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Sunday 17 June 2018

I've started to be into these tone-up moisturisers or tone-up creams especially after I've received two products for review purposes but I didn't stop there as I kept on searching for more to try and I was really lucky to receive some samples from my friends in the #MYABCommunity.

If you're not familiar with this so-called tone-up creams, basically they're moisturisers that contain sunscreen-like ingredients hence the white cast but do not necessarily have SPF in it so you're still going to need to apply SPF on top of them for sun protection. The thing with early development of tone-up cream that has made me avoid them at all cost back in the day is because they made me look like a white ghost and also they tend to dry out my skin and causes breakouts. Huge no-no!

Therefore I have built up the ideal tone-up cream in my head and begun my search to find the one product that meet every requirement I need; it has to be hydrating enough, it won't dry out my skin, it doesn't cling on my dry patches and most importantly, the tone-up effect must be nice, natural-looking enough for me to merely apply colourless chemical sunscreen on top for no-makeup makeup days. 


I definitely am in love with THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Toning Moisture Blending Formula Cream as it hydrates so well (The Therapy, guys! You gotta love the whole hydrating line!) and giving me a natural toned up look throughout the day. Looking at that small amount left in the tub surely tells how much I've been using it as my second last step for morning routine.

As the whole White Seed line is primarily targeting those in 20s, I have to add extra moisture for the THE FACE SHOP White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream to blend nicely on my skin. Although, I gotta say that it does help when I had moisture imbalance during my post-allergic reactions days as it sort of reduced the redness along my jawline and neck area at the same time gives slight oil-control on my T-zone but of course, when my skin goes back to normal, this does making me feeling dry slightly so I'd be applying gel moisturiser or its lotion sister prior this tone-up cream application. 

The newest addition to my stash would be the above FORENCOS Wonderwerk Marula Tone Up Cream. It's definitely much creamier than the THE FACE SHOP The Therapy tone-up cream and can give off really white cast all over my face even if I were to apply a little bit extra. As it's formulated with marula oil, of course it's much more moisturising however this can make my T-zone looks shiny midday so I'd be just dusting the area off with translucent powder and I'm all good! I don't need to apply extra layer of moisturiser underneath and I only need a little at a time so I do like this the most out of the three that I have right now but I guess it's still too early for me to say as i only have been using it several times.

I guess that's all from me. Do let me know if you're using any tone-up cream in your routine and what other products are worth trying by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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