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Saturday 13 February 2016
Annyeong, beautiful people~ No matter how happy I am while writing this post, it's been raining almost everyday for the past week and it was really hard to get enough sunshine while taking photos. 

I finally managed to take numbers of photos I can use so without further ado, let's get right into it!

First of all, have you get your hands on this February's FEMALE Magazine? I've been a subscriber for more than 5 years (sadly have to leave my 2-year i.e. like 20+ magazines at uni when I came back home), I have to say, when they revealed their first magazine after a huge makeover back in November, I feel in love with FEMALE more. But then, when I saw the cover of this month's issue, I'm totally blown away!

If you know me personally, you'd know that I never wear anything pink but I have unconditional love towards Japanese Sakura or cherry blossom. I was 10 when I started to outgrown pink-coloured stuffs and suddenly, after more than 15 years that shade of pink just scream, Spring is here! Though the colour probably started to seep in through Etude House haul last month but boy, I want some more.

It's the month of February and other than Chinese New Year promotions at everywhere, there's also also Valentine's Day promotions so when I received an email from Sephora Malaysia regarding their in-store fragrance promo, I went to the store to see what are the options.

I was actually kinda curious when I saw xxzyro's post last week so I was praying really hard to see my desired scents from the fragrance line which includes Vanille, Musc being displayed on shelf and then, I saw it. The last bottle of Solinotes Fleur de Cerisier with other 2 variants, Fleur d'Oranger and Jasmin.

According to

In 2010, under the perfume company, Parfums Corania, Arno Sorel introduced a new collection named Solinotes, which includes 6 fragrances: Ambre, Coco, Mure, Musc, Patchouli, and Vanille. All six of them come in glass bottles of different colors, harmonized with the notes of which they were made. 

Then in 2012, the Floral Fruity line was introduced with the released of Fleur d'Oranger by Irène Farmachidi with addition of Fleur de Cerisier and Tiare in 2013 while Fleur de Frangipanier, Fleur de Jasmin, Fleur de 'Iris and Fleur de Figuier were added to the line back in 2014. 

If you didn't know, each of the perfume can be worn on its own or layered with a combination 2 perfumes. From the Internet, I found these mixes:
  • Zen mix can be achieved by combining coconut and vanilla i.e. Coco + Vanille
  • Gourmand mix is obtained by combining Mure + Vanille
  • Ethnic mix is obtained by combining Patchouli + Coco
  • Trendy mix comes from wearing Mure + Musc simultaneously
  • Glamorous mix is an interesting combinations of Musc + Patchouli
  • Chic mix is a combination of Ambre + Vanille 
  • For a hippie-chic vibe, mix Fleur d'Oranger with Patchouli or Vanille
  • A combination of Fleur de Cerisier and Mure for celebratory mood.
  • Mix Fleur d'Iris with Vanille for the LBD effect
  • Layer Fleur de Jasmin and Fleur de Figuier for Back to 70s. 
Of course, you can always come up with new combinations and that's always a fun process!

About the Fragrance:

This eau de toilette takes inspiration from the poetic cherry blossom. The fragrance opens on a sparkling top with notes of citruses leading to a heart of tender and delicate flower petals. A whimsical, fizzy cocktail of red fruits is "poured over" a carnal base of soft musk and apple. 

The composition is said to be luminous and feminine suggesting the softness of springtime. source



Basically, the perfume does come in a box. With the combination of white and baby pink, it's all about innocence, sweetness and of course, as it's based on Cherry Blossom, springtime. 
I do like this kind of packaging as it's simple, minimal and that's all I need. 

The perfume comes in this thick glass bottle with a pump of course. The glass bottle is actually transparent so the perfume is actually soft pink in colour but I don't see any colour even if I sprayed on white clothes.


At the back side of the box, there's the ingredients list and batch code which is weird as I saw in xxzyro's post, hers has Expiry Date. huh I do think it's manufactured in 21 October, 2015 the reason because average unopened perfume shelf life is 6 years. But once opened, 36 Months. Cool with me!

My Thoughts:

As for the scent, I love it! It started out fresh because of the citrus for sure, and then how it softens down to sweet and delicate. After several hours, there's a hint of freshness again with that familiar musk scent. 

If I were to compare this with The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist (they repackaged the whole line recently and I'm so tempted to get the new EDT) this is much interesting as it has a fresh scent rather than The Body Shop's which is sweet all the way. 

Overall, I really love this perfume! It's mixable with other Solinotes perfumes which is a plus as I do plan to get other variants; the packaging is cute and feminine and most importantly, it's affordable but there's another thing more seductive than a flirtatious perfume and that is boudoir photography - a perfect way to help you unleash your fearlessness. 


For Malaysian readers, you can get this perfume from your nearest Sephora and it is retailed at RM70 and I got this from Sephora Imago, KK Times Square.

If you're a Sephora Black Card holder, you can get this or any fragrance sold at the store at 15% discount until the end of the month and get Sephora Tote Bag while stocks last plus get 3X points on your fragrance purchase in-store only.


For International readers, you can get the perfume from Not an affiliate link. 

So that's all from me, let me know if you have other thoughts on this perfume or if you own any of Solinotes perfume.

Special shoutout to +Zy Ro for introducing this perfume to me! ^__________________^

Until next post, au revoir!
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