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Wednesday 14 January 2015
Salam and hello, my lovely readers! It's been 2 weeks since the started of 2015!! How did you guys celebrated New Year? My parents came to town and I got to spend some time with them before sitting for my finals. 

I'm gathering some materials as I do wanna start doing posts like Monthly Favourites or Beauty Must-Haves as for the past year all I did was doing a number of product reviews and Monthly Beauty Hauls, Empties plus local Korean beauty store promotions. 

But first, let me share the first post of this year with an Empties post of December last year

As you probably know, I do Empties post once in 3 months cause that's the usual period of time I used up my skincare items and other beauty products. 

I'll start with facial cleansing products. 

First, makeup removers. :D


I jumped the cleansing oil bandwagon when I bought this Mango Seed Oil to Foam from TheFaceShop. I gotta say, after trying this, it's kinda become something that I use as to compare other cleansing oils to. I really love the texture as it's light but I'm not really a fan of this product in the end as I still use cleansing foams after removing my makeup with it. So I guess I will not be repurchasing this one. Plus I already have another cleansing oil to try next. hehe

Lip & Eye (Makeup) Remover Waterproof from Laneige is a freebie that I got after making purchases at the counter. I like how it doesn't sting my eyes or anything while removing my point makeups so I might consider of getting this when I ran out my current makeup remover that I got last month. Oh, I forgot! I got another bottle during last month haul! Yay!

As for facial cleansers, I ran out my Garden Recipe Strawberry Cleansing Foam from Nature Republic last month and like I said in the review, I love it but it's discontinued so will not be repurchasing this one. 

Now, let's got to skincare!

I used up my first round of full-sized products of White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, Original Essence and Original Cream. Took me the average of 4 months to finish up these babies and total of 8 months since I'm using the whole skincare line but I have to admit, it's been a month since I stopped using them even though I just opened my second set of this skincare. 

... and the reason why I stop is because I want to try anti-aging products as I kinda feel my skin is a bit saggy. So I started with using few samples from Missha, Etude House Super Collagen line, and then the above Skinfood Royal Honey gift sets. I even start using my Skinfood Black Sugar Gold Edition. Yep, working on the review right now. I like these gift sets actually, didn't break me out but as I still haven't found about the ingredients in details so I haven't decided whether to purchase the full-sized or not. 

Onto the special care products! 

I finally finished my first tub of this Rice Water Bright Massage Cream from TheFaceShop!! Though I have to admit that I got help from my roomie to finish this huge tub. hehe Love it so much! 
I'll see if this isn't discontinued as I've been to few TheFaceShop stores before and didn't see this product anymore. I guess I'll start looking for a replacement. Do suggest if you have tried similar product!

The past few months, again I admit, I haven't been a good girl and follow through my skincare routine every night where I just usually remove my makeups, cleanse, toned, and then put on this Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask from TheFaceShop. As you can see, I'm missing the cap. LOL As I have established that I will not buy products with parabens anymore, hence will not be repurchasing this product. 

After exactly 12 months, I used up my beloved Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Nature Republic. Love it but if you noticed, other brands are releasing their own version of aloe vera gels right now so I can't wait to pick up one from Etude House or TheFaceShop next. But still, I'll be repurchasing this one later.

Now let's go to Body care products! 

I tend to switch products while buying certain items over and over again like fragrances for example. Heck, I got a friend who even called me "White Musk" as I wear The Body Shop White Musk line of fragrances to my part time jobs. LOL As if I'm the only one who wears that!!


First, I got these (left) Naturals by Watsons: Blood Orange Shower Gel and Body Scrub. A little background story: my bag knocked off the shower gel while I was walking between aisles in Watsons so the promoter insisted I paid for it. Well, I was indeed looking for shower gels at that time but I had intended to get some from The Body Shop. I guess I'll get them next time then. 

The Blood Orange extracts are supposed to help in brightens up skin but I rather doubt it works. But essentially as a shower gel and body scrub, nah. I don't find these two appealing. The body scrub isn't much as to me it's more like a body butter. The beads are rather small and not helping with the scrubbing the dead skin cells off part. Will not repurchase. 

I got those mini The Body Shop Vanilla and Moringa Shower Gel during my July Haul and I used them up within few weeks. I've always love the vanilla one but I was quite surprise with the Moringa as I quite like it. The scent is nice and refreshing. Will repurchase!

I decided to go back to Head & Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner. These helped with my scalps especially the past few months when I had to wear scarves for more than 8 hours a day. I usually go with Clean & Balanced in the morning and Cool Mint in the evening. Will repurchase.

I really love Daiso store and got myself this Makeup Brush Cleaner few months ago after I bought my Real Techniques brushes. This works really nice for removing the dried foundations and what's more? The scent is really nice and it stays on the brushes even after days I washed them. But then, I used up this 150ml after less than 10 times of washing my brushes. I usually dispense some in a small bowl and dipped my brushes in but I have many brushes so I need a lot at one time so this isn't economical I should say so I decided to get the detergent version so I can just dilute them. I'll include that in my this month's haul later. 

Alright, that's all for now. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you wanna suggest similar products for me to try. 

Love you guys so much! 

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