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Thursday 7 August 2014
Hello, people! How's your day been? It's been really hot these days.. ah~ even a Malaysian like me who actually used to this hotness all year around complains so I can't really imagine for those of you in multi-season countries who're experiencing this for about few months in a year. 

Anyway, there's a request for me to review this product that I've been using for awhile. Some of you may use or heard about this product before, it's this Dear Girls Oil Control Pact from none other than Etude House. 

Wah~ I honestly think that this the cutest powder pact I ever seen in my life! :D

First thing first, Product Description:

Control sebum and oil for long lasting softness.
Handy size.
This is an oil control pact that blots oil and keeps skin shine-free, providing clear, bright and smooth skin with just one touch

Pick up a certain amount onto puff and gently pat onto whole face, pressing delicately onto curved areas. Apply frequently to add brightness. 



The powder pact comes in this pretty small box that just screams cuteness and girly! Indeed, like my mum said when we were at the store picking this up last time, "This is for GIRLS!!!!" hehehe

At the back of the box there's the product description in Korean. There's a part of it says,

"5 Vitamins extracts: sea buckthorn, fig, pomegranate, grapefruit, and lemon"

7 organic extracts: Brazil nut oil, evening primrose, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil (1000mg)"

"4-free system: Paraben, benzophenon, triethanolamine, artifical colouring"


On the small side of the box there's a quick info on the product in English. :) There's that long list of the ingredients as well. Good thing is, as I don't use this product for my whole face, and use a little at one time, this powder pact lasts for 24 months after opened. :)


So that's the case of the product is housed in. It's in pale pink with the same pattern as the box on it. 
At the bottom of the case there's a small sticker on it with little description of the product in Korean and there's also product manufacturing date. Do check before buying! :)


Though it's a small powder pact, it still comes with a mirror! hehe unlike those mini refills~ hehe The powder puff is so nice as well. So soft to touch! The powder is embossed with the same pattern as the one on the case and for awhile there, I've been using it carefully not to wipe on the embossed part cause it's sooo pretty! LOL

Oh, if you noticed, there' a plastic separator placed between the puff and the powder pact. Good thing I guess, as I always prefer it that way. I really don't like it if the puff is placed on the powder all the time. 



Can you see the applied area on the right photo? As you can see, the texture of powder is fine and smooth all over. 

As it's an oil control pact, it doesn't has SPF so yeah, make sure to use sunscreen beforehand if you're using it on its own or like me, use it on top of a powder pact with shades and UV protection. 

Overall, I like this product very much! From the ingredients, to the fact its 4-Free system, and when I use this on top of my Maybelline White Superfresh powder pact for my T-zone area, both of them last longer on my skin.

Final verdict: 5/5. I love it! Definitely gonna repurchase in the future!

This product is retailed at RM45.90 and I think I got it during the March Grand Prix sale at marked down price of RM19.90. Oh, you can check out my March haul here. :)

I guess that's all for this review.Do tell what do you think of this product and share if you have similar product and if there's a product that use to help with pore and sebum control, do share as well! :D

Until next post, annyeong! :D

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