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Wednesday 13 June 2018

When it comes to moisturisers, I gotta admit that I haven't been using them regularly as I've only been focusing on light moisturisers like emulsion and lotions for both my morning and evening skincare routines but of course I cannot prolong that habit anymore as my skin been feeling so dehydrated even adding sleeping masks won't do. 

I doubt that you're not familiar with moisturisers but I'm still gonna drop some info to refresh (if I may) both our memories on this supposedly last skincare product that we use to seal or lock in everything that we have applied from toner to the heaviest serum or ampoules.

Basically there are 3 things you need to know about ingredients in common moisturisers: 
  • Emollients prevent water loss without adding moisture to skin and has a softening effect on skin. Example: mineral oil, shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter, fatty acids (animal oils), triglycerides, palmitates, stearates, etc. 
  • Occlusives focus more on preventing the moisture loss  or drained by external stressors by forming a protective film over the skin. They're usually oil-based that give off slightly greasy finish that possibly clog your pores especially for oily and acne-prone skin. Example: jojoba oil and lanolin.
  • Humectants add moisture by drawing water molecules from the environment towards the epidermis in order to help rehydrate the skin’s surface. They help to increase the amount of water within the skin and store it away until it is needed, making humectants a great moisturiser for the majority of skin types. It is capable to holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water! Example: Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and certain AHAs like Lactic Acid. Source

If those three are driving you confuse then not to worry as there are few things in general you and I both need to know when it comes to moisturisers; how well it goes on our skin, whether it it is absorbed well into layers of our skin, whether it irritates or soothing; things you can see and feel but unfortunately, if you're not familiar with ingredients that might react badly to your skin then there's no other way other than trying the products and find out. That's why you're here! To find out about how these products work in general.

For my previous Round 11.0 skincare, I managed to finish one of the moisturisers around March so I went on and opened one to replace it but I've received several products to review and soon-to-be-expired freebies for the past couple of months hence there are five opened moisturisers in my stash!

Let's go into each and every of it!

First, the SKIN&LAB Dr. Colour Effect Red Cream. I've got this as a freebie along with a purchase from Althea and I remember while I was unboxing, I was so surprised to see that the full-sized product contained merely half of the tub! I've only used this like twice as the last step in my evening routine as it's so heavy and takes a while before absorbed all in however my skin was feeling really nice and smooth in the morning so I guess it's worth the effort to apply this. Be warned though; the scent is kind of strong and overwhelming for some.

As for the above Brillar Camu Camu Moisture Cream, I've been loving this since the first time I've tried this moisture cream as even though it goes on kind of thick on the surface, it dries down to almost matte finish as I massage my facial area upwards and this too gives off a very nice, smooth skin in the morning. Although I have to admit that this doesn't give much moisture I need during my dry and flaky skin days but still, I'm reaching for this the most in my PM routine.

This MIZON Vita Lemon Calming Cream is a recently opened product to replace the finished brightening moisturiser from my previous round of skincare but this also has soothing and calming properties so it's a 2 in 1 moisturiser that I've been enjoying in my morning routine. The texture is gel-like and absorbed into skin rather quickly and it does soothes my irritated skin and calms down my redness a little bit (although I don't have much to begin with) around my jawline and neck area.

Even before receiving Althea Korea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream for review, I already bought the trio literally on the the day it was launched on their site. I do like this for my morning routine as it does help with my normal to oily skin in terms of supplying ample of moisture but at the same time this just makes my skin is looking smooth with a little bit of brightening effect. As you've noticed from the above photo, I really am enjoying using this moisturiser to the point that I've used up more than half within 2 months.

I've received this Primary Raw Soy Milk Cream from as a gift with purchase (I've got some sheet masks and an essence-toner from the same brand) around March if I'm not mistaken and this is pretty much the same as the moisture cream I've shown you above. They also work similarly in terms of how they keep my skin moisturised but I do like this one's scent better as it's milder and doesn't linger.

So I guess that's all of it! I hope you find this post helpful and if you need me to further explain any of the above moisturisers, do let me know by leaving comments down below.

Until next post! Annyeong~

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