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Friday 29 June 2018

You guys probably see this post coming after I've started posting about the sheet masks that I've used every 3 months which is the same period as my Beauty Empties post yesterday and you might wonder why I don't do them in a single post so let me tell you it's because I'm not fond of doing long post unless it's for product review. So, here we are with another Empties post for sheet masks that I've used throughout the past quarter of 2018 and I'm so excited to tell you guys that I've used a total  81 sheet masks!!! Yay! 


The above are the sheet masks that I've used for the month of April! 12 of them are for #NYNSChallenge, another 12 are for #SpringSkinChallenge (did you notice those pink sheet masks?) with 5 sheet masks from Polatam sent by that I needed to finish as they were about to expire and I've done reviews for each and every of them (except for the 2 lower right as I haven't find their English product description yet) so you guys can check all of them out via my hashtag on Instagram #myrasheetmaskdiary. Total for April is 30 sheet masks!


For the month of May, I've started to focus on my 2018-expiring sheet masks so as you can see there are lots of daily sheet masks. 90% of these masks were used in my morning skincare routine as extra hydration boost for the day. 

10 of It's Real Squeeze masks and 1 of Skin Clinic Mask from Innisfree. These are still my favourite simple daily sheet masks and I do like the Skin Clinic Series for a little bit intense result. With these, I'm finally done with the 2014 formulation and I'm going to start using the new 2017 formulations.

5 of Ade masks from Mediheal. I have to admit that I really do like the silk sheet masks and the hydrating essences were great too but these are already being discontinued, so. 

8 of Real Nature masks from THE FACE SHOP which are already discontinued this year. I do appreciate these ones in grey packaging compared to the other in coloured packaging but still, as they're already repackaged this year and I've noticed they're in different consistencies; water-type, essence type, etc. so I do expect a lot in the new formulations.

3 some random sheet masks that were gifted to me. Prior these, I have never tried any of their sister masks from the same line so they being the first ones that I've tried, I can't really put down my thoughts on them but still, these are nice and hydrating my skin well.

I was relying on the 3-step skincare from Althea but honestly they're definitely not enough for my 30-year old skin and I actually did reviews for some of the above sheet masks which you can find on my Instagram feed. Total for May is 27 sheet masks!


For this month of June, I've participated in two 7-Day sheet mask challenges; I know it's real simple with merely 7 sheet masks per session but seriously, I do find 30-Day sheet mask challenges are too intense for my skin so I decided not to fully participate and extend to at least 45 days to complete the challenge. I'd be disqualified for sure but I was just joining in for the fun of it especially when I got to meet other sheet mask addicts. :D

First challenge, #SokoMaskChallenge where I've used the above sheet masks in blue packaging that mostly are focusing on hydration and moisturisation. There are also different type of sheets that I get to try for the first time; Lyocell sheet from RUE Wave mask. It's thin like regular Taiwanese sheet mask but adheres like a cupra sheet! 

The above 2 are brightening sheet masks that I've also tried as part of the challenge. It goes without saying that L'Herboflore sheet mask is real nice and I gotta say that I'm in love with Goodal sheet masks.

I had episodes of allergic reactions during early June so I have used both of the above sheet masks sent to me by Real Barriers Malaysia as my skin was super dry and sensitive; broken moisture barrier. I'm thankful that these sheet masks along with its skincare sisters helped a lot in recovering my skin so I'd be sure to get more of these later.

To continue with recovering my skin from the allergic reactions, I've also used up my whole stash of these LANEIGE Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Masks and I've got no regret! These soothed my inflamed skin and smoothed out the rough and flaky area. I've used them every other day for 8 days and my skin can't thank these enough! I've already repurchased another box and crowned this with HG hydrogel mask.

Another challenge would be #SnugglesandSnailsFairyTaleMaskChallenge (my God! It's mouthful, I know!) where I've used 5 sheet masks in red packaging and 2 sheet masks in golden packaging that seem to focus a lot on intense moisturisation and anti-aging.

As I'm sort of enchanted by Park Seojoon these days, I went to get some The Oozoo sheet masks hence that gold foil mask and another Oppa who has driven me to get more sheet masks would be Song Joongki so I've gotten FORENCOS 7 Days Mask; I got Friday to go along with gold theme. There are also some hydrating sheet masks like those from Blumei, A'PIEU, Naruko and My Beauty Diary. Total for June is 24 sheet masks!

So those are all the 81 sheet masks that I've used for the past 3 months! As I've been doing sheet mask reviews by micro-blogging on my Instagram for a year now, I'm not sure if you guys would prefer to read in-depth reviews here in this blog but I do find the Instagram caption rather limited so I've also been thinking whether to change the mini review template. Should I go back to posting about sheet masks here? Let me know by leaving comments down below.

I guess that's all of it! I'll see you guys on my next post. Annyeong~

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