Review: Etude House Milky You Baby Milk Water

Saturday 9 August 2014
Hey, guys! Enjoying your weekend so far? Today I had a How I Met Your Mother marathon, yes! The whole 9 season!! Okay, that's definitely a lie cause I only go through season 5 till 7. haha But still, it was a lot of fun! The ducky tie episodes are definitely awesome. 

Anyway, in continuing with yesterday's review on products that based on Milk which gives benefits like brightening, moisturising and smoothness, and as yesterday I reviewed a cleanser from the Milky You line from Etude House, today I'm going to share with you guys the Baby Milk Water.

Well, this line has the cleansing foam, one step cleansing foam, cleansing milk and this is the cleansing water.

Product Description:

Creates milky moisture veil to skin, to create smooth skin
Nourishing foremilk from New Zealand + milk (29,400microgram) 
Milk ceramide remains moisture of skin for hours.

Shake the bottle before use to mix the contents well. 
After cleansing, pour 10 to 20ml of product to 2L of water and mix well. 
Massage your skin with milk water gently and rinse off with warm water. 

Vol.: 250ml


The product comes in that almost transparent white bottle with the same style as the sister products. 


At the side of the bottle, at the lower bottom, there's English product description so no worries. This product is to be used right after dispense and within 12 months after opened. 

The manufacturing date is printed at the bottom of the bottle so do check before purchase. Oh, I got mine from local Etude House store here in Malaysia. 

Knowing how's the product is like, I didn't expect a pump or any sophisticated cap for the bottle. So, yeah. It's like any soy sauce you can find in supermarket. 

Did you notice the white powder at the bottom? So make sure you shake well before use. :)



To be honest, I measured the water only once and remember the water level in my wash basin and just go with hunch in later uses. hehe

Same goes with the '10 to 20ml' part, I measured it once and just go with my own estimation after that. hehe

Like the instruction, I use the product right after cleansing about once a week. It leaves me with moisturised skin right after that. Felt so nice and smooth. I tried using real milk before and I guess the feeling is kinda the same. 

Final verdict: 3.5/5. Overall, I do like this product. It does what it claims, nothing more and nothing less. 

It's kinda fun using it actually, I sometimes feel like I'm living in one of those Korean period drama where scholars washes their face in the morning, following up with washing their foot with the same water after that. haha I recalled, it's Sungkyunkwan Scandal with Park Yoo Chun in it! hehe

This product is retailed at RM59.90 in local Etude House stores in Malaysia, which is just another minus point of the product cause I don't think it's that expensive. Well, duh. It's retailed for more than half in Korea. So, again, I'm lucky as I grabbed this product during sale for RM19.90 only. But, will I repurchase? In near future, maybe no. 

So yeah, that's it! Hopefully this review helps you in deciding if you're gonna buy this product or not. 

Oh, do tell if you have tried similar product as well. Would love to know!

Until next post, annyeong! :D

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