Review: TheFaceShop Smart Peeling: White Jewel Peeling

Sunday 21 June 2015
Hello, beautiful people! Can you feel the weather is getting hot right now? I drank like 3 big bottle of water last night and still feeling thirsty! 

Anyway, with the weather is hot I really think that dead skin cells are piling up faster than usual as I always find my makeup doesn’t really adhere to my skin and sometimes I can feel that my sleeping mask isn’t working like it used to. 

What could be the solutions? Well, I think the easiest way to lessen the problem first hand is to exfoliate. But then again, exfoliating everyday would not be good so I guess I’m going to exfoliate regularly but mildly at the same time. 

These are among the exfoliating products that I have been rotating for the past few weeks and I have to say, I’m loving all of them. As I’ve already done reviews on that Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub and Skinfood Black Sugar Gold Special Edition Wash-Off Mask,today I’m going to do one on this peeling product from one of my favourite Korean beauty brand, The Face Shop which is this White Jewel Peeling from the Smart Peeling cleansing line. 

Talk about peeling products, some of you may know what kind of product it is but to those who doesn’t, let me tell you a little bit about it. Peeling gels are one type of chemical exfoliators that somehow take off layers of outermost dead skin cells by chemical means and some known products contained AHA in them that helps in the exfoliating process. Most Korean Beauty Company have in their line of products. You may think this method is harsh like using scrubs that sometimes can be abrasive to most people but peeling gels are usually gentle on skin.

The Face Shop Smart Peeling: White Jewel Peeling – that… was mouthful actually. :D
Product Description:

A peeling product with natural cellulose that peels off the dead skin cells.

How to use:

Apply adequate amount on the face and massage for 1-2 minutes .

Wash off with warm water.

Use it once or twice a week and be careful not to let it slip into eyes.



Basically, the product comes in the white tube with a real pearl illustration on it with simple labels. Judging from the packaging design, I can tell that this product was launch probably in 2011 or 2012 as I honestly don’t see its look-alike in the store these days.


Of course, there’s product description at the back with Hangul at the top and English at the bottom. You might as well can see that the product expiring date is gonna be on September, 2016 printed on top of the tube. The product usable within 12 months after opened.


The product comes with a black cap and so far it works just fine. I once brought this during a rough travel and no spilling in the bag though I placed it in a canvas bag and put it at the bag of our car. My shampoo spilled though. Sigh~
By the way, there’s a seal you have to take off before using the product so do check.



I should say that the product is in semi-liquid form and if you look closely, there’s fine pearly dust in it, like a metallic nail polish. The product also feels smooth while applied and there’s a hint of fragrance for like few minutes.

To show you guys, I massaged my hand for like 3 minutes and as you can see, the liquid that contained cellulose turned into those rubber-like pieces that turned into brownish colour during the massage. Probably the dead skin cells that started to come off.


As you can see, my skin became slightly brighter and I do my skin feel softer and smoother compared to before.

Final verdict: 4/5. It works well for me. I don’t feel irritate even though I use this like every 2 to 3 days but that’s me. Minus point would be this product does contains parabens. So I guess I won’t be purchasing this again.

I had a similar product that I tried like last year and I do think that product is better compared to this one as it contains fruit extracts while this product is mostly chemicals. Yes, I do prefer products with natural ingredients.

Price-wise, I think it’s retailed around RM40 to RM50 but if you know me, I don’t think I purchased it with its full price. I got this like January last year so I’m pretty sure there’s a sale. I know, I know.. typical me who love buying lots of products but once opened, each of them only lasts like 12 months max, so I have to wait to at least one or two of similar products have finished, then I can open some more.

I also got its sister product, Honey Black Sugar which actually is mum’s but as I tried it few times I do think I like that one better. Though mum didn’t. I’ll come up with a review later, okay?

So I guess that’s all about the product. Do let me know if you’ve tried similar product from Korean beauty company or from the Western.

Until next post, annyeong! 
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