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Sunday 10 November 2013
Hello, lovelies! How's your weekend so far? It's a beautiful Sunday and since I have a little time to spare, I'm going to share with you guys about the first product I ever bought from THE FACE SHOP. Like some of you would know, I bought some products that are focusing on pore care and this product is one of it.

Before I get on with my review, let's see what has been stated in the THE FACE SHOP website regarding this product.

This mask pack line was released back in 2011 (though in Malaysia this line was just released quite recently) and there are three featured active ingredients, Kiwi, Strawberry, and Apple. All of these mask packs are consist of real flesh of the respective ingredients. 

Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack  

Contains fresh kiwi extracts. Kiwi are known for their high and rich vitamin C content and it supplies the skin with moisture and nutrition. This mask pack is for Soothing and Brightening.

Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack

Strawberry extracts containing rich vitamin C and fruit acid gives moisture to skin and soothes.
This mask pack is for Immediate Moisturising.

Apple Flesh Mask Pack

Rich in citric acid and pectin, apple helps with the skin’s turnover rate to give you smooth silky texture. This mask pack is for Dead Skin Cells Care i.e. this mask can help you to remove dead skin cells off your skin.

How to use:
After cleansing and toning, apply to the entire face while avoiding the areas around the eyes and lips.
After 5 to 10 minutes, wash the face thoroughly with warm water. 

Net capacity: 110ml



This product comes in a medium-sized plastic, sturdy tub. THE FACE SHOP uses real apple illustrations on the tub and I do love the idea of that. So natural!

A white thin lid is included to make sure the product won't spill in your luggage while traveling. 

It's stated in the ingredient section that this mask pack not only contained its main ingredient which is apple fruit extract, but also shea butter, grapefruit fruit extracts and also fragrance. This may be a minus point to some people. 

My experience:

As you guys can see, it's almost finished. Been using it throughout my semester at home and I shared this with mom and we used this every 3 days. 

I stored this in refrigerator so by the time I applied in on my face, it's so nice, and with the cool sensation! Ah~ so heavenly... :D

The texture of this mask is like a real apple flesh. Even the scent of it.


Overall, I do love this mask. But when it comes to main question, does it really work? My answer would be yes! After using this mask, I noticed that my complexion is a bit brighter. My skin also feel soft and smooth as my pores are slightly minimised. So I guess it does what it claims at removing my dead skin cells. 

It's just that the effects are temporary. My T-zone usually started to get oily like within an hour after skin care but after using this mask, it'll only started to get oily like after 3 hours. 

Final verdict: 4/5. Minus one point for the temporary effect. But other than that, okay-desu! I've been watching some Japanese drama recently. LOL

This mask is retailed at RM39.90 and I got this mask at 20% discount during the August Promotion. 

Will I repurchase? Hmm, I guess I want to try other mask i.e. the Kiwi and Strawberry version before I rolled back to this one. 

Okay, that's all about it. How about you guys? Have you tried this mask? Do you have recommendation on similar product? Do share, yeah? 

Until next post, au revoir!
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