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Sunday 17 November 2013
What a beautiful Saturday! It's been raining everyday in the morning for the past week and only today I got to see the sunshine through my windows! Anyway, today I want to talk about my current skin care regimen. Nothing to brag about, as it's only been 2 months and a half since I started. I just want to share with you guys out there, thinking that maybe you can point out if there's something that just not suitable or not supposed to do and hopefully we all can benefit by sharing what we know, yeah?

First thing is of course the Cleansing stage. For cleansing purposes, I'm using several products depending on my skin condition that day, and how deep I need to cleanse my skin especially in the evening.

Exfoliation. If you know me, then you know I love exfoliating my skin. To me it's important to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells.
Current products:
Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub 
Skinfood Rice Wash-Off Mask  

Massage Cream: Like body massage, facial massage helps to relax your skin, alleviate dullness and sagging also it can promote better circulation below the skin and hence better absorption of skin care products. As for the texture of the cream, it should easily glides over the skin instead of being fully absorbed. This allows me to massage my skin easily without stretching or pulling it. I usually massage my skin at least twice a week.
Current product: TheFaceShop Rice Water Bright Massage Cream 

Wash-Off Masks: I love wash-off masks mainly because I love how I can feel the texture of the product while I'm massaging it onto my skin. The purpose of wash-off masks are usually to nourish your skin so my choice of products usually for brightening my skin which contain Apple, Kiwi, and Strawberry, as active ingredients, in Honey or Yogurt forms. To promote better absorption of the products into my skin, I will use my The Body Shop Deep Cleansing Face Mask Enhancer. Click here to know on how to use it.
Current products:
Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask 
Etude House I Need You Honey Wash-Off Mask 
Etude House I Need You Yogurt Wash-Off Mask 

Toner: After using makeup remover, cleansing oil, foams, even masks, toner picks up any residue left over and refreshes and balances my skin pH as well.
Current product: TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Brightening Skin Toner

Daily Paper Masks: If I'm not using my wash-off masks, I will use paper masks instead. It's so easy and simple! I'm big on paper masks so whenever I shop for skin care products, I will get like at least 10 for myself. Again, I'll focus on getting masks that contain brightening active ingredients. I'm using paper masks usually on Monday and Friday.
Current products:
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Sheets
Etude House It's Real Mask Sheets 
Etude HouseI Need You Mask Sheets

Essence or Serum: These are more concentrated version of a moisturizer that are formulated to target specific problem. Their small molecules allows them to penetrate deeply into the skin, smoothing and healing from the inside out.
Current product: TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Effect Essence 

Emulsion: According to hereemulsion is practically a light moisturizer that is often used in the day, whereas traditional moisturizers, lotions and creams may be used at night. The advantage of emulsion is that as a light moisturizer it is just absorbed into the skin fasten, and does not clog pores; hence it is quite effective for people with normal-oily or oily skin. Furthermore, as a light moisturizer, it does not give the skin the shiny, oily look. I think I do agree with this definition.
Current product: TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Brightening Emulsion 

Facial Moisturizer: It helps in preventing my skin from getting dry. Even though I have normal-oily combo skin, I always use moisturiser to compensate the stripped natural oil while deep cleansing my skin.
Current product: TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Moisture Radiance Cream

Sleeping Mask: I love sleeping mask! Like I mentioned in previous post here, it's something that I used to whenever I have the urge to give my skin extra care especially on those days when I'm lack of sleep or rest where my skin feels lifeless, dull, and just screaming for help! So I usually just cleansed, toned my skin and put this mask on and sleep with it. Wake up with a brighter and for lack of a better word, radiating skin.
Current product: TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask 

Soothing Gel: On those days where I go to events outdoor, I will come home with feeling slightly burning sensation. So I use this product to soothe my skin.
Current product: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 

Sunscreen: As I'm using lots of brightening products, it's imperative to use sunscreens. I get sunburn easily so I use sunscreens every day before leaving my room. Both for facial and body.
Current products:
TheFaceShop Natural Sun AQ Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 
Etude House Sun Prise Cooling Body Spray SPF50+ PA+++ 

So yeah, that's about it. Phew! That was long, huh? Only after completing this regime I can start applying my makeup in the morning or go to bed at night.

How about you guys? Do share the one product that you would never skip not even a day. Also, what's your HG moisturiser.

Until next post, au revoir!

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