Review | I Need You Honey Wash-Off Mask Part 4

Thursday 14 November 2013
Hello, beautiful people! How's your Wednesday? For me Wednesday is the best day of the week cause I only have class in the morning. So in the evening I got to catch some sleep or watch movie. May sounds weird to you guys cause no, I don't have normal weekends. It usually filled with assignments, projects, presentations preparations and whatnot.

Anyway, right after returning from campus, I remembered that I haven't post up this review on the last portion of my I Need You, Wash-Off Mask Honey, which is Cactus extract. I tried this portion like a week ago but decided to KIV this post because I was so busy with uni stuffs.

Anyway, according to Etude House, this portion supposedly can help you to remove skin dirt (huh?). I don't really get that part. Is it dead skin cells or what?

Like Ginseng portion, this one too, has exfoliating beads in it which I think helped with removing the dead skin cells (yeah, let's agree to that for the time being).

Again, I'm using the pack brush specially meant for the purpose to spread this wash-off mask on my skin. I remember a studio mate came to my dorm and almost mistook this brush along with my painting brushes. Though she stopped and gazed at its pink hue for like 2 minutes before asking me whether it's okay to use it to paint. :D

So, before leaving this on my face for the next almost half an hour, I slowly massage the honey mask on my skin. Turned out, the red beads starting to even out along with the honey.

What I like the most about this portion is, this is the one with the nicest scent compared to other three! It has a floral scent and it lingers even after washing it off with water.

Again, like other portions, this one too has a thick, sticky, honey-like texture. I used my The Body Shop Soft Facial Sponge to help my wash the mask off my face quicker.

Since this is the last portion from the whole package, so overall, I like this portion the best. All portions have the same texture, two them have exfoliating beads, delivers about the same results, instant brightening, leaving my skin soft, supple to touch and fresh, pores tightening, and having about the same herbal scent. I guess what makes this one a winner above other portions is the nice scent.

Final verdict: 5/5 Will I repurchase? Already. I included this on my last shopping list and managed to grab one pack.

So that's a wrap for this review. Feel free to drop comments, do share if you guys ever tried this mask and tell which one you loved the most. You guessed mine right.

Until next post, annyeong!

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