Review | Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream Mild SPF35 PA++

Tuesday 12 June 2018

I have to admit that at this point in my blog, I've done reviews on sunscreen products more than I'm probably expected to but it's just that I'm almost finished with this sunscreen so I've figured it's better late than never to publish this post. I've purchased this product from local Innisfree store in KL last year and I've been using it a lot for reapplication while I'm in the office for the past few months but my mum decided to to bring it while she's working on project sites which has made the tube so dirty I had to scrub it off with detergent before taking its photo for this quarter's Empties post. As for the photos that you're seeing here? I took them last year around the time I've got them; hoarder's  blogger's habit die hard. >.<

First, let's go with the basic information of this product.

Product Description:

A refreshing and moisturizing water-based UV protection cream with a special sunflower formulation.

5-Free system: animal ingredients, mineral oil, perfume, tar color and talc

How to use: At the last step of your skincare routine, evenly apply onto easily exposed areas of face.

Capacity: 50ml

Ingredients Highlight:

  • Contains sunflower oil and green tea extract Sunflower oil and Jeju green tea extract keep the skin healthy and protect it against UV rays
  • Contains common purslane and Asiatic pennywort extract  


The product itself came in that opaque white tube housed within the box with similar illustration as the tube. It's minimal and I love it. 


At the smaller side of the box there's the English product description along with the full ingredients list while at the back of the box there's Korean product description and you would've noticed the brown sticker indicating the product is distributed by Innisfree Malaysia. 

As with other products, this sunscreen is to be used within 12 months after opening although I did stretched this one a little bit longer than I should. There's no change in its colour or scent so I guess it should be okay although I will recommend for you guys to proceed cautiously. 

At the back of the tube there's the simplified product description in Korean with the expiry date embossed at the top of the tube. I don't know if you guys can see that but it's until 2019.05.22 (22 May 2019). 

I like how small the opening of the tube as it's easy to control the amount of product being squeezed out of it. The screw cap is nice but you have to be careful with this kind of cap as you might want to avoid the tube being squeezed too hard with the cap on as the sunscreen will still going to come out.


I usually apply high SPF sunscreen for outdoor activities and as this sunscreen comes with low SPF35 (although the difference isn't actually that big) I only have been using it if I'm gonna spend the day indoor. 

As you can see below, the sunscreen is white, almost opaque and slightly creamy consistency however once the cream spread out evenly on skin, there's only minimal white cast can be seen and the finishing is semi-matte which is suitable for under makeup like foundation or just translucent powder on days I'm not wearing cushion foundation.


As this sunscreen is water-based formula, it's quickly absorbed into the skin leaving nicely moisturized and refreshed feeling to it which is something that I really like when it comes to sunscreen. I remember when I had allergic reactions, I used this sunscreen and I do like how it soothes the skin instead of irritating it even more as I do find some sunscreens that are currently opened in my stash do that which is kind of surprising to me having been using them for awhile before.

Overall, I give this 4/5. It’s a nice chemical sunscreen but I’ve found a mineral sunscreen that I won’t be needing to have waiting time before going out of the house although with similar finish but higher SPF and broader spectrum. This sunscreen is still available in Innisfree Malaysia for RM35; kind of affordable compared to its sisters but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this as I still have other sunscreen to be used up.

I guess that’s all of it! I hope this simple review helps and I’ll be seeing you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

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