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Sunday 3 November 2013
Finally after a long week, it's Friday and people! I need a break! Hence, here I am writing another review on a product that to be honest I rarely use cause as this is a moisturising cream, a super at that, I only use it at night, after having a long day at lecture halls i.e. Wednesday. The air-condition is just harsh to my skin, really!

Etude House Moistfull Flower Cream. This is one of the products from the Etude House Moistfull skin care collection that's formulated with Baobab tree extract to soothe dry skin (like all other cream from the collection) but this one is especially formulated with Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Floral Complex that's supposedly soothe even a drier skin.

Product Description:

Moistfull Flower is formulated with Baobab Tree Extract to relieve and replenish dry skin with abundant moisture and a Cherry Blossom Floral Complex to nourish, soothe, and protect the face.

Capacity: 50ml

How to use:
Apply cream to all areas of the face and neck as the final step in skin care. 



The box that the product came with.

Like other cream from the same line, it comes in frosted jar and it's in princess-y pink colour. Of course it comes with a cute spatula so you can scoop out the product and apply it to your skin.


Oh, I love it's texture! It's gel-like, slightly thick texture but once applied, it just absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin supple and smooth. Non-sticky, too! I don't need a lot of it, only a small amount is enough to moisturise my whole facial area. But as I have oily to normal skin, if I use this on my normal days when I don't spend 6 hours in air-conditioned lecture halls, this cream is indeed slightly rich. Even so, it doesn't make my skin look oily and greasy at all.

As for the scent, I love the floral scent! Takes me all the way to Kyoto, walking by a street under the Sakura trees, and.. Oh, well. You get the idea. So heavenly! Though it's gonna sting sensitive noses. Even after application the scent still lingers so those who doesn't like the idea of having to smell the scent for the next like 20 minutes should not be getting this. But actually, it's not that really strong to me. :D

If you're curious what's the difference between the Flower version to the other Collagen and Aloe, it would definitely be the scent.

Overall, I wouldn't say that this moisturiser is something on my everyday skin care routine. One, it's because I'm using my TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Brightening Emulsion (morning) and Moisture Radiance Cream (night ) and two, again this is slightly rich than usual if I were to use this on my normal design studio days i.e. Monday and Friday. So yes, it's perfect for my purpose of buying it, though it didn't seem that way the moment when I bought it on impulse during a sale at the end of last August.

Retailed at RM129.90 at all Etude House Malaysia.

Final verdict: 5/5.

So that's about it. How about you girls? What's your must-have moisturising cream? Do tell!

Until next post, Annyeong~
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