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Tuesday 23 February 2016
Annyeong, lovely people~ I'm so happy when mum picked up our packages from the post office first thing in the morning and I found the package sent by a good friend of mine all the way from KL. 

As you probably know, I finally settled down here in KK, Sabah (well, it's been almost a year I~) and I've been to KL like 4 times since then so it's hard to get products from NARS, Burberry Beauty, Innisfree and other brands as we don't have them here. So, I'm really grateful when I still have some friends I can rely on to get some stuffs from these stores. 

I bought lots of stuffs from Innisfree throughout 2015 but I didn't really post about them in here as I didn't have opportunity to do that as most of the time I don't have good camera with me or I basically don't have time to sit down and do haul posts. 


So when I reached VIP level like in November I think, after accumulating purchases for more than RM600, Innisfree Malaysia announced at their Facebook page to do the reservation for redemption of VIP Kit around that time as well. It's important to always be alert of these kind of perks where you have to do reservation and whatnot because there are lots of customers reached VIP level especially with such low amount purchase within 6 months (for Laneige, you have to maintain at least RM800 with more than 2 transactions within a year) but there's limited number of VIP Kits. So when you actually managed to score a Kit, it's probably safe to say that you're VVIP.^_____^ sorry, it's just me!


It's definitely a good feeling when you're greeted with such kind words like this. Hopefully, you\re all having a good year as well. :D


 There are 2 Perfumed Diffuser; Orchid and Gardenia included in the Kit plus the reed sticks. The design is seriously minimal and I totally digs stuffs like this.

 There's also that cute snow globe with inni-Rang horses in it. You'll know what are those if you're familiar with Jeju island.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this VIP Kit. I remembered I was supposed to redeem a kit June last year but I was already in Sabah and forgot to do reservation at that time and I found out there's deluxe samples of bestselling products from the brand included in the kit. 

But then, I was actually looking for something like candles or anything perfumed to put in my room so these are great. I opened Gardenia earlier as I'm already familiar with Orchid scent and the Gardenia scent is actually really nice. Definitely will be repurchasing the full-sized product.

By the way, the kit actually comes with another item which is the VIP Point Card but I decided to let my friend to hold it for me in case I want to get some more products from Innisfree. It has 3000 points in it which equals to RM60 rebate off minimum RM200 purchase. If you have this card but you still wanna just get products below RM100, you can still use your Innisfree Membership Card to collect more points but bear in mind that this VIP Point Card is valid until May, 2016 only.

That's all about it! Let me know your thoughts on it if you received the same kit or you if you didn't, tell me if you're willing to accumulate your purchase to be eligible for VIP Kit redemption.

Until next post, annyeong~

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