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Saturday 9 November 2013
Hello, lovelies! How's your weekend so far? I hope it's wonderful and as for me, this is the first weekend in 3 weeks that I actually get to spend at least one day, rewarding myself with a little foot spa setup, body scrub and whatnot, done by none other but myself. Well, among one of those things that I keep telling myself that is to always reward yourself after a long hard work.

Anyway, I think about a month ago, after reading one of my favourite beauty blogger review (check it out here) on Rich Cleansing Oil from my favourite cleansing line which is TheFaceShop Rice Water Bright line, I went to Pavilion KL with the intention to buy it but it turned out to be out of stock. 

So I went to Watsons to pick up some toiletries and as per usual, Watsons was offering some items with special prices if you buy stuffs for merely over RM20. One of the items is what I'll be reviewing today, which is Watsons in-house brand, Sakura Whitening Cleansing Oil for Translucent and Radiance.

Product Description:
Specially formulated with water-soluble oil, our Watsons Cleansing Oil Range can easily dissolve makeup from your skin's surface and clean impurities deep down into your pores. 
Botanical Olive and Grape Seed Oils provide added antioxidant and moisturising benefits during the deep cleansing process. 
This mild, non-greasy formula thoroughly cleanses your skin in one easy step and eliminates the need for additional cleansing products. 
It leaves your skin feeling clear, refreshed and hydrated after use. 

How to use:
Below are the clear instructions from the box. 

Net capacity: 150ml



The product is housed withing this minimalistic white box with light red hue decorations. To be honest, when I saw the Tester, I immediately thought to myself "Is that Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil?" but of course, it's not. All because the have the similar concept in terms of packaging. Clear bottles with different colour indicating different ingredients. Again, like Shu Uemura's, this also comes in other featured ingredients and one of it is Green Tea for Deep Cleansing and Optimal Balance. 


Actually, the bottle came with a pump stopper, to avoid it being pumped by itself if you brought this while traveling but I guess I dropped it somewhere in my dressing drawer. hehe

Another good thing that I like about the bottle is the usage instructions were printed on it. I didn't notice it before but while I was staying with my parents about 2 weeks ago, mom saw this in the bathroom and asked how to use it and before I shouted (cause I was outside my room), she said it's okay cause the instructions were written on the bottle. I think it's perfect for those who can't possibly remember on how to use each product they have cause and keeping every box which the product came with is definitely not an option. ehem ehem. You know who you are. 

Testing the product:

These are the products that I currently use right now. Yep! I'm juggling between these and use each of them according to my mood, necessity, and of course, allocated time for getting ready in the morning. 

As you can see here, the texture is a bit runny, it's transparent, watery-looking oil. It has a nice scent, too. 

Gently massage for about 20 seconds, to dissolve all products, and then wet your other hand and gently massage all over it, to emulsify the cleansing oil. You'll see that it will turned into slightly soapy liquid.  

Then, thoroughly rinse it off and voila! All gone! Including the mighty Mary Kay Foundation! :D This test was followed by wiping off my hand with toner and I don't see any trace of makeup left on the cotton pad! 


Frankly, I think I like this cleansing oil. I was traumatized by using certain high-end cleansing oil before and after that, I was a bit skeptical about this method of cleansing but this has proven me wrong. It doesn't sting my face and when I got a little bit of it in my eye area, and it doesn't sting not even one bit! I also love the floral scent. 

This is actually a one-step cleansing product and after seeing how it works, I use this product on those days when I'm wearing heavy makeup for presentation sessions (not talking about crazy eye shadows and whatnot, just thick foundation, concealer, etc.), so I just wash my face, put the sleeping mask on, and go into deep sleep. 

As I only been using this product like 10 times or so, I can't really say whether this product contributes to the whitening or brightening effect on my skin cause I'm using a complete brightening skin care range right now. I think the packaging is nice. I'm a minimalist myself so I kinda dig this kind of design.

Final verdict: 3/5 Will I repurchase? No. The reason would be this cleansing oil contains mineral oil that I can already started seeing my nose being clogged with blackheads.  It works with removing makeup and whatnot but I don't see this suits my skin condition. This is retailed at RM29.90 but I got it PWP (Purchase With Purchase) price of RM13.

I think that's about it. I'm off to get some dinner in me. Annyeong~

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