Review | Etude House I Need You Honey Wash-Off Mask Part 3

Monday 11 November 2013
Today has been a long day. Believe me, you don't want to have a design critique session with 3 different lecturers. One of them was carrying a water gun. I am not kidding. Anyway, today I'm going to do another review on this portion of Etude House I Need You, Honey Wash Mask which is Angelica Extracts that I tried yesterday. 

If you guys wanna check out other portions of this wash-off mask, feel free to click part 1 and part 2. 

So Etude House claims that this mask's active ingredient which is Angelica Extracts that can help you in tightening your pores, making your skin appear to be smoother.

Like I have stated in my previous post, it won't give you instant results but prolong use can help you to see faster results. But I would prefer to see slow but progressing result rather than instant or quick result because when you stop using the product, your skin will turn to worse condition. Be it break outs, pigmentation and etc.

Compared to other portions, this one has a pale yellow colour of honey. Though I'm not sure for whatever reason that is. 

I went to Etude House beauty concept store in Sunway Pyramid and picked this brush up. Retailed at only RM6.90 (approx. USD2), I used this brush to apply the mask onto my skin area. If it's new, make sure to wash it before use. 

It's so much easier compared to using my fingers and I managed to apply the product evenly. But the downside of using this brush is I actually used up the whole portion! While applying it on my face, unknowingly I finished the whole thing! LOL 

So if you're planning to use this method, watch out and divide your product properly.  

Unlike other portions, this one has the strongest herb scent I experienced. It's kinda make me dizzy and I had to endure it for the next 20 to 30 minutes. Again, I lost track of the time while I had this on. So in order to mask the scent, I lit up a lavender scented candle. That will do. 

Like other portions, it has a thick and sticky texture. But, a hero has come to the rescue in order to make washing off the product easier, it's this great The Body Shop Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge. So, this time, washing off the thick mask was done easily. Yay! Save our water! 
I wouldn't recommend using the Wonder Pore Cleansing Brush cause the product will get into the fine brushes and it's gonna be a hassle to remove them. You can use whatever facial sponge that suit your skin.

After using this mask, I noticed that it does help in minimizing my pores. This morning, I still feel my skin is smoother compared to before. But I think if I were to use this during the day it'll help my skin to product less oil. Hmm, I'm gonna use this if I were to go to weddings later on. Blotting my face every half an hour is such a hassle especially when I'm constantly taking photos (yeah, I'm an amateur wedding photographer), or when I need to be in photos.

But since this product promises to tighten my pores, does it equal to my Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask? The answer is probably yes. It's just that one major difference, which is I love the scent of my Clay Clear mask way more than this one. But ingredient-wise, maybe this one gives more nourishment compared to the Clay Clear mask. But this is just my opinion though. So I guess I'm lucky to have both. 

Final verdict: 4/5

Okay, that's all for tonight. I'll be updating on the last portion of this Honey wash-off mask soon after I tried it. So, stay tuned! 
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