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Tuesday 29 September 2015
First thing first, Salam Maal Hijrah 1437 to all Muslim readers!

Lovelies, annyeong~ it's been awhile since I last sit down in front of this computer and do a blogpost! I've been busy getting my hands on trying new products - skincare and makeup items, finding the ones that suit me the best and of course, when it comes to makeup, the ones that can suit me skin tone.

I've been experimenting with several makeup items that I never actually give much attention like eye shadows and I've been expanding my interest towards western brands like Urban Decay, M.A.C, Estée Lauder and Marc Jacobs. So far, I gotta say, I'm hooked, baby! Along with that, I also learn more about makeup brushes especially for eye shadows which lead to several number of purchases:

The ones on the left are quite new additions to my Real Techniques brushes for base makeup but the right ones - lip brush, blending brush, eye point brush and eyeliner brush are definitely the kinds I don't have before.

The prices are quite pricey though it's given as they're sold individually but I got them on Buy 1 Free 1 event so I guess it's quite worth the buy. The bristles are good, soft and blends my eyeshadow and powders well. I'm satisfied with all of them so far. 

Other than that, I also learn more about the basic knowledge on how to make my makeup last i.e. primers. For foundation, eye shadows even mascara all have primers but so far I got myself a base primer. Also, setting powder which is different to my regular face powder.

Other than that, I've been trying or more like obsessed with getting my eye brows done! I got myself several brow pencils and brow powders but honestly I'm still working on getting the perfect or close to perfect shape.

So yeah. That's all about my journey into the world of makeup so far. I'm working on posts like beauty favourites - finally!! As for the past few years I usually have one thing for one function like one foundation, one face powder, etc. but right now I have several items for one function - as you can see above, I have 4 face powders so I can compare one product to another and hopefully can find the one that's really good and can be repurchased in the future.

Until next post, annyeong!

P. S. To my new followers in Google+, GFC and Bloglovin', I'd like to say welcome to my blog! Hopefully you find my blogposts helpful. Do leave comments so I can know how to give you guys a follow-back or just leave a note on what do you think about the posts you're on.

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