Review | My Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry

Thursday 25 August 2016

The rainy season has started and I'm more than elated as it's my favourite season. The coldness, the smell after the rain, fresh grass, drinking hot green tea while watching the rain hitting the window glass... why am I being so dramatic right now? So basically, this perfume has embodied everything I love about the season into one beautiful bottle. 

Beauty Essential | 9 to 5

Wednesday 17 August 2016
I've been working for more than 4 months now and I'm slowly getting myself into the whole routine from morning till late evening which is why it's imperative to have some essential items with me throughout the day.

Review | THE FACE SHOP Black Label Lipstick in No. 13

Saturday 13 August 2016
It's been raining for almost everyday for the past week~ I'm loving it! With hot green tea latte, on bed all day with just one good book, I'm all for it! of course, we all have to work despite it's raining cats and dogs out there. haha Anyway, finally~ I'm back with a review! It's been more that 6 months, I know! Caught up with zillion things ever since I started working and only the past few weeks I sought the strength to sort my vanity (truth be told, I'm not done yet!) and after literally hoarding containers from Daiso, I managed to sort 80% of my beauty stash. Phew! 

Anyway, I received this lipstick about a month ago and as I got some free time this morning,  I managed to take some photos though they're not well-lit as I only got sunshine for a good hour before it started to rain again. 

Review | Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Tuesday 9 August 2016
I honestly didn't know that there are many types of makeup powders not until 2 years ago when I started doing makeup by myself. I talked about the sebum controlling beauty items that I'm using currently in my previous post and I featured this No Sebum Mineral Powder from Innisfree as one of them. 

I'm pretty sure if you're an avid Korean makeup user, you definitely know about this sebum-controlling HD powder or if you prefer, translucent powder. 

Online Shopping | Q-Depot

Sunday 7 August 2016
As I've been busy with work as of late so I usually just obtain my beauty fixes from online. As you probably saw in my Instagram feed for the past few months. You didn't? Lucky me! haha shopaholic in the making over here. 

I guess it goes without saying that I love Korean beauty products. From the skincare products to makeup items, I've been using and loving them since late 2013. But now that I'm back in Sabah since last year, I find Korean beauty stores here are much lower in number compared to KL so I resorted to buying online instead. 

I have to admit that I rarely get Korean makeup items via online as I need to swatch on my skin to see if it the colour fits me or not, whether it suits my skin type or not.. and so many other reason a girl can give which proven by numerous Sephora visits! But that's not the case for Korean skincare products. It's much easier getting them online and have them delivered compare to going to shopping malls, dragging my feet with lots of stuffs (they're heavy by the way!).

I've discovered several number of online stores selling Korean cosmetics especially since last year and I have to say that each and every online store may have the same basic style or way of marketing their products, but some actually have unique identity to them. 

Review | Banila Co. Clean it Zero Sherbet Cleanser

Friday 5 August 2016
Last month, I got an opportunity to work with Althea to spread the news on their celebration of their first birthday and I got the chance to pick up several items from the store. Some products are my personal favourite (I honestly don't have much time to scroll through the products that they're offering so I just went those) but this is the one product I've been eyeing to get for so long but as Banila Co. isn't available locally so this is just perfect. 

Beauty Haul | THE FACE SHOP Malaysia

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Korean beauty companies collaborating with SNS companies or other brands with special characters like Disney, etc. has been a trend for the past few years so this year, one of my favourite K-beauty company, TheFaceShop has collaborated with Kakao Friends and Pixar's Monster, Inc. 

I went to a local TFS store recently and saw the collection is on 20% discount for all the items so I grabbed few items among other things as they're so cute!

Review | TheFaceShop Moisturizing MasCream Sheet

Monday 1 August 2016
As I've been so busy the past few weeks, I've been focusing merely on basic care that includes cleansing, toning and moisturising and for essence or serum step, I opted for sheet masks instead.  

For this MasCream sheet line, I've tried the Nourishing (my favourite so far), Brightening and Firming so this time I'll be reviewing the Moisture variant. 

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