MBD Style | 3 Handbags You Want to Flaunt At Work

Tuesday 1 December 2015
Annyeong, my lovelies~ if you've been reading my blog for quite some time then you'll know that I always blog about skincare and makeup items so today I'm gonna share with you guys about one of the things about fashion that I've been obsessing about for the past few months since I started living in a working environment which is handbag

Everyone knows that a woman can never be caught without their handbag at their side when stepping out of the house. The handbags serve as an accessory for women to complete their outfit. As there are plenty types of handbags design in the market, some of the hardworking career ladies must be wondering which bag will look appropriate yet stylish to be carried to work? For the individuals who have no idea on the handbags that will boost your professional and sophisticated charm at the office can take a look at these three handbag selection.

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is the most common type of handbag that a majority of women style everywhere they go other than at work. It allows us to fit in our belongings from keys, cell phone, purse, sunglasses, make up and a little note pad. It is like a quick way to carry most of our stuffs and still acts as a fashion statement. Some women who prefer versatility will opt for the classic black or neutral coloured bags.

Doctor Satchel bag

For the ladies who are busy bringing work papers or files back and forth, the doctor satchel bag will be the perfect choice. The design is spacious which allows you to stuff in all those paper works you carry home and back to work without crumpling it. You can also fit your planner book and still have room for other important items your normally carry around with you.

Sling backpack

However, it cannot be denied that there are days when you just want to tone done the formal appeal and be a little laid back. The sling drawstring definitely looks great to carry to work and easier to handle but if you are one of those individuals who frequently take the public transport,  backpack will be a right selection as it's easier to secure while you're on LRTs or buses.

As for me, I'm kinda obsessed with backpack lately as not only it can fit A4-sized documents and files, I still have room for my beauty essentials like facial mist and other little things like lipstick and face powders. What's important before buying any kind of bag you wanna bring to work is to determine the stuffs you wanna bring to work and estimate the size of the bag that can fit all your stuffs. You don't want your bag looking like it's about to burst. hehe

So yeah, I think that's all about it! Hopefully you enjoy this post and do let me know if you have done "What's in Your Bag" post on your blog or your Instagram. Would love to check it out.

Until then, annyeong~
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