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Wednesday 13 November 2013
I was talking to one of studiomate the other day and we were talking about what kinds of makeup that we use for our go-to makeup routine. It goes without saying that as someone who don't really have much time especially in the morning, where my classes started at 8 or 9 a.m., my makeup routine is pretty simple.

I divided my makeup items into several group of products, from those that I wear for one to two hours of discussion or tutorial sessions, to my everyday makeup routine, for dining occasions and when I'm out with my girls.

First, let's go to the most simplest one.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free B.B. Stick SPF21 PA+++ in 02 Natural


Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer B.B Cream SPF26 PA+++ in 02 Natural


Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation SPF20 in Natural

To be frank, the above products are my first makeup ever since I was 15. First, I had the powder pact, then comes the concealer and lastly, the BB Cream. I guess old habit die hard. Though I have other similar products, I just keep on buying these one after another for the past 10 years. 

Maybelline Master Liner Eye liner in Black. This one is just if you're looking for something that you're gonna wear for like well, 1 to two hours, without sweating so much. It's non-waterproof, doesn't stay long, and easily smudged. I was in a hurry when I bought this. Big mistake.

Next is my everyday makeup. On days where I have to go to uni and come back around lunch time cause I only have class in the morning, I'll just go with these:

Maybelline Pure.BB Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse SPF30 PA+++ This one was really hard to practice with in the beginning. Totally love the mousse concept but it's really hard to pump the most appropriate amount at times. But I'm getting used to it. Though I love the face that it blends so well with my skin color. 

Maybelline Pure.Pact Mineral SPF30 PA+++ in OC2. This is the darkest shade from this line though it's a little light for me. 

Maybelline EyeStudio Diamond Glow in 01 Copper Brown and 06 Lilac Mauve. I just love these! Well, I love brown and purple hues, so... Thinking of getting new collection from this line!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige Medium 2.5. This is actually new to my collection, as you can see here, I haven't even unwrapped it yet but I tried this the other day at Watson and just love its texture. This line also comes in liquid foundations but not in my preferred shade. 

On those days when I need to be in the studio from morning till evening, I'll go with these for extra:

THE FACE  SHOP Face It Smart Capsule Color Control Cream in 02

THE FACE  SHOP Face It Aura Color Control Cream in Medium Beige, my first CC cream. Check out the review here!


Nutrimetics (TupperwareBrands) eye shadows and blushers. These last the whole day without creasing my eye lids! 

As for dinner events, or out with my girls, I would adding these to my options.

Mary Kay eye shadows and blusher. The lip gloss is from last year but I just let it sitting there, prettily. I actually just found it somewhere in my bag like 2 months ago, so no. I'm not using that anymore. I got this like 2 years ago and only starting using this starting this year. I love the blusher so much! It has this shimmery looks to it. Mom actually spent over RM300 (approx USD100) just to fill the case (Yes, each of them are sold separately) but it turned out she doesn't really dig the shimmery quality in these. So she gave it to me. I got to keep the case and just buy new fillers. Eco-friendly!

Next is Mary Kay Loose Powder in Ivory 2. Mom bought the wrong shade but since it's just loose powder again, it's just a slightly lighter than my skin tone so I'm okay with it. Next to it, is Mary Kay Foundation brush. Love it. But I think I'm loving The Body Shop Foundation Brush more these days.

THE FACE  SHOP Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner in Disco Purple and Sky Fever. Love the intensities of these! Oh, I'm a big fan of GG Seo Hyun. The ads for these were done by her and I just love it! ^__^ Also THE FACE  SHOP Face It Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner. I love this cause it's so easy to use and easy to remove, too! 

For lip products, these are what I use almost everyday.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer Lip BalmTHE FACE  SHOP Lovely Mix Dessert Lip Balm in 02 Orange and Lip Ice Sheer Color Mentholatum in Pink. Love the no-fragrance feature on this one. I'm not a big fan of lipsticks but I think I'm gonna get some Etude House lip glosses soon. 

So I guess that's the end of my makeup collection post! I actually bought new ones a week ago but I'll include that in my mini makeup haul later.

What do you guys think? What is one thing (or more) that you must have in your makeup bag? Feel free to recommend anything, especially something that can help reduce shine, and doesn't clog my pores.

Thanks so much for reading this long post! hehe I really appreciate each and every comment. Just tell me if you want me to review any of these (though these are just affordable makeup products...).

Until next post, au revoir!
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