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Sunday 3 June 2018

On the previous Round 11.0 of my skincare products, I've recorded I have about 600 sheet masks in my beauty stash and I wasn't that surprised to see the numbers went up again to almost 800 at this point of time as I've been buying a lot more especially after one of my favourite Taiwanese brand; b.liv, renewed their line of sheet masks. But I'm not gonna lie as i'm actually quite relieved when a friend of mine; another beauty enthusiast I came to know on #myabcommunity decided to go halfsies on several boxes of 10 of these sheet masks. Oh, as for these bunch of sheet masks? They're 2018-expiring sheet masks and less than 100 for me to finish within the 6 months ahead of me. Easy? I'd sure hope so!

The last time I'd round up these babies, they've taken up a quarter of my room's floor area and now, they're well organised in these stacked 3-tier pink shelves that I've gotten at local furniture store and I'm arranging them based on either brands or functions in 14 pink Daiso containers for easy access but of course I've already got everything recorded on my list of sheet masks in my stash so none of them gone expired like last year. Sigh.


As I've already explained my selections on sheet masks that comprising my whole stash in the above photo as the only change here is their numbers which has increased, I'll be seeing you guys on the next post but in the mean time, do let me know your favourite kind of sheet masks by leaving comments down below. Annyeong~

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