Review: Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balms

Monday 16 March 2015
Salam and annyeong~ my lovelies! I was looking for something among my makeup stash today and found these two lip balms that I haven't use in awhile as I've been using my EOS lip balms recently (more like obsessed! :D) but then I found out some tricks that I can use with them so I'm gonna share with you guys all about it in this post. 

Ah~ so many pinks~ 
Product Description:

Offers moisture and nutrition to dry lip to create healthy lip 

Refreshing berry fragrance enhances your feeling
Vitamin ingredient of berry extract creates radiant lip 
You can use No.1 as a lip sleeping mask 

How to Use: 
Apply moderate amount gently with fingertips 


The lip balm came in tin packaging which isn't really my preference but the design was too cute to resist at that time while I was buying them so I give them a pass. It's not really that difficult to open them too. #01 came in white while #03 came in pink. 


The bottom of the tins. 


There's the manufacturing date printed at the sides of the tins. 


I actually love how #01 really moisturizes my lips while #03 does the same with really fine twinkling dust in it. 

But then while doing some research on how I can use this lip balm, I found out that it can also be used to do some sort of lips peeling. How? 

First, I scooped out like 4 to 5 times the amount that of balm that I use normally and applied on all over my lips. Then, I do a lip massage (just use my fingers and run it along my lips) for like a minute or two. Add some more if you feel necessary. Leave the balm on for at least 15 minutes before you use cotton buds to remove the balm.


Left: Before peeling Right: After peeling. I can feel that my lips feel smoother from before and less drying. 

But then, I was wondering if the #03 works the same too so I applied the same amount of balm and repeat the whole thing again.


Left: Can you see the fine white dust? Of course, I applied only a little amount of it normally. 

Right: After 10 minutes, I removed the balm and as you can see, the dead skin cells are much lesser compared to before.

Secondly, I used the #03 on top of a very matte lipstick to get that full lips look. 


Left: I applied on some Wet 'N Wild matte lipstick and as you can see on the Right, after doing some blending, I can see that the matte turned to satin finish which I kinda like actually. Only a little of the fine white dust can be seen. I think it depends on what kind of lipstick you coat with the lip balm and its colour will not necessarily suitable to be mixed with.

Final verdict: 4/5. I love them so much! Moisturizes my lips really well and the fact that it can be used to peel off the dead skin cells really makes me wanna purchase it when they're finish. These retailed at RM29.90 but I'm pretty sure I got them at marked down price at the Sweeties Club corner. Minus point would be the lack of info on packaging. I do wish it comes with a box or something so I can find out the ingredients. but I do know that Dear Girls line from Etude House are 5-Free products so I guess that's good for a start. 

So that's all I can with you guys! Do let me know if you guys have favourite lip scrub or lip mask that you want to recommend to me. 

Until next time, toodles!

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