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Wednesday 6 November 2013
Hello, beautiful people! How’s your week so far? For me, I’m really busy with drawing lessons though I’m taking a break from drawing 10-sketches-per-week session right now. So today I’m gonna write up a review on a single product that most beauty bloggers that I’m following are raving about which is THE FACE  SHOP Face It Aura Color Control Cream.

I believe most of you either already jumped into the CC cream bandwagon or know all about it but haven’t tried it yet but as for me, CC cream is already exist by the time I learned about Korean beauty products. The first 2 weeks of my research is all about minimising my pores but after that I’m all about brightening products. Hence, this particular CC cream.

Product Description:


The front and the back of the box. 

Top and bottom view of the box. Use up to 12 months after opened. 

According to THE FACE  SHOP, this CC cream is a color-controlling (I think it's more like color-correcting) cream that brightens up your complexion and keeps your morning makeup intact without any darkening. It creates radiant and clear makeup appearances as if the skin is being under spotlight. It offers wrinkle care, brightening, and sun screening (SPF30 PA++), a triple function cosmetic.

According to Son Dae Shik, the hottest makeup artist in South Korea right now, who also collaborates with THE FACE  SHOP, he mentioned that barely-there makeup is in especially among Korean women. It’s all about achieving the most natural look. This CC cream claims that it can help you to achieve that look. 

Noticeable Ingredients: 

TREHELOSE. I found out that it’s a sugar-like compound that helps plants and certain animals survive severe hydration. Didn’t see that coming, huh?

TITANIUM DIOXIDE. According to Dr. Oz, it’s a safe mineral sunscreens. Source.
Sunscreens ingredients can be divided into compounds that physically block radiation or compounds that absorb radiation. The radiation blockers are very effective at reducing the exposure of the skin to both UVA and UVB radiation. Older formulations like zinc oxide are opaque and may be cosmetically unacceptable. However, a newer formulation of micronized titanium dioxide is not as opaque and provides excellent protection. The radiation absorbing ingredients are differentiated by the type of radiation they absorb - UVA absorbers and UVB absorbers. Source.

NIACINIMIDE. Known for its whitening properties.



I love the combination of light pink and grey. It’s like the combination of black and hot pink. Totally dig that. But the most interesting thing about this CC cream, is the case that house the 20g of product. Unlike other CC creams, THE FACE  SHOP released their version in a compact case with an air cushion sponge. Though the case is quite bulky, I don’t mind because I rarely bring it anywhere so it just sits comfortably on my makeup table.

When you open the case, you’ll see a sticker saying to remove it before use. Totally a sign that DO NOT BUY THIS IF THE SEAL IS BROKEN. You can tell if it’s ripped before, right? Friendly reminder, do check before leaving the counter.

At the first time of opening this product, don’t be surprised if you need to pump 4 to 5 times to get the product out. It’s normal. But be careful on the next time because you only need to pump merely one to two times to get an appropriate amount for your whole face area. I guess it’s safe to say that a little goes a long way.

Oh, don’t be surprise to see my air cushion has lost its Face It label on the pink ribbon because before I was drafting this review, I washed it and the time when I’m done washing it, the label is gone. LOL

About the air cushion, I gotta admit that I have a doubt about it because every time I washed, a lot of product came out of the sponge, which only tells me one thing. It absorbs a lot of the product! Sigh. Should I treat this like a foundation where I need to use a foundation brush? I’m still not sure about that but I kept using the sponge not caring for that matter. 

So a friend told me that I need to not only swipe the product as in to spread it nicely on my skin, but to pat the sponge on my face as well. That way, it can help to push out the absorbed cream some more at the same time helps the product spread better on your skin. 


One of the best thing I love about this product is the fact that it's refillable. Awesome!



Blended out: 

The texture is light exactly like BB cream but it’s slightly thicker compared to the samples from other brands that I tried. But nevertheless, I still like it. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and since this CC cream has light to medium coverage, my skin appears to be natural and once it blends with my skin tone, the colour of skin just evens out and gave me that nice dewy look. Oh, do aware that the coverage is buildable!

I did noticed the pale floral scent but once you applied it on your skin the scent goes away. So yes, I love it!

Oil Test:

I could say that this CC cream isn’t going to work great with those who have oily skin but I have normal-oil combo skin, it works just fine. I only need to blot after 5 to 6 hours.

Overall, I love this CC cream! The shade which is Medium Beige is perfect match to my skin and it really does brightens up my complexion. Usually after using this CC cream, I’ll just finish off with my Mary Kay Mineral Loose Powder, but on those days when I need more coverage, I’ll just top it off with my BB Cream.

I got this from THE FACE  SHOP beauty store in KL Festival Mall, KL and this cream was retailed at RM119.90 but in conjunction with THE FACE  SHOP 10th Anniversary, I got 10% plus 5% (member) off its price. Of course you guys can get this online like TesterKorea for only 24,900KRW (approx. RM73.70 or USD23.40) excluding the shipping cost. But I heard that this shade (Medium Beige) isn't available as there are only two shades which are Natural Beige and Radiant Beige available online.

The refill is retailed at RM69.90. 

In summary:


  • Nice dewy finish.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Easy to blend with my skin
  • Lasts for a good 5-6 hours, which is all I need
  • Pale flora scent because I don’t like strong scent in makeup except for lip products.

  • May be a little expensive for a mere 20g of product.
  • Can get a little oily after 6 hours which is why human invented blotting papers, pore balms, and whatnot.

Final verdict: 4/5 While I repurchase? DEFINITELY :D

Okay, I guess that's about it. How about you guys? What's your must-have CC Cream? How does it affect your skin? Or you're still stick with BB Cream and wouldn't let go? Drop some comments and do share your experience. 

Until next post, annyeong~
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