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Friday 12 February 2016
Hello, beautiful people! Are you excited for this weekend? I know I do! Why? I finally can get some time to just get away from the city and spend some time with my family. It's gonna be a simple picnic, with barbecues and of course, at the beach. :D

Anyway, you probably already know this that less than 2 weeks ago,, a Singapore-based online store has been revamped and today it's known as

Of course, as a former Luxoler myself, I did received several emails from Luxola with hints of their store makeover. I can't help but I did think a lot on what kind of promotion they gonna held for existing Luxolers and how they're gonna merge Luxola's LX Insider and Sephora Loyalty Card rewards and beauty points.
But first, let's talk a little bit on what happened on their official Instagram during the first week after the store launched.

Did you guys noticed the photo above? Even right now it's still filled with hate and lots of cursing. What a coincidence that I'm eyeing Zoeva palettes and brushes for the past weeks so of course I noticed how the prices for single brushes for example, went from RM39 to RM65 at the beginning of the launching. 

Of course, I was like so surprised and and thinking that it must have been caused by RM dropped from RM3.1 back in 2014 to RM4.5 end of last year for 1 USD. But then, as I read other comments saying there are suddenly RM500 palettes which sounds a bit crazy I know and the rage of Luxolers went on to demanding for to go back to Luxola... which is funny to me as Luxola was a subsidiary company of Sephora SG if not a similar situation. 

Well, regarding the prices going up or extremely just up there no matter for what makeup or skincare items, I don't really care at this point as it's obvious that it's probably just an error and as someone who managed an online store before, let me tell you guys this one thing. There's a lot of things going on even for one single product being sold online, and I'm talking about website management. Of course, it's a big company but with Chinese New Year being seen as either opportunity to gain profit or a buzzkill as people at the company also wanna have holiday during that time, all I'm saying there's always room for error. 

What bothered me the most is how, we (yes, I said we!) Malaysian reacted to this matter. Complaining is one thing. Trying to be reasonable is another thing. I'm highly (okay, that's a bit exaggerating) surprised to see how you girls (yes, girls!) are bashing each other. Why can't you people say things in nicer way? 

So, enough with that. Let's talk about the Rewards and Beauty Points. Yeah, we're gonna do a little maths here. 

Based on the statement above, I have 118 points. But I'll have you guys know that I bought something off then-Luxola and used 100 points. So my LX Insider point balance is 18 at this point. As I gained 38 points for that aforementioned purchase, so my total points right now is 56 points, right?

Now, for my Sephora Loyalty Card, last time I checked, I have 134 points. But then, I went to Sephora today and I saw my current beauty point is 190 as shown below. You guys know that points gained from today's purchase will be reflected after at least 3 to 4 days, right?

So my only conclusion, after adding 54 LX Insider points to 134 Sephora Loyalty Card points which equal to 190 by the way, that I don't lose any point there, unlike what's being claimed by some girls on that Sephora MY's Instagram post above which I find really weird. But still, I'm still positively thinking that it might just an error at this point and all points and rewards are returned back to your account. 

Talk about the rewards and benefits, unlike before, to gain 1 point, you have to spend RM3 which is not something I'm happy about. Sigh

As Luxola ushered in its customers to the gate of, each member are given a voucher worth RM30 for our first purchase on the site and bear in mind that the code only last till the end of this month. You supposedly received an email with image like this and the code. 

... though weirdly, I received a 10% voucher that going to last till end of July this year. 

Which apparently can be used both online and in-store

Well, I actually do have a 10% discount as I reached 250 points back in November (yep, the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Setting Spray and Primer Potion) and the 134 points just now is the balance from it. So I guess, they extended my voucher. 

Well, quite honestly, I hope everything will be better if not soon, later. As I love buying from Luxola before especially the part where you get Free Shipping if you're buying more than RM80 and of course, who remember Cyber Sale Monday? 

I'm sorry if this post sounds like a rant as I just wanna share how the site has changed and the promotion held by the store. 

So, tell me. How did you guys celebrate Lunar New Year holiday?

All I need is a Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino and all the things are right in the world... well, at least until my last sip from the bottle. :p

That's all from me! Let me know if you're eyeing products on Sephora.MY and the reason to pick it up. 

Until next post, toodles!

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