Log | Long Day at Work

Tuesday 21 May 2024

I'm becoming more and more attached to cotton clothes these days because it can be so hot from mid morning till early evening and then it'll be pouring heavily right around when I usually get off work. Instead of going with my usual slightly stretchy polyester pants from Poplook, I'm switching to the ones from their COTTON line instead hence that Fidella Straight Cut Pants in black. Not going to lie, I'm so tempted to get another in beige colour to include in my capsule wardrobe so here's hoping for restock.

I've been carrying that TUMI bag everywhere too these days and it's made of nylon so perfect for this kind of weather although I kind of in need of a bigger briefcase so I'm considering to just get a tote that can fit my documents and laptop, all in one place.

I feel like coming back to my old routine where I'd be hanging out at cafe after work but at the same time I do want to be more active so here's hoping I can get through audit safely by the end of this month and start my gym membership right after.


8 comments on "Log | Long Day at Work"
  1. Nice outfits style, thanks for your sharing

  2. bestnya dapat lepak lepas kerja!

  3. Replies
    1. the weather has been crazy these days so these are my current staples for daily wear XD

  4. cute outfit! sometimes we do need a break from life. just get that sip of coffee~

    1. aww~ thanks! indeed, I do! can we like have 2 working days a week? XD


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