Review: Skinfood Black Sugar 10th Anniversary Gold Special Edition Perfect First Serum

Saturday 4 April 2015
Annyeong, lovelies! ^_____________________^ 

April is here! My favourite month of the year is here! Why? It's Spring! Say hello to pretty pastel-coloured items from makeups to fashions.. and of course macaroons! LOL 

... but of course, here in tropical Malaysia, I don't about you guys but I do feel the transitions of season where it's actually getting warmer especially at night and I do feel my dead skin cells are piling up more than usual. Sigh.

Hence, I think around January this year, I decided to incorporate this product from Skinfood to fight off the accumulation of dead skin cells especially on my facial area so let me introduce you to Black Sugar Perfect Serum Gold in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the product's formulation. 


This product was released in Korea around January last year and in April in Malaysia official Skinfood stores. I have to say, the moment I saw this on the Korean site, I asked my cousin who're studying in Seoul to get it for me before it sold out and as it turned out, it really did in mere 3 weeks!

Let's go with basic information about the product.

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Serum Gold.
Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Effects.

Exfoliate + brighten + smooth wrinkles + hydrate skin every day with this all-in-one serum. Plus this special edition features visible gold particles! 
Enjoy soft, smooth skin every day with this pure gold-infused limited edition serum!

Black Sugar Perfect Serum Gold 120ml + 30ml kit bottle
Cotton pads (60)

How to use:
Immediately after cleansing, pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face.


I think I mentioned this before but I just love vintage-styled packaging and this one couldn't get any better. Especially the gold and brown combo! Ah~ ^___^

If you're familiar with the original version, then you can see that the sizes of the bottles is just the same only different style of packaging. 


Now look at that~ the bubbles of gold... there are bit of product description at the back of the bottle, well.. if you can read Hnagul like me but no worries, you'll have information printed at the back of the box.

The manufacturing date was printed at the bottom of the bottle. I received this around April last year so I did scored a fresh batch though I only opened this like exactly one year later. hmm~ As you probably expected, I have a lot of products to go through and I do have other similar products fro other brands with same function as this one. 


To prevent spilling or leakage especially while traveling, there's a stopper provided. Awesome. Just don't lose it though. hehe


60 pieces of high-quality cotton pads came with the product so it's indeed suggested that this product is to be used up within 2 months - provided that it's used twice a day. 


Can you see the gold? 

Actually this product was advertised on the notion of how gold is being used a lot during Ancient Egypt and it's pointed out that Cleopatra used Gold in her skincare routine for anti-aging purposes. I honestly can't find any reliable sources on that so do tell me if you actually found one.

But the formulation is for brightening and anti-wrinkle which my most favourite features in skincare products. I used the original version before so if I were to compare these two, there's nothing I can say as it's pretty much the same except for the gold debris.

I do feel my skin is properly moisturised, and really just soft to touch throughout the time I was using this product. As for anti-wrinkle feat, I don't really know how to vouch for that.. hmm

I didn't break out or experiencing some sort of itchiness so it's all good but I do notice the scent on this one is slightly stronger compared to original one. 

On how to use this product, it's actually depends on your whole routine. Last time, I used the original version AFTER my toner but this time, as I was experimenting with lots of skincare samples targeting for anti-aging, I used this as my first serum which means I used this right after cleansing and then followed by toner, emulsion, serum and moisturiser. 

As this product is to be used with cotton pads, so I do think it's the first product to be used after cleansing plus most of the toner samples I tried at that time were in milky substance (I think it's common among anti-aging products) and if I were to use those toners with cotton pads then only small amount of product actually absorbed into my skin. 

Other than that, the product is definitely working with my skin. Got nothing to complain about. 

Final verdict: 5/5. So happy I got my hands on this product. When I'm done trying out other first serums, first treatment essences, and of course the latest one I got from Laneige, a Vitamin C booster, I definitely repurchased the original one as this one is limited edition and no longer released. 

Thinking of starting a collection of pretty skincare bottles. Huh. 

That's all for now. Do leave comments below and let me know what you think of this product. 

Until next post, annyeong~ 

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