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Saturday 16 November 2013
Hello, beautiful people! Finally, Friday is here!!! Well, at least you guys are going to enjoy your weekend as I'm going to have my first critique session for my major design project next Monday. Hence, no weekend! T__T

But no worries, because today I'll be reviewing another cleansing cream from my September Haul that I'm currently using especially on Monday and Friday because I consider this cleansing cream as a heavy duty product.

To some of you who may not know what is a cleansing cream, it's a product mainly used to remove light to medium makeup. A makeup remover that works like cleansing oils, but with less oily residue.

I have normal-oily combo skin so on the normal days when I only used CC cream, BB cream and powder pact or mineral loose powder, I will just use cleansing cream to remove my makeup. But I usually have long hours in the studio particularly on Monday and Friday and hence I require a different set of cleansing line to help me remove all the accumulated dirt on my skin. My TheFaceShop Rice Water Bright works in a same way but I just feel that I need a deeper cleansing plus, I do like to have a change of products I'm using once a while. Especially for cleansing products.

Anyway, let's move on to the product.

I think the Baking Powder line was released back in 2011 because I think I saw the ads were done by Dara 2NE1. I'm not sure. Feel free to correct me if you saw the ads were done by Park Shin Hye instead. 

Product Description: 
Formulated with baking powder to gently exfoliate skin with cream texture and penetrate pores to absorb oil and residues for thorough cleanse.

How to Use: 
Use spatula to properly scoop out the cream.
Apply cream to dry facial area and massage until makeup is dissolved.
Wipe off face with facial pad/tissues and continue with cleansing foam and water.

Net volume: 180ml


It has a nice cool blue hues with simple illustration on the top and side of the tub. The product is housed within this quite huge sturdy jar. This doesn't come with a spatula so I just use my Wonder Pore Pack Spatula. 


You can find the rest of the product description and ingredients in English and on the side of the tub and the manufacturing date at the bottom of it. It's my habit to write the date I started using the product just in case I forgot (which happens all the time). Consume the product from the opened jar within 12 months and use the product right after scooping it out from the jar. 

If you can see above, there's thin plastic film supposedly function as the inner lid that can help in stopping the product from spilling if you were to travel with it but I'm not willing to take the risk so I just scooped out appropriate amount into my travel cases and leave this huge tub at home. 


The consistency of the cream is quite on the thicker or heavier side compared to my TheFaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream. It's white in colour and you totally can see the makeup being dissolved once it changes colour. 

It has this fresh, citrus-y like lemon, I guess and to me it's quite a pleasant and not a strong like alcohol. After wiping this off my skin, the scent lingers for like 5 minutes and disappear.

My Experience:

For this time around, I used the above BB creams and my Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation. If you noticed, only the Maybelline ones matched my skin tone because the other two BB creams are taken from samples given to me in lighter shades which I don't intend to use unless I want to go for a ghost look. hehe 

I think I scooped out a lot! hehe

Massage the cream for like 2 to 3 minutes or if you follow Suzy's "424" technique, 4 minutes. 

Wiped away the cream and voila! All gone!

Thing is, I think I saw somewhere in the ads that it's okay to proceed to toner right after using this cleansing cream so let's do another test whether this product really does it all or I should follow this step with cleansing foam. This is my current toner which is Clarifying Toner from Seaweed line of The Body Shop. This product is highly recommended to those who have oil or combo skin like moi. 

As you can see above, the answer is NO. So, follow this step with Cleansing Foam then. 

Overall, I do love this cleansing cream as equal as my TFS one. It does its job perfectly, it doesn't leave me with oily or anything, it smells good, and as you can see above, I've been using this product for the past almost 2 months, twice a week but I really think it's gonna be a long time before I can see the bottom of the tub. So yes, a little goes a long way. 

From the way that I see it, this product really help me in clearing out the dirt off my pores. I guess it's safe to say that this line of products does complement my Etude House Wonder Pore line and as I do integrate pore care products in my beauty regimen along with brightening products.  

Final Verdict: 5/5. I think I would recommend this to anyone except maybe for sensitive skin cause this product might be a little harsh but if you want to try, samples are always available online or you can just walk into any Etude House in your local area.

This is retailed at RM49.90 I think but I got this during the September Sweeties Club Promotion where the whole Baking Powder line was put on sale so I got this and the rest of the line with merely the price of RM19.90. Great deal!

So I guess that's all from me. Do tell if you ever tried this product and share your experience and thoughts on it.
What's your favourite Cleansing Cream? Do share as well.

Until next post,
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