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Thursday 21 May 2020

Upon entering my 30s, I had to give away many of my skincare products especially those for sebum controlling as my skin had transitioned to a much drier side. While my skin feels normal on my best skin days, my T-zone is no longer feels oily. 

With the changes, the first type of product that I switch out with dry skin-compatible product is facial cleanser. While I can still use all of my first cleansers which are mostly oil-based cleansers, I can no longer use harsh, high pH water-based cleansers that contain alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate; at least not when these two drying ingredients are listed in the first half of the ingredients list. 

As I was searching for gentle cleansers I can use for my dry and sensitive skin days, I have discovered this South Korean brand, which is co-founded by one of the top Korean actress, Lee Young Ae who also a brand ambassador of one of the most prestigious Korean skincare brand, The History of Whoo. But above all that, the sole reason why I decided to invest a bit more in this brand is because the ingredients in their products are zero hazard level assessed by EWG. 

High points of this soap! There are 2 different ball cleansers to be used together for elastic and brightening effect. Basically, both cleansers have Camellia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, highly-enriched Red Ginseng extract with botanic neroli essential oil.
  • Oleic acid from Camellia Seed Oil for soft, elastic skin.
  • Olive Oil that is known for its moisturising properties and great for dry skin.
  • Saponin contains in Red Ginseng Extract helps enhance skin's elasticity and fortify the skin for healthy, glowing complexion.
While the Bright Tone cleanser contains Organic Raw Grains like whole wheat, rice and potato, the Elastic cleanser contains mung bean and black bean that are long-known to be good for anti-aging and radiance skin. Each cleanser comes in 50g (dry) or 55g (wet) size so I estimated that this actually lasts for about 4 months, used twice daily.

Ingredients list:

  • Fleur Ball Bright Tone Klenzer: Camellia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Raw Grains (whole wheat, rice, potato starch), Highly enriched Red Ginseng Extract, botanic essential oil (neroli).
  • Fleur Ball Elastic Klenzer: Camellia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Raw Grains (black bean, mung bean, potato starch), Highly enriched Red Ginseng Extract, botanic essential oil (neroli).



The facial cleanser comes in a box with Korean product description printed at the bottom of the box with the expiry date in YYYY.MM.DD (Year.Month.Day) format.

There's also a small leaflet with instruction on how to use although in Korean as well.


Originally, you can purchase the cleansers separately but this is more of a limited edition product where 2 ball cleansers come in an earthenware which can also be used in various ways as a decorative piece for the home interior as well. The brand was designed in collaboration with creative director, Bo Kyung Lee.


The ball cleansers came within a mesh bag with a thin grey ribbon to secure its opening by using the metal pin. I've noticed that the mesh bag has a double  lining which is to create plenty of soft foam.

As shown above, that's how the actual ball cleansers look like; the Bright Tone cleanser with visible organic grains in it while the plain-looking one being the Elastic cleanser that contains mung bean and black bean extracts for anti-aging benefits therefore using these together is to achieve  soft and smooth-looking skin while being nourished with phytonutrients from the plant extracts.



To use this, you can simply put the cleansers in the mesh bag and make plenty of foam by adding water to it. The foam feels soft and so fluffy on my skin! It is easy to rinse off in a sense that it is not too soapy so these cleansers take less time and water. It has a subtle neroli scent to it which has recently became one of my favourite scent therefore it doesn't bother me at all but you might want to consider if you are sensitive to essential oil.


When it comes to this type of cleanser, I would prefer to use it as my morning cleanser as my skin usually feels a bit drier in the morning; yes, I still can't give up sleeping in air-conditioned room.

After using these cleansers for over three months now, I find that not only they don't make my dehydrated skin even drier as there's that slightly oily film left on my skin but also they don't irritate my redness-prone area at all. I feel that my skin feeling so soft to touch after every single wash.

I'm still quite impressed with how minimal the ingredients list is and it was thanks to the brand's low temperature treatment that have made it possible to extract raw plant nutrients which also helps in preserving the nutrients better than the regular hydrothermal process.

While I do consider these cleansers as hydrating cleansers so I usually follow up with layers of soothing, hydrating or brightening toner then use a lightweight moisturiser as a sealant to my routine prior tone-up sunscreen or base makeup application.


How to store these cleansers is to just simply let them in the mesh bag after properly rinsing them off with lukewarm water and then hang them on the wall just like that but once they dried out, I'd keep them in the earthenware they came with to avoid water contamination in between uses as shown below.

Overall, I give these cleansers 5/5. They work very well especially during my sensitive skin days and while the products from this brand are more on the pricier side, I'd be investing more in them because of the sensorial experience I've been having while using the products. In addition, I personally find the design and concept of the whole brand is very much appealing which can be seen from its beautiful packaging to the minimal ingredients in their products.

I guess that's all from me and definitely let me know if you're using facial soaps by leaving comments down below so I guess  I'll be seeing you guys on my next post. Take care!

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