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Friday 12 December 2014

This is gonna be a quick post as I saw this question, one of the few that my readers typed into Google and found my posts (I got this by checking under my Keywords tab in my Nuffnang account).

Q: How many times do I use mask sheets in a week?

My answer would be, it depends on the type of mask sheet that you prefer. I usually use the typical Korean mask sheets from Etude House, Nature Republic, and Skinfood like 2 to 3 times a week as I also love using wash-off masks aside from those. These mask sheets usually offering simple yet important treatments like brightening, moisturizing, purifying, anti-aging, nourishing, etc. 
Range of price is between RM5 to RM12.

But when it comes to more functional and concentrated mask sheets that usually more expensive than the ones above, I recommend to use these type of sheet masks like once a week or twice a month. Well, money can be an obvious factor there but actually, a more important reason would be these type of sheet masks can give a stronger effect and you need to be more cautious of your skin condition before and after using these masks. 

If you use them like your typical mask sheets, you might experience break outs or feels like the mask is burning your skin. Why? Some mask sheet, especially those for exfoliating purposes, like peeling products, you can't use them regularly as in 2 or more times a week or you'll suffer that burning sensation. 

This is obviously the result of over-exfoliating your skin. A big no-no!

So, to readers out there that found my blog by using the above keywords, I hope this can help you to decide which mask sheets you wanna get and I got several reviews on mask sheets I previously used before so just go to Review tab above and find which mask review you wanna read or just go to "Special Care: Mask Sheets" label.

Until next post, annyeong!
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