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Saturday 13 December 2014
Annyeong, lovely people!! How's your December so far? few more weeks before the year ends and I'm definitely feeling nervous with all the upcoming final exams and whatnot... 

Shout out to Laneige fans and users out there! Today, as part of running away from studying and doing revision, taking a break from all the craziness that's going on right now, I wanna share with you guys about one of Laneige Malaysia on-going Facebook Apps right now, which is the Fortnightly Thoughts Sharing app

This is the chance to let out all the happiness, satisfaction or frustrations and disappointments you ever experienced while using Laneige products as the brand needs your honest feedback! 
What's more? Stand a chance to be featured in the Sharing Corner as 2 winners will be chosen every 2 weeks!

The instructions are super easy!

If you're wondering of how it's going down, keep on reading! Do note that all the choices I made on below options are for the purpose of demonstrating on how to use the app only. 

First, just go to LANEIGE Malaysia Official Facebook Page. Scroll down a bit until you see the Apps box on your left, choose Sharing Corner.

Next, okay. I have to admit, I can't figure it out actually why there are two interfaces when you click on the link on that Sharing Corner App. From here on, it's either you'll arrive to the left or right interface, it's actually the same thing. 

More like, the left one is when I'm using my Samsung Galaxy SIII and the right one is when I'm using my Google Chrome. 


Left: Just click on Share your Thoughts link. Right: Click on Review now.

Secondly, you have to rate Laneige Beauty Advisor that helped you with your purchase. Make sure you know her name! Pretty Lady is just a way that I called my BA and that Store is indeed one of the counters that I went. hehe


Left: You have to scroll down in the box and choose the options (Excellent, Good, Fair or Can Be Better) 
Right: Just click on the options and mark with the black dot.

Third, you have to choose the products that you purchased recently or any product that you purchased from the brand here in Malaysia. At this point, I notice that the Apps didn't ask for my LANEIGE membership number but if you are among Laneige fans that made purchases at the counters or boutiques, the BA usually asks for your membership number or MYKad no. I assume they have a record on customers. 


Just scroll down and choose the product line that you purchased.  


Just scroll down and pick the product that you purchased from the chosen line.

Fourth, the quality of the product. I'm assuming that you're using the product that you purchased and chose to review in this app, so this is the part to talk about the product!


Left: You have to scroll down and choose the options (Excellent, Good, Fair or Can Be Better) 
Right: Just click on the options and mark with the black dot.

Fifth, you have to filled in the Other Comments box. This is NOT optional. Say what you want to say about the product!

Finally, you can choose whether to add more product to review or click to submit your review. Let's face it, we all bought more than one products from the brand, right? ^_____^

So that's it! You're done!

Okay, now I'm going to share a little bit of my experience while visiting Laneige counters. 

To be perfectly honest, apart from my Home Counter, I always had somewhat bad experiences at other counters. 

First, March this year, I was kinda upset when one BA made me uncomfortable by saying some stuffs that made me feel as if I'm not happy with my skin tone. Of course, I didn't make a scene and I just blame on lack of communication skill because apart from SOGO KL (not sure in OneBorneo, KK though), all BAs at Laneige counters here in Malaysia are Chinese. Well, the ones that I met so far at 7 Laneige counters that I've been to. To be fair, I speak English most of the time and mix with some Malay and I actually do understand a bit Chinese. Come on la. Orang Malaysia mana yang tak macam ni, kan? Sudah tu, kalau cakap dalam BI pun tak fasih, cakap Melayu pun tak fasih juga... dah la ada orang lain yang dengar.. sigh... 

Secondly, October this year. You know if we made purchase on normal priced items at Laneige counters and boutiques, we are entitled to reward points for every RM we spent, right? It's all for nothing but the awesome Laneige Club Reward Program. What happened was, one BA actually transferred my points of purchase to another customer. I would say this is a quite a foolish mistake as on every purchase made comes with a receipt that you supposed to bring to the cashier which will be validated and be given to the BA as proof of purchase, and it goes without saying that your membership number was written on it even before you made the payment to avoid confusion. Heck, I even saw it myself. Okay, I admit. I did part time jobs at Parkson before. So, as you probably expected, I have to go through annoying process to make sure my points are being recorded properly before submitting my request for the Reward Program. Grrrr~

.... but despite all that, I still choose to keep using the products from the brand. They are working well with my skin, I can see the improvement, even my friends and my family approved my choices of products - some of them even got hooked after trying some of samples that were given to me. You know who you are~ ^___^

As for other counters that I visited (except the two different counters that I talked about just now), including my Home Counter, the overall experiences are quite pleasant actually. From the product knowledge (which is something that I'm very particular about), to overall services, grooming, communication skill, I'm very much satisfied. 

Oh, the only thing that I find extremely annoying is the part when I shopped at this department store that housed one of the Laneige counter that I had talked about just now is, for the love of God, why can't you just provide paper bags for your Cosmetics and Fragrances customers at the very least? If plastic bag is your definition of eco-friendly, then that's just wrong. Budget-friendly? Go for recycled bags instead! I'm talking about safety of the products throughout the journey home as I have to change trains from KTM to LRT and one time, one guy bumped into me and I almost dropped my Laneige babies! Gasp!

Getting back to the Sharing Corner apps, I have to admit here. When I first got the invitation from an email sent to me by Laneige MY to submit review on the products I've purchased before, I was like "YES!!!". This is it! I need to tell them what I feel.... I was only focusing on that part without even realizing that my answers in the apps could be made public and that my review could be featured on the Hall of Fame. I didn't even know that I was chosen not until I received my second invitation for my second purchase within the period of this Sharing Corner contest, which is yesterday - about 2 weeks from the announcement. LOL

Thank you Laneige Malaysia for featuring me as your November's Fortnightly winner!!! There's another winner who reviewed Pore Clearing Essence - a product that I haven't tried but tempted to now! hehe

So I guess that's all about it!! I wanted to do this post in 2 parts but I decided last minute to give it all in single post. teeehee~

Let me know what do you think! ... and sorry if this is rather a loooooooong post! 

Love, Mira

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