Review: Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam

Friday 8 August 2014
Lovely people, annyeong! :D Wah~ I just spent the whole day doing discussions in the library today and I feel my skin is so dry!! thanks to the extreme air-condition! But still, it was nice as it's been really hot during the day outside... hmm~

Anyway, today I'm going to do another review on a cleanser  that I've been using for the past month and this one is my evening cleanser! You probably would've guessed why already.. hehe By the way, have you read my review on my morning cleanser that I used last month? If not, click here!

Now, introducing Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam from Etude House! 

It all started when I read my beloved actress, Song Hye Kyo mentioned she washes her face with milk, so I guess, this might be an alternative to that? :)

Product Description:
This cleansing foam cleanses in just one step, instantly melting away dirt, impurities, and makeup for moist and smooth baby skin. 

How to use:
With Make-up : 
Dispense sufficient amount and massage gently onto face. 
Gently roll every inch of face, in the order of cheeks, nose and forehead. 
Once cleansing foam absorbs makeup and impurities and rolling becomes stiff, rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water for a moist finish. 

No Make-up: 
Wet face and dispense small amount of cleansing foam onto hands. 
Lather and apply foam to face, gently massaging entire area. 
Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

Net Weight: 150ml



As you may from above photo. the product comes, like in other cleansers, in a tube, and it's in white colour with baby blue and brown fonts on it. I totally dig this style of packaging, minimal and pleasant. 

No fret as there's English description and direction at the lower part of the back of the tube. Just make sure to read properly. 

Make sure to use right after dispense and this product can be used within 12 months after opened. As the product comes in 150ml, I'm assuming it'll last for about 2 to 3 months if used twice daily or 3 to 4 months if used once a day (for me in the evening). 


If you're using this to without removing your base makeups, do follow the instructions and do massage your face like how it's illustrated, shown on the left photo. It's important for the cleanser to melt the impurities i.e. makeups before wetting your hands and lather it up. 

There's a manufacturing date at the top of the tube, and as I got this cleanser in June, I'm lucky as I got a batch of product that's manufactured less than 3 months. :)


Not only the tube was wrapped in plastic, it's also sealed before opened. The cap is quite similar to other cleansers from the brand. Works fine with me. No spilling, none whatsoever. But I once dropped this and the cap was opened. So make sure to check before placing on your shelf after use. 


I still got a lot of samples of BB creams and CC creams that just don't go with my skin tone and type so yeah, here goes from left: TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream in Natural Beige, Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux, Nature Republic Super Origin Complete Control Cream Tinted, Etude House CC Cream in Glow, TheFaceShop Aura Color Control Cream in Natural Beige and TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner in Black. 


The cleanser is actually in that quite thick, white semi-liquid. It's runny though. hehe 

As I used it while with makeup, I just put some of the product and massage them until the makeups are all melted. 

After like a minute or two, I wiped the cleanser with wet tissues (well it's for the purpose of this post but for my face, I usually just rinse it off with running water) and voila! All is gone, including that stubborn waterproof gel liner that I love!

If I'm just using sunscreen with some powder pact, I'll just dispense the product on my hand and lather it up on my skin. Usually, the foam is quite thick compare to above photo... But whenever I use without removing my makeups, the bubble isn't that much. I bet it's because I don't wet my face beforehand while without makeup I lather it up and massage on damp face. 

All in all... hmm~ I'm actually 50-50 with this cleanser, cause the scent is not that pleasant to my nose (it smells like coconut!!) but in reality it doesn't really bother that much.. haha 

The performance of this cleanser overall to me is quite impressive. Though I usually prefer to double cleansing, but with this one, I can skip makeup remover. So yeah, hence the reason I use this as my evening cleanser. 

As for the ingredient, I didn't see anything that's bothering me, but some people might not like Parfum in their skincare products. 

It leaves me with moisturised skin, no tight feeling and I never break out because of this cleanser. It's quite mild, I think.

Final verdict: 4/5. All is good except for the retail price I guess. T__T this cleanser is retailed at RM51.90 in local Etude House here in Malaysia. Totally not budget-friendly! So yeah, thankfully I grabbed this during June Sweeties Club promotion with marked down price of RM19.90 but I definitely can't guarantee if I'm gonna repurchase this in near future. I will if there's a sale in Korea and if my cousin can be a dear and bought it for me.. hehehe

So I guess that's all for this review!! Hope you enjoy this post and if there's anything you wanna ask, do leave your comments down below.

Until next post! See you!

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