Review | Aritaum X Sticky Monster Lab Babyface Mist: Collagen

Monday 1 February 2016

Lovelies, annyeong~ How was your weekend? With Chinese New Year is just around the corner, there are sales everywhere so do check out the promotions via Facebook and online shopping sites as well and spend wisely! 

So yes, finally! First in-depth review in 6 months and 2016! :D It's been a long time but yeah~ I'm getting more pickier of products that I want to review... most probably the case but then I was also pretty much occupied with so many things and most of the time I just wanna lay on bed doing nothing these days.. but one of my New Year resolutions is to post more updates so without further ado, let's get right into it!

As you probably know, I'm kinda obsessed with facial mist. You don't? You can read all about it here. It just happened that I received this product from Major B which is Aritaum Babyface Mist in Collagen, a limited edition item from the brand's collaboration with Sticky Monster Lab.

Product Description:

How to Use:
Hold the spray like 20cm from your face with the nozzle facing towards you and spritz away.



As shown above, on the left is when the products are still in their plastic wraps and by the way, notice the green stickers? It says "What's that? Plump skin!". 

I received the one in 120ml in the box Major B sent me and last week, I saw they updated the products and I decided to get the one in 60ml. Aren't they both cute? ^_______^


Honestly, there's no English description on the bottle other than the product's name and the amount of product. This is pretty much common in South Korea and as Major B sourced their stocks directly from stores in Seoul, we don't really have much choice unless the stores go extra mile to sell internationally released products which is unlikely in my opinion because for an example, Laneige supplies same product as the ones in Korea to Malaysian branches but the products, as you witnessed here in blog, are labelled in English. 

As for the nozzle, they are different to the ones that I have before. I noticed when I spritzed my Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist, I found that this mist spritzed the liquid out of the bottle in even finer manner just like My Burberry Body Mist which is something I really like now that I experienced both kinds of nozzle. Both sizes have the same kind of nozzle by the way. 

The expiration dates are printed at the bottom of the bottle. I'm actually not sure whether these are to be used within 12 months like most products as there are no indication for that but I surely will finished them within few months. hehe

My Verdict:

Of course, the most important reason is to why attracted to this product is indeed the packaging. As I mentioned in my Unboxing Post previously, I really do think that the collaboration is truly an upgrade because I do not find the original packaging interesting at all.

I honestly have no idea how to describe the scent but it's really refreshing and it does reminds me of my old cologne when I was in middle school. 

As the product contains Honey in it, it really feels as if my skin is nourished instantly when I spritzed some of it especially these days when my skin feels so dry. I usually just tapped the essence into my skin (with clean fingers, of course) to help it absorbed well. 

In terms of whether it's actually firming or not, that I can't tell you but with the texture of the liquid so fine as it sprayed, how it's easily absorbed into the skin, I really do hope that the nutrients goes into deep layer of the skin cells. I'm starting to use anti-aging products recently so hopefully this aided that. 

When I use the product after I'm done with my makeup (Laneige BB Cushion or any non-matte foundation) or just in the middle of the day when I just want to refresh myself a little bit, it helps to maintain the moisture as I do feel my skin is less oily on the T-zone. But  I don't use this mist whenever I'm going for matte or powdery looks or basically when I'm using my Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) as I usually set my makeup with setting powder. 

As you can see, this product comes in a 120ml full-sized and a travel-friendly 60ml bottles (that's the reason why I got the smaller size as I do want to carry it in my handbag at all times) with different looks. Both are cute and I actually do wish that Sticky Monster Lab figurines and stuffs are available here in Malaysia as I love their design. 

Final verdict: 4.5/5. I love everything about it but minus a half point as it's a bit on the expensive side as compared to the ones I have before. The 120ml bottle is retailed at 12,000KRW and the 60ml bottle is retailed at  8,000KRW in South Korea. But then, when I think more about it, as compared to my other mists, this one is more than just moisturising as compared to my Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist so I guess all is good with the product? haha just wanna justify my own purchase! LOL

Anyway, if you're thinking to get these, you can purchase these limited edition items from Major B and it's important to know that as I inquire about these products with them, these are actually very limited in number of stocks.

So that's all about it! Hopefully you find this review helpful and let me know if you have any question by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~

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