Review: Skinfood Black Sugar 10th Anniversary Gold Special Edition Wash-Off Mask

Sunday 18 January 2015
Everyone, annyeong~ It's been awhile since my last post as I'm going through a busy week, trying to register my subjects for next semester.. T___T

Anyway, today, I'll be reviewing another product from Skinfood, which is a limited version of their famous Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask, in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the Black Sugar formulation.

I think it's been about a year since the last time I reviewed products from this brand and that's probably because I don't really buy from local Skinfood stores as they RARELY have sale... well, that was last year so hopefully it'll be merrier this year for this brand. 

I actually went to KLCC boutique couple weeks ago to buy some mask sheets only to find that even the latest mask sheet they have is gonna expired within 2 months. Shocked, I left the store after grabbing some nose strips. *shaking my head*

Dark brown and gold~ definitely my favourite colour combo!

Product Description: 
Skinfood Black Sugar Gold Special Edition Wash-Off Mask.

A mask that contain mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar and visible gold particles and promotes smooth, glowing skin.
Enjoy soft, smooth skin every day with this gold-infused limited edition mask.

Obviously, there's repeating description there. Basically it works the same as the original version, a scrub that you can used up to 2 times (oily skin) or once a week or twice a month for dry skin. 

100g. Made in Korea



It comes in that semi-transparent white tub, with label around it. Still loving the dark brown and gold combo. hehe It's the same size as the original version which is 100g. 

There's English product description on the side along with ingredients list. Do note that this product does contain Butylparaben.

Expiring date printed at the bottom of the tub.

One look you can see that it's similar to the original version except that this one contains particles of gold. Yes, those are visible to naked eyes. Can you see in the photos though? hikhik I'm using my Samsung Galaxy SIII camera so the quality is actually lower compared to my iPhone 4S that's already RIP... 



Like most other facial scrubs, just scoop out sufficient amount onto your the back of your hand and slowly apply at the same time adjust the amount you need for your facial area. 

Spread nicely onto your facial area and massage properly and really get into congested area around the nose.

I saw some bloggers leave this mask for while (like 10 to 15 minutes) after they're done with massaging, as to let the goodness of the Black Sugar seeps into your skin. I tried this before and it does feel different as in my skin feel softer and more moisturized compared to just wash it off after massage. 

Compared to the original version, the grains of sugar is actually finer. I remember the original version being a bit harsh on my skin and that's why I opted  for the Rice Wash-Off Mask more. 


It's hard to use my face to show you guys out there as I scrub my facial area quite regularly so you won't tell the differences so I'm using the back of my hand so as you can see above photo, the right one, which is after I used the product appeared to be brighter compared to before. 

This mask doesn't irritate my skin at all, after washing away the mask, my skin does feel soft and smooth. It does keep my skin from accumulating dead skin cells as I don't see it that much anymore  (I'm talking about whenever I wiped my face with cotton pads) compared to using peeling products before. 

This is indeed my current facial scrub and I've been using this after I finished the Black Sugar Strawberry Wash-Off Mask few weeks ago and as the tub rolled somewhere into a black-hole of my room galaxy, I can't include it in my last month's Empties Post. teeehee~

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the product. I got this around April last year but only now I get to try it as it's important for me to finish up similar products before opening new ones because you guys know that Korean products usually expired within 12 months after opened. 

Among the three versions, I still like the Strawberry version better and I think it's obvious to why I like it! The scent is just soooooo nice! LOL I guess I'll be repurchasing it soon. hehe

Final verdict: 4.5/5. It does what it claims. Minus point there as it contains parabens but only one type and it sits at the bottom area of the ingredients list. I'm also grateful as it doesn't irritate me or anything. 

This product was available in South Korea for like a month after its launching in February last year and in it was launched in Malaysia I think around April. 

This was retailed at KRW8,800 at that time as my cousin bought for me in Seoul and I missed my chance to find out about the retail price here in Malaysia. Hmm~

So I guess that's all about the product! Let me know what do you think and do share if you have similar product to recommend to me!

Until next post, annyeong~ 

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