it into my mum's bottle. The reason would be because I'm not fond with that plastic packaging at all.

I've also finished another bottle of LANEIGE Clear C Advanced Effector and I can't deny the fact that I'm still loving the product hence I've already repurchased the third upgraded version. I also had finished another bottle of Son&Park Beauty Water; a great exfoliating toner that deserve to be repurchased. I've gotten this along with its Beauty Gel sister from Althea last year and I've gotten another bottle from Sasa in a box set recently.

I'm happy to finish yet another tub of LANEIGE Water Sleep Mask that I love and of course I just had to repurchase it! I've got the deluxe sample for the Lavender version so I'm excited to try it! As for that facial mist from Innisfree; Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist, I do have 2 more backups of it so I won't be repurchasing anytime soon.

I'll be honest as when it comes to these Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil and Foam, I didn't actually used them a lot on my face as I rather used them to wash my cushion foundation air puffs (double cleanses as well!) as these two broke me out previously. Nope, I'm sticking to other Innisfree cleansers and won't be repurchasing these again.

I've also finished these two sunscreens Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream in Mild and No Sebum around the same time and as I've already purchased the new hydrating and anti-pollution sunscreens also from the brand, I won't be repurchasing these anytime soon. But these are actually great if you're looking for simple sunscreens, I'd definitely recommend them.

Lastly, some body care products. I've finished my first tube of  that EUBOS Sensitive Hand Repair and Care and I've already repurchased another tube for it. It's making my dry hands feeling nice and velvety so yes, that deserves another round. I've also finished another bottle of that THE FACE SHOP Soul Secret Blossom Perfume in that Limited Edition Kakao Friends packaging along with its sister Kakao Friends Hand Cream Neo in Berry. I already repurchased the perfume in Holiday packaging early this year as it's a nice scent for everyday wear in the office.

I guess that's all from me! I hope you enjoy reading this post. Do let me know your thoughts on any of these and I'll see you guys on a next one. Annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Sunblocks!

Wednesday 20 June 2018

I know I'm a little bit biased towards THE FACE SHOP but what can I say. Even before they decided to sponsor several products for review purposes, I already am a big fan of the brand and for sun protection, I've repurchased that Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream SPF40 PA+++ like 3 times all in different packaging and the above is indeed the third version that I've seen since 2013. 

I've pretty much did a summary of the above sunscreen products in my previous post here but there are some of these I'm planning to do in-depth reviews for; Natural Sun Eco Light Fluid Sunscreen and Natural Sun Eco Ice Air Puff Sun (2018) so do stay tuned for these two.

I've gotten that Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ around early last year. I'm not really a fan of the white cast it gives although it's light and goes on my skin nicely but even when I apply merely small amount of it, the white cast just don't appear well on my medium skin. This is one of the reason why I can't get over chemical sunscreen. 

I guess that's all from me! Please let me know if you need me to do review on any of the product above (or you can just go here to see the sunscreens that I've already reviewed) by leaving comments down below. 

Until next time, annyeong~ 

Skincare Routine | Tone-Up Moisturisers

Sunday 17 June 2018

I've started to be into these tone-up moisturisers or tone-up creams especially after I've received two products for review purposes but I didn't stop there as I kept on searching for more to try and I was really lucky to receive some samples from my friends in the #MYABCommunity.

If you're not familiar with this so-called tone-up creams, basically they're moisturisers that contain sunscreen-like ingredients hence the white cast but do not necessarily have SPF in it so you're still going to need to apply SPF on top of them for sun protection. The thing with early development of tone-up cream that has made me avoid them at all cost back in the day is because they made me look like a white ghost and also they tend to dry out my skin and causes breakouts. Huge no-no!

Therefore I have built up the ideal tone-up cream in my head and begun my search to find the one product that meet every requirement I need; it has to be hydrating enough, it won't dry out my skin, it doesn't cling on my dry patches and most importantly, the tone-up effect must be nice, natural-looking enough for me to merely apply colourless chemical sunscreen on top for no-makeup makeup days. 


I definitely am in love with THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Toning Moisture Blending Formula Cream as it hydrates so well (The Therapy, guys! You gotta love the whole hydrating line!) and giving me a natural toned up look throughout the day. Looking at that small amount left in the tub surely tells how much I've been using it as my second last step for morning routine.

As the whole White Seed line is primarily targeting those in 20s, I have to add extra moisture for the THE FACE SHOP White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream to blend nicely on my skin. Although, I gotta say that it does help when I had moisture imbalance during my post-allergic reactions days as it sort of reduced the redness along my jawline and neck area at the same time gives slight oil-control on my T-zone but of course, when my skin goes back to normal, this does making me feeling dry slightly so I'd be applying gel moisturiser or its lotion sister prior this tone-up cream application. 

The newest addition to my stash would be the above FORENCOS Wonderwerk Marula Tone Up Cream. It's definitely much creamier than the THE FACE SHOP The Therapy tone-up cream and can give off really white cast all over my face even if I were to apply a little bit extra. As it's formulated with marula oil, of course it's much more moisturising however this can make my T-zone looks shiny midday so I'd be just dusting the area off with translucent powder and I'm all good! I don't need to apply extra layer of moisturiser underneath and I only need a little at a time so I do like this the most out of the three that I have right now but I guess it's still too early for me to say as i only have been using it several times.

I guess that's all from me. Do let me know if you're using any tone-up cream in your routine and what other products are worth trying by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Moisturisers

Wednesday 13 June 2018

When it comes to moisturisers, I gotta admit that I haven't been using them regularly as I've only been focusing on light moisturisers like emulsion and lotions for both my morning and evening skincare routines but of course I cannot prolong that habit anymore as my skin been feeling so dehydrated even adding sleeping masks won't do. 

I doubt that you're not familiar with moisturisers but I'm still gonna drop some info to refresh (if I may) both our memories on this supposedly last skincare product that we use to seal or lock in everything that we have applied from toner to the heaviest serum or ampoules.

Basically there are 3 things you need to know about ingredients in common moisturisers: 
  • Emollients prevent water loss without adding moisture to skin and has a softening effect on skin. Example: mineral oil, shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter, fatty acids (animal oils), triglycerides, palmitates, stearates, etc. 
  • Occlusives focus more on preventing the moisture loss  or drained by external stressors by forming a protective film over the skin. They're usually oil-based that give off slightly greasy finish that possibly clog your pores especially for oily and acne-prone skin. Example: jojoba oil and lanolin.
  • Humectants add moisture by drawing water molecules from the environment towards the epidermis in order to help rehydrate the skin’s surface. They help to increase the amount of water within the skin and store it away until it is needed, making humectants a great moisturiser for the majority of skin types. It is capable to holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water! Example: Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and certain AHAs like Lactic Acid. Source

If those three are driving you confuse then not to worry as there are few things in general you and I both need to know when it comes to moisturisers; how well it goes on our skin, whether it it is absorbed well into layers of our skin, whether it irritates or soothing; things you can see and feel but unfortunately, if you're not familiar with ingredients that might react badly to your skin then there's no other way other than trying the products and find out. That's why you're here! To find out about how these products work in general.

For my previous Round 11.0 skincare, I managed to finish one of the moisturisers around March so I went on and opened one to replace it but I've received several products to review and soon-to-be-expired freebies for the past couple of months hence there are five opened moisturisers in my stash!

Let's go into each and every of it!

First, the SKIN&LAB Dr. Colour Effect Red Cream. I've got this as a freebie along with a purchase from Althea and I remember while I was unboxing, I was so surprised to see that the full-sized product contained merely half of the tub! I've only used this like twice as the last step in my evening routine as it's so heavy and takes a while before absorbed all in however my skin was feeling really nice and smooth in the morning so I guess it's worth the effort to apply this. Be warned though; the scent is kind of strong and overwhelming for some.

As for the above Brillar Camu Camu Moisture Cream, I've been loving this since the first time I've tried this moisture cream as even though it goes on kind of thick on the surface, it dries down to almost matte finish as I massage my facial area upwards and this too gives off a very nice, smooth skin in the morning. Although I have to admit that this doesn't give much moisture I need during my dry and flaky skin days but still, I'm reaching for this the most in my PM routine.

This MIZON Vita Lemon Calming Cream is a recently opened product to replace the finished brightening moisturiser from my previous round of skincare but this also has soothing and calming properties so it's a 2 in 1 moisturiser that I've been enjoying in my morning routine. The texture is gel-like and absorbed into skin rather quickly and it does soothes my irritated skin and calms down my redness a little bit (although I don't have much to begin with) around my jawline and neck area.

Even before receiving Althea Korea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream for review, I already bought the trio literally on the the day it was launched on their site. I do like this for my morning routine as it does help with my normal to oily skin in terms of supplying ample of moisture but at the same time this just makes my skin is looking smooth with a little bit of brightening effect. As you've noticed from the above photo, I really am enjoying using this moisturiser to the point that I've used up more than half within 2 months.

I've received this Primary Raw Soy Milk Cream from as a gift with purchase (I've got some sheet masks and an essence-toner from the same brand) around March if I'm not mistaken and this is pretty much the same as the moisture cream I've shown you above. They also work similarly in terms of how they keep my skin moisturised but I do like this one's scent better as it's milder and doesn't linger.

So I guess that's all of it! I hope you find this post helpful and if you need me to further explain any of the above moisturisers, do let me know by leaving comments down below.

Until next post! Annyeong~

Review | Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream Mild SPF35 PA++

Tuesday 12 June 2018

I have to admit that at this point in my blog, I've done reviews on sunscreen products more than I'm probably expected to but it's just that I'm almost finished with this sunscreen so I've figured it's better late than never to publish this post. I've purchased this product from local Innisfree store in KL last year and I've been using it a lot for reapplication while I'm in the office for the past few months but my mum decided to to bring it while she's working on project sites which has made the tube so dirty I had to scrub it off with detergent before taking its photo for this quarter's Empties post. As for the photos that you're seeing here? I took them last year around the time I've got them; hoarder's  blogger's habit die hard. >.<

First, let's go with the basic information of this product.

Product Description:

A refreshing and moisturizing water-based UV protection cream with a special sunflower formulation.

5-Free system: animal ingredients, mineral oil, perfume, tar color and talc

How to use: At the last step of your skincare routine, evenly apply onto easily exposed areas of face.

Capacity: 50ml

Ingredients Highlight:

  • Contains sunflower oil and green tea extract Sunflower oil and Jeju green tea extract keep the skin healthy and protect it against UV rays
  • Contains common purslane and Asiatic pennywort extract  


The product itself came in that opaque white tube housed within the box with similar illustration as the tube. It's minimal and I love it. 


At the smaller side of the box there's the English product description along with the full ingredients list while at the back of the box there's Korean product description and you would've noticed the brown sticker indicating the product is distributed by Innisfree Malaysia. 

As with other products, this sunscreen is to be used within 12 months after opening although I did stretched this one a little bit longer than I should. There's no change in its colour or scent so I guess it should be okay although I will recommend for you guys to proceed cautiously. 

At the back of the tube there's the simplified product description in Korean with the expiry date embossed at the top of the tube. I don't know if you guys can see that but it's until 2019.05.22 (22 May 2019). 

I like how small the opening of the tube as it's easy to control the amount of product being squeezed out of it. The screw cap is nice but you have to be careful with this kind of cap as you might want to avoid the tube being squeezed too hard with the cap on as the sunscreen will still going to come out.


I usually apply high SPF sunscreen for outdoor activities and as this sunscreen comes with low SPF35 (although the difference isn't actually that big) I only have been using it if I'm gonna spend the day indoor. 

As you can see below, the sunscreen is white, almost opaque and slightly creamy consistency however once the cream spread out evenly on skin, there's only minimal white cast can be seen and the finishing is semi-matte which is suitable for under makeup like foundation or just translucent powder on days I'm not wearing cushion foundation.


As this sunscreen is water-based formula, it's quickly absorbed into the skin leaving nicely moisturized and refreshed feeling to it which is something that I really like when it comes to sunscreen. I remember when I had allergic reactions, I used this sunscreen and I do like how it soothes the skin instead of irritating it even more as I do find some sunscreens that are currently opened in my stash do that which is kind of surprising to me having been using them for awhile before.

Overall, I give this 4/5. It’s a nice chemical sunscreen but I’ve found a mineral sunscreen that I won’t be needing to have waiting time before going out of the house although with similar finish but higher SPF and broader spectrum. This sunscreen is still available in Innisfree Malaysia for RM35; kind of affordable compared to its sisters but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this as I still have other sunscreen to be used up.

I guess that’s all of it! I hope this simple review helps and I’ll be seeing you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Eye Care

Sunday 10 June 2018

Both the above full-sized products are from my Round 11.0 of skincare and for the past few weeks, I've been applying my eye cream and eye serum regularly and I am glad to see the result it brings. It's still a long way for major improvement but I hope I can work through to see the bottom of the jar and bottle. But I’m still not getting used to the eye serum texture and still adjusting the amount and whenever I have excess I’ll just apply on my smile lines.

I've got the deluxe sample of this sleeping mask specifically for eye area; LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask as GWP few months ago and brought this to my weekend getaway last week. I do love how it soothes my eye area and am considering to get the full size very soon.

I guess that's all for now and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post. Anneyeong~

Skincare Routine | Emulsions and Lotions

Wednesday 6 June 2018

As I've mentioned many times before, I have always prefer light moisturisers such as emulsions during the day while slightly heavy lotions for my night routine however I'm going to admit that I've been loving moisture creams these days and sometimes I even using them both for my day and night routines especially on super sensitive skin days. I tell you, my skin barrier is a little bit crazy for the past month due to allergic reaction caused by food poisoning. Still, let's talk about current opened emulsions and lotions in my stash.

I've already talked about THE FACE SHOP White Seed Brightening Lotion and Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion in the last Round 11.0 of my skincare and the same goes to that THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Hydrating Formula Emulsion but I just want to say that I'm so happy to finally got the full-sized version as I'm out of my deluxe samples months ago. I love using it for my anti-ageing-themed night routine and sometimes it serves as a sealant to everything I've applied prior to it.

As for that COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion, it's actually a lightweight hydrating emulsion suits for day routine and it contains BHA that helps with refining skin texture. i do find this is actually quite nice and soothing but not for these times when my skin is sensitive. I will get back to this once my skin condition return to its original state; better, healthier skin barrier.

So that's all for now! I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

Skincare Routine | Sheet Masks

Sunday 3 June 2018

On the previous Round 11.0 of my skincare products, I've recorded I have about 600 sheet masks in my beauty stash and I wasn't that surprised to see the numbers went up again to almost 800 at this point of time as I've been buying a lot more especially after one of my favourite Taiwanese brand; b.liv, renewed their line of sheet masks. But I'm not gonna lie as i'm actually quite relieved when a friend of mine; another beauty enthusiast I came to know on #myabcommunity decided to go halfsies on several boxes of 10 of these sheet masks. Oh, as for these bunch of sheet masks? They're 2018-expiring sheet masks and less than 100 for me to finish within the 6 months ahead of me. Easy? I'd sure hope so!

The last time I'd round up these babies, they've taken up a quarter of my room's floor area and now, they're well organised in these stacked 3-tier pink shelves that I've gotten at local furniture store and I'm arranging them based on either brands or functions in 14 pink Daiso containers for easy access but of course I've already got everything recorded on my list of sheet masks in my stash so none of them gone expired like last year. Sigh.


As I've already explained my selections on sheet masks that comprising my whole stash in the above photo as the only change here is their numbers which has increased, I'll be seeing you guys on the next post but in the mean time, do let me know your favourite kind of sheet masks by leaving comments down below. Annyeong~

Blogger Mail | The Hiro House Matcha Face Mask

Saturday 2 June 2018

Around early last month, I’ve started looking for some locally produced face masks and I’ve encountered @thehirohouse (such a coincidence that we have major love for concrete deco pieces!) and after exchanging DMs via Instagram, they sent me this mask just to try and although they didn't request me to review the product, I've decided to do it anyway so let's get into this! 


The key ingredients:

  • French Green Clay: has the ability to absorb oil and bacteria from your skin and pores. It’s beneficial in removing impurities and tightening the pores, toning the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing inflammation in acne. 
  • Green Tea: Powerful antioxidants provide powerful skin detox, stimulates and rejuvenates skin cells. 
  • Aloe Vera powder: Ability to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin tissue.


The face mask comes in a simple glass jar with a white lid and packaged within a brown box with product label on it.  I actually kind of digging this kind of minimalist style although I do wish that the box is sturdier however they shipped the product with layers of bubble wraps so I was relieved that it actually survived 1000 miles trip from one end of Malaysia to my place.

There's a full English product description at one side of the box; explaining the product star ingredients and their suggestions of product usage. Although the mask comes in powdered form, it's still to be used up within 12 months as indicated on the box.


I honestly don’t think I ever tried a powdered mask up to this mask so it is indeed a first for me. I gotta say that the first few times were a struggle to get the right amount of powder and water ; it can me too thick I felt like I wasting product or too thin as the mask kept on running down on my face to my shirt but after I’ve gotten that measuring spoons from Daiso, I’m good. The ratio for me is 1 (spoonful of product) : 1 (spoonful of water)  which is just perfect.

I was mixing this in a small bowl on the kitchen counter when mum walked in.

Mom: Is that drinkable? I think I've seen those matcha powder in Starbucks before.
Me: Sure, mom. 

Mum wanted to take some into a cup and then I freaked out as she didn't get my sarcasm. So, yes. Please don't leave this around unattended. :D Now, let's get to the next part of this review!


I applied the mask using facial brush (not in picture) on my whole facial area (avoiding eye area) and slightly on the neck area. There’s a faint scent of green tea which is fine and I do feel the tightening sensation when the mask started to dry out and then I'll rinse it off after 20 to 30 minutes; depending on how early I got in the morning.

I just love how smooth and soft my skin becomes after every usage, I don’t feel this drying out at all but of course, I’d be misting my whole face with facial mist that I have in my bathroom to prevent that as I'm not taking any chance! I’ve noticed that whenever I use this mask in the morning, my T-zone area becomes non-oily and I didn't have to reapply finishing powder or to blot even if I were to merely use tone-up sunscreen for the day.

Final verdict:

I haven’t been into wash-off masks for so long (other than my Skinfood wash-off masks which are staple) but after seeing @lezelasrie doing wash-off masks so religiously (thanks, babe! for all the awesome tips!!) almost everyday makes me want to get some for myself.

Overall, 5/5. To my fellow Malaysian beauty enthusiasts, this mask is simple and great so do check them out! I’m not gonna stress on the less fancy packaging that some of you might not be fan of as I no longer a sucker for packaging for the past year or so. I've also been clearing out lots of boxes and packaging of products that I've kept for so-called aesthetics then I've realised they're all trash that I need to get rid of.

I’ve actually liked this face mask so much on the first try enough for me to get the rest of its sisters from the very next day plus I think they were having promotions on these so I guessed, why not?

I’m loving the part when I get to use different mask at different facial area with different concern; my fave combination so far is Matcha and Calm so do let me know if you want me to show you guys on Instagram Stories.

I guess that's all from me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please let me know your thoughts by leaving comments down below. Until next post!

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The product was provided to me by @thehirohouse and my thoughts here are based on personal use of the product. Do contact them via the Instagram for further information.

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