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Saturday 20 February 2016
Honestly, this haul totally bring me back to my first Korean beauty haul more than 2 years ago where I bought lots of stuffs from TheFaceShop and back then, I only bought products from Malaysian stores in KL. This time, I decided to get some new products from Seoul stores and bought off-seasoned items off an online store as well.

I've been buying a lot of products from since last year; both for myself and family members and as I'm finished with my Laneige brightening skincare and used up all my anti-aging samples, I decided to go for simple 3-step skincare which is to cleanse, tone and moisturiser that suits my normal-oily combination skin.

Been using this for a week as my morning cleanser. Indeed, it's quite refreshing and perfect in the morning where I need invigorate my skin and prepare for skincare and makeup.

This is actually a toner. It works well in toning my skin and gives me back the moisture lost during cleansing step. It's not light but it's not too heavy. To me, it's exactly in between liquid and gel and that's what I like the most.

This moisturiser is a gel-type moisturiser so it's light, easily absorbed into my skin and it has refreshing scent. So far, I'm loving this!

As I went for a short trip recently, I bought this Trial set from local TheFaceShop store here in Malaysia that contains mini sizes of the above 3 products including my favourite Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun deluxe sample.

TheFaceShop MasCream sheet in Brightening, Firming, Nourishing and Moisture | RM9.90

I tried MasCream sheet for the first time I think the last time when I was in KL where I was in air-conditioned for such a long hours for several days so my skin was so dry that I ran to TheFaceShop store in Pavilion KL and picked up the Nourishing (yellow) MasCream Sheet. It helped restoring back the moisture with its milky essence and I really love how the dry patches disappear right after and I can apply my makeup better the next day. I went back to the store and get myself some more and so far I'm liking the nourishing, firming and brightening ones. 

TheFaceShop MasCream sheet in Goat Milk and Snail Mucus | RM15.70

These two are the latest addition to MasCream sheet line. It's 50% more expensive than the 4 variants I mentioned above which probably because it's not basic needs but based on specific ingredients which are goat milk (for anti-aging and skin softening) and snail mucus (for skin repair). This is offered at 15% discount at local Malaysian stores so do check it out.

I've been eyeing a foundation as I've tried its sample before so when TheFaceShop Malaysia offered 28% off  on their makeups at the store, I went ahead and grabbed it along with several items from the same line.

TheFaceShop Phytogenic Inifinite EX Foundation | RM77

I got mine in NB25. If you didn't know this, TheFaceShop Malaysia carries a third shade for most of their base makeup products. In Korea, there are only NB21 and NB23 but here you can get NB25 for those with medium skin or M.A.C NC38 - NC42. It's yellow-based so it really fits my skin tone. 

This is the famous concealer advertised in Get It Beauty some years ago or at least it's being repackaged from the green-coloured one before. I've tried this several times and i do love the stick part. I don't really do under-eye concealing so overall I haven't experienced the product fully yet.

TheFaceShop Phytogenic Inifinite EX Powder Foundation | RM77 

There's also a mineral powder from the same Phytogenic Inifinite EX line but I decided to pick this up because I can use this on top of my sunscreen as it does gives me some coverage.

Well, what can I say. I love cushion foundation so I can't just pass this. I haven't tried it yet but I do have high hopes for this one.

TheFaceShop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in No. 4 Black Brown | RM15

I really love their Lovely ME:EX Designing Eyebrow pencil so it's kinda sad that it's being discontinued though you can still get it from their online store but they released the new Designing Eyebrow Pencil so I picked one up in No. 4 Black Brown.

TheFaceShop Single Shadow Matte in BR01 | RM20.14

I know I own lots of browns but I'm pretty sure I don't have that shade and I don't have a lot of mattes. This is great for base or transition colour.

TheFaceShop Single Shadow Shimmer in PP01 | RM20.14

Again, if you noticed, I have a lot of purples but a girl can never have enough of her favourite colour so~ ^______^

Now, last but not least, the new TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Sheets. There are other variants added to the line which are Calendula, Lotus, Longan, Lily, Peony, Lingzhi, Goji Berry, White Tea and Red Ginseng while Green Tea being repackaged. I'm not sure but I do think the previous ones are being discontinued. 

I got this from Seoul stores via Seoul personal shoppers so these aren't available in Malaysian stores yet but of course, you can get this from KoreaDepart

Okay, that's all of it! Let me know if you want to review any of the product above or if you tried any of them, let me know your thoughts on it. Enjoy your weekend!

Until next post, annyeong~

Disclaimer: I provided the links I included above for some of the items for convenience only and they're not affiliate links. 
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